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  1. What's the little 'mini volcano' in #'s 4 5 and 6? Looks almost man made.
  2. Now that's a car - tail fins by the yard and a half ton of chrome front and back
  3. Having enjoyed this scenery in FSX decided 'why not' for XP. Not bad but no squirrel. Took the old X-hangar Cub to have a look. Nice view of Mt St Helens. Don't rightly know what this operation is or was. Doesn't appear to be adding much to property values though. One judge gave me six points - the other didn't even look.
  4. Wouldn't know a CRJ if I taxied into it. Certainly looks good, is it the one made by Bombardier?
  5. You make that default MD80 look wonderful and, of course, England.
  6. Isn't that Basque country. I've always heard it was wild and rugged and your shots certainly reveal that.
  7. Nice Martyn - when I lived there, the float pond was just a fairly long not too wide ditch. Not much use, most of the float traffic operated from downtown. That was 49 years ago so you've got to expect change .
  8. Nice looking Caribou there. Whidbey was home base to the gent who wrote "Flight of the Intruder".
  9. There are several anomalies in that Scottish scenery - obviously low priority.
  10. Another example of how you make it all look real and exciting.
  11. Speechless - but not for long. Your flying is almost beyond description - hope you're not one of those things the Navy's been seeing in the night?
  12. Instinctively the answer is yes - I love choices. Actually there are dried out puddles on the runway but I haven't had water in them yet.
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