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  1. Doesn't appear to have much rudder - a thought might be to position the nose about thirty degrees opposite the direction it swerves. When you open the throttle, it'll start to swing but, with any kind of luck, you'll be pointing right down the runway when it's ready to fly.
  2. Whatever the problem was, it's gone - keep your fingers crossed.
  3. I was flying what used to called a 'Cherokee 235' - fixed gear but 235 hp, moved right along and good weight hauler. I got married at PACD in '62 worked at PAYA, PAMC, PAJN, PAMR, PAEN - KCRW for a couple - PANC. Before '62 worked for the old Weather Bureau at PABA then PAFA - USAF at PAGA.
  4. Not sure what brought this on - must be part of the ageing thing. Edinburgh Castle Holyrood House or Palace - at the bottom of the Royal Mile with the castle at the top. Three Forth Bridges from Midlothian to Fife.
  5. The quality of the clouds tells me it's not XP .
  6. Back in my Juneau days I moonlighted for a Part 135 outfit hauling personnel in and out of Snettisham - it was still being built. Your shots reveal it hasn't changed much though it would have been chancy for a DC3 back in '69.
  7. Or as they say 'A wee bit dreich'. Castle Stalker, north of Oban on the east side of Loch Linnhe.
  8. How are the flight dynamics? It should spin out of any cross control situation with pitch then stay spinning 'til you recover. Not much on a T tail but otherwise it looks good.
  9. Tailwheel first with the big tires .
  10. Always liked that Carenado 185 - have it XP and it handles all the quirks they throw at it.
  11. After spending some unforgettable hours in the right seat of a C150 (152 hadn't been invented yet), I've got to say NHadrian's got this just about perfect.
  12. I like that dusk lighting - mine seems to be all or nothing.
  13. Hop, skip and a thump - Astoria, OR down to Seaside. Another clear evening - we'll pay later so left the gear down and watched cartoons on the Avitab.
  14. Just a cloud layer then it got personal. These three should actually precede the one they're succeeding.
  15. Fog seems to cause a satellite reception problem with their little GPS's .
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