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  1. the great

    Both great - prefer the 'Blue two'.
  2. Hornet at sunrise

    Beautiful high clouds.
  3. Dunfries and Galloway Moth.

    Inverted, in a yellow plane over Scotland - there's a VAT tax on that.
  4. Tayside aerials

    A lot more about the Tay area than I ever knew and I was an Aborigine.
  5. What .... more Randoms?

    Killer sunsets and the rest ain't bad.
  6. Project A

    You've restored my faith.
  7. A few PTA tests

    Of the three, #2 strikes my fancy.
  8. A few PTA tests

    Of the three, #2 seems 'spot on' but it's all invironment.
  9. Valley

  10. Advanced aircraft testing

    "Smilin' Jack" strikes again - as always, brilliant.
  11. A lot of tires for that li'l ol' 120 - nice glacial shots.
  12. Release is imminent

    Then there's this "Imminent is from Latin imminere "to overhang," and to say that something is imminent is to say that it is hanging over you and about to fall, in a metaphorical way".
  13. Breaking news - Entomology.

    Sometimes that's good, other times not so much.
  14. New toy - DHC-3 Otter

    Your last one reminded me of old Hank Rust who formed Rust Airways at Lake Hood. There used to be a separate tower for Lake Hood traffic but when the new Anchorage tower was built in '78, service for Lake Hood became just another position in the new tower cab. From then on we received a six monthly harangue from Hank on how badly the service had deteriorated. His family runs the show now and a real class act it is but I'll always remember conversations with Hank.
  15. Far from the MADding crowd.

    Bathsheba, though never having a flight sim, would have loved these. One of my two favorite Brit Julies - Christie, closely followed by Andrews.