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  1. I've heard that comment before .
  2. Oh they'll just discover more oil or open up a gold mine .
  3. Reminds me of the Bellanca over Trabanca during the Spanish Civil War .
  4. This B721 was acquired by Reeve from Wien Air Alaska went they went out of business. About a year later so did Reeve. Believe the plane continued up north with one of the cargo outfits.
  5. When the wheel's on the left, driving on the right is easy. Several years we stayed at a Kyle of Loch Alsh B&B along with a couple from Belgium. They had their left hand drive auto with them so I asked how that was, driving on the left. He smiled at his wife and said 'you have to trust your partner when you pass'.
  6. The 74 seat was a lot more comfortable than the 175.
  7. Apologies to Marty Robbins. These were the days - I rode one just like this out of Anchorage down to Seattle to pick up a C175 and ferry it back.
  8. With 0C=32F - a bad place to start but as you advance up the scale 20C/68F getting warm 30C/86F really warm 40C/104F too damn hot. As a former Alaskan I've encountered where 'C' and 'F' meet - -40 degrees.
  9. True John and they've really thrived there. State bounty offered if you want to go wrassle one.
  10. With a touch of horseradish that might be quite tasty.
  11. Not many groups demonstrate in the Everglades .
  12. Home to alligators, pythons, cottonmouth and others in the 'mans lesser friends' group. Basically all of Florida south of US41 (the original alligator alley) is 'glades. Using the freeware Bell429 for this trip.
  13. Love your French - I'm still looking for my Aunt's pen .
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