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  1. There's always good old Innsbruck (LOWI) as a fall-back. Finally noticed the little extra included (LOJT) - the 'Hat Tux Heliport' at Madsell, Austria, so am paying a visit. Turning southbound to follow the Brenner Autobahn. The autobahn runs right on down into Italy where it becomes Autostrada del Brennero. Planning a turn eastbound at Stafflach and, by the looks of the clouds, the map will definitely be in play. After some zig-zagging to avoid a few solid cumulus, here we are over the 'Hat Tux Heliport' (LOJT). There's a helipad "H" on the green spot just right of center, near the bottom, As they say, it's all downhill from here. Turning into the Inn Valley westbound - this scenery never disappoints. For a vacation deal you need an 'in' with an innkeeper in Innsbruck.
  2. Having flown in/out of all your airports, I can vouch for the scenery - extremely good. Whoever did the hangar at Yakutat did an amazing job. Your Cub is probably a much modded '57 model - my long time flying buddy in AK owned N7571D.
  3. For those who enjoy big iron, this nice 767-300 at .org.
  4. I sure do like what you do with your backgrounds versus the aircraft - an enviable technique.
  5. You da man Pete. Vulkan has a modern ring - vulcan reminds me of repairing inner tubes.
  6. Talking about acreage - when I worked in WVA, we elected to live on the Ohio side of the river and bought a place in 'Wolf Creek Holler'. Nine and a half acres, mostly up the side of a hill but we had grape vines, tomatoes, corn and a little pond complete with four resident mallards. My Barn had a 'Mail Pouch' tobacco ad painted on the side and inside was a Ford 8N with brush hog and other PTO attachments. What a life but it became a 'dead end' jobwise so we bid back to Alaska.
  7. Summertime at RAF Kirkwall in the Orkneys where the sun hardly sets.
  8. "Prince of Wales" is already taken but that shot certainly justifies your "mention in dispatches".
  9. Not the skies, they're default but there is a bit of this and that from Luminar.
  10. Inverness Over Damyn's Hall Headed for Glasgow.
  11. Before they got their 6400' parallel, Bethel AK's single instrument runway was 4000' served by both Wien Air and Alaska Air in B737-200's.
  12. Thanks Nick - you guys should get in the Hard Drive business .
  13. Great shots - my sister and bro.in.law born and raised in Newcastle. Prudhoe Bay, the start of the Alaska Pipeline is named after one of your people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algernon_Percy,_4th_Duke_of_Northumberland
  14. I too am 82 and a bit - 5/22/1938 - curious about yours.
  15. Doing updates on 'my products' and encountered this. The program is locked - how to unlock? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
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