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  1. #1 - immediately a leading US Senator.
  2. Great freeware - good lookin' livery and Telluride CO, what could be better?
  3. I'm appetized - bring on the entree.
  4. Climbing off Auburn, southeast of KSEA. The excellent JRollon SF.260 Seatac tower and the big city. KSEA - Puget Sound and the Olympics - a lot of scenery. Over Renton - Boeing Field and the whole smear.
  5. Your enthusiasm is catching - looking forward to the final release.
  6. Right down the Caledonian Canal - well done.
  7. Left from there in 1953 - straight across to Le Havre then out into the Atlantic. Two days of vomit then two and a half more wonderful days on the SS United States.
  8. When I worked in Juneau, one of my fellow tower guys was taking a little nap - after dark and speaker volume on max. Apparently not max enough 'cause the next thing he heard was Bell 47 rotor noise as Nancy Livingtone, owner of a local chopper outfit hovered right outside the cab. She'd been calling for clearance through the airport traffic area - she finally got it and made a few memorable comments. We all made copies of that part of the tape.
  9. Out of RAF Cranwell eastbound to 'The Wash'. Perfect weather 'The Wash' straight ahead. ' Back to base - turn needle standard rate, slip needle centered. That pint at the mess will taste good.
  10. Looks like you're close to the mach - roll inverted, pull through and kiss your spit 'S' goodbye.
  11. Was glad to hear you mention 'Calm' - I try to have a glass or two of it every evening about this time. Works a charm, the rest of the day goes so much smoother.
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