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  1. Gotta be the 146 from Just Flight?
  2. It's payware by ShadeTreeMicro at .org store - that livery and several others was part of the package.
  3. From what I see in that shot I'd say you already have the sim you need - that's a very good shot.
  4. Upstream on the Skykomish River into Steven's Pass. An overcast morning but otherwise good. My ride is the Aviat 'Husky'.
  5. You sweet talker - check's in the mail .
  6. Number 12 with the pickup truck is a beauty - it just looks so real. You definitely have the handle on this new sim.
  7. A 787-9 headed back to Canada from KSEA. Takeoff checklist complete Here we go After takeoff complete - climb power
  8. After many years in the experimental class, it still is. This model sports an 840 hp turbine - 188 mph cruise/34 mph full flap stall. Has eight seats and a price on the other side of one mill. A lot of moolah to land on a sandbar. On the runway at Hoquiam - should be off by the first set of hash marks. Right across Grays Harbor is our destination, Westport. Ocean Shores is already lit for the night. Bit steep, trying to dissipate excess altitude but will now probably float a ways due to speed over the fence.
  9. You could have had a field day with 'Northwest' Western' 'Eastern' and 'Southern' to name a few. Nice shot - I recognize those waters.
  10. Right here, in River City, there's all the rain you need with lots more in the next couple of days. From 'Ventusky' looks like Friday'll be wet in your neck of the woods.
  11. Would have answered your previous but the post and your comment disappeared - magic?
  12. A very colorful and scenic approach and the hump in the runway shows well.
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