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  1. I like the way mountains fade with distance and your favorite ugly old 185 looks just right.
  2. Dom Henry did that one and several others - all quality freewares.
  3. That water is way better than mine - what are you using?
  4. Coincidence - just put the entire Richard Greene series on hold at the library should be fun again.
  5. Robin and Marian in their own Sherwood Ranger for a limited engagement. See them with some old friends - Will, Little John, Guy, the Sheriff, Friar (now Archbishop) Tuck and Much the miller's son ( now Sir Much of bakery fame). King Richard's mother, Eleanor, may even attend.
  6. On reviewing the situation anything beyond 5 miles offshore is idiocy and we already have plenty of that.
  7. You sir have a ton of talent - some of the finest things I've seen on this forum. Even out in the foliage, close to the landing area, you're shots have elegance. Let me add too, that scenery is one of the most photogenic ever produced under the Orbx brand.
  8. I wish - this time of year ain't no such thing as a westbound tailwind - maybe north side of a humungous typhoon .
  9. "Sahara soufflé" - a dessert in a desert.
  10. Off Bowerman in another of the SF260 liveries - just throttled back and enjoying. Continuing straight ahead, the next fuel available would be Hokkaido, Japan. "And now the purple dusk of twilight time". Ocean shores - fun, especially when good neighbors have a place there.
  11. Looks like maybe westbound off Anchorage - an excellent shot.
  12. I have a friend who bought a share in a DC3 just to acquire the rating - fairly expensive but not many 35 year olds had one - wish I did.
  13. I was hoping, forgive the expression, to see your 'Papi's'. Looking for two red and two white but it all looked aokay. That rain on the ground is immense - should be able to log it as actual IFR.
  14. I'd wonder how I got here - my GPS ran out of waypoints so I went with present heading. The gent who sold me petrol said this is Popham, you want to go to Farnborough and see the NZ people there. Pure pilotage - I like that better than DEAD reckoning. Here's Farnborough - what next?
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