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  1. From the inside, looking out. So much of a scenery is missed if you're just in and out with a plane. Great job John.
  2. As a holder of dual US/UK citizenship my apologies - so close and yet so far. Grew up in Scotland and my first visit to England was to Southampton and a ship to the US back in '53.
  3. Never 'saw' them. Was sitting in front of a radar scope trying to keep track of them 'cause one of our SID's climbed right over the base airspace (3000 and below) and the SFO's started at 5500.
  4. As a controller at Anchorage TRACON, the bane of my existence was the Elmendorf T-33's and their monthly SFO (simulated flame out). Though they were VFR over the base, they simulated no avionics and were a lousy primary target.
  5. Taking a look at the updated city in 'Central SP1' and trying out the updated Cheyenne II. Approaching from the north. A swing over the city. Landing at Doncaster Sheffield airport.
  6. Perfect - nothing beats flying a Bonanza at that time of day.
  7. A lot less than in the screenshot, I'll bet. here's an actual photo and it appears state of the art - fabric, dope and wood stringers. The engine may have outweighed the fuselage.
  8. If you lived in the Tampa area of Florida in the spring of 1914, this was THE way to get to St Petersburg. 22 miles in 23 minutes and $5. One passenger and limited baggage. It's called the Benoist XIV and sported a 75 hp inline six banger - two were built and retailed for $4250 (each).
  9. Orville was the head of whatever agency issued airman certificates at the start. The name on my last issuance was John H Shaffer - a retired USAF Lt/Col.
  10. Keep heading north - Stirling has a royal castle and Linlithgow was the birthplace of Mary QofSc. Also in Fife, Falkland Palace - hangout of James VI who became James I of what we now call the UK.
  11. When you're not inverted or under a bridge, I'm forced to question the authenticity of your stuff .
  12. Love those steam gauges and the late evening environment. Suspect that's the Carenado T41 - how do you like it?
  13. Your Cherokee says "Canyon Tours" - in New England?
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