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  1. 27R and we'll need it all - full of people and fuel. Low stratus - lots of gauges. Believe in the numbers. Out of this soon. A single star star says 'welcome to the night'.
  2. Pure excitement - where's the next one - great shot.
  3. Damyn's Hall and the nearby Queen Elizabeth bridge. What's this you make ask. Freshly updated so had to look. What happens to a Supercub when it's "modified". They call it a 'Double ender' - don't even think it. In honor of Mr Sawyer's multi bridge achievements. We have a solution - no higher and just a tad lower. Computers are magic. As the Brits say "a piece of cake".
  4. A warm glow - must be summer (I wish). Sharp, colorful and beautifully lighted.
  5. What better way than a 'Lode'star. From Manchester-Barton down to Plymouth.
  6. Right here - it's available on 'Central'.
  7. And a good one it is. Several odds and ends to see if you have an agile camera hand.
  8. Green is a tricky color at those latitudes - it can get bad fast.
  9. Smack dab on the centerline - send me your log book .
  10. You live in the best part of England and your XP shots are great.
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