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  1. One of my few legit Stateside sceneries.
  2. I can imagine John Wayne, the US Cavalry, the entire American Indian Nation and their horses - all looking up in amazement.
  3. Check her out - take a Piper Cub on floats. Word is she relishes Grade A linen.
  4. Which twin has the Toni? - showing my age.
  5. Spent some time at Biloxi, MS - courtesy of the USAF. Don't miss it a bit.
  6. You're between the continuous white lines - the dashed line is just for perfectionists .
  7. And especially 'Vive la cath├ędrale de notre dame'.
  8. Though I never tire of it, I sometimes have trouble finding it - F35 looks right at home.
  9. Why is Gran's house always so much more attractive? After my mother decided to become a GI bride, I lived with my Gran for several years and loved it. Your usual masterful shots.
  10. Departed Broadford airport on Skye - headed for Inverness. Perhaps the most photographed castle in Scotland - Eilean Donan. Two lochs here - on the right, up to the Sky Bridge, Loch Alsh and exiting left, Loch Duich. The little town is Dornie and, of course, the castle. Mountains everywhere - not Himalayas but tough climbs regardless. The legendary Loch Ness, a large part of the 'Caledonia Canal' between Inverness and Fort William. From the fertile mind of Tony Wob - keeps the tourists coming back.
  11. It probably does with a little skill. Lack of visual references keeps you from knowing when your done going up then keeping the wings perpendicular to the horizon as you pivot down.
  12. Love the title - sounds like something from Sir David Attenborough.
  13. With a "premium" price it should be within a 'premium' scenery i.e TE.
  14. A long time ago I took a course in basic aerobatics - the aircraft used was a Champion 'Decathlon', a tricked up version of the 'Citabria'. Fun but not overly earthshaking. This is the Extra 330c by 'Beber' (Vertigo Designs) and it ain't no 'Decathlon'. Airborne off Old Sarum airport. Rolls way faster than me and is done before I can really screw up. Only in the sim - a hammerhead that goes down as straight as it went up. This is when elevators are your favorites.
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