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  1. Got the of look of a Diamond - you need a logo light .
  2. Departed Aboyne and, at 65 IAS, it took awhile. Couldn't stop but dropped a message - thought I heard shots.
  3. V4.04 turned the corner for me and 4.06 seems very functional and stable.
  4. Got an email saying it's released - looks great. Would like to see same shot from each version - whoops, I see them in the forum release notice.
  5. To clarify - a 'Westwind' was a Jet Commander manufactured in Israel.
  6. I'm seeing 'TEST' not even an 'N' in front. Another question - it has very small span ailerons versus flaps and the chord appears the same, are the ailerons supplemented with spoilers?
  7. Beautiful "Desert Aire" - looks like a great place to overfly.
  8. Oceano in sunny CA. Theirs a train out there I really like. Love your registration - raises several questions .
  9. And I was looking for a Jet Commander . Believe that was a free one for FSX - would look equally good on XP.
  10. Mind boggling Pete but you make it understandable. I just run mine through "PostImage" and post 'em on the forum. Whatever happened enroute remains their secret.
  11. Sundown to night time - climbing away from London City.
  12. That mountain just sits there, all alone and you got it just right.
  13. Under the Golden Gate in a B36 - Jack, the gauntlet is down. When I was an airman at Chanute AFB, there was a B36 parked and we were allowed to get on board and check it out.
  14. A lot of that looks just like Florida - not as much water.
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