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  1. Hey, Will be months! But glad you are excited Cheers, Marcus
  2. Thanks for reporting back, it’s super helpful on our end to get what fixed the issue for the user if we are not able to figure that out. Hopefully this will can be of value for other customers as well if something similar pops up. Cheers, Marcus
  3. Hey, Just had a look. Think it looked fine on my system, but if I enabled Auto exposure it got too bright, do you have that enabled? Anyhow, I lowered the dynamic light exposure for you, just replace the file with the one at Orbx\p3dv5\ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport\Effects or something similar, a bit depending on where you install your Orbx sceneries, Hope that helps, Cheers,! Marcus fx_ORBX_ESSA_White_Round.fx
  4. Hey there, Will check that out, Get back to you in a few days the latest, Cheers, Marcus
  5. Hey, It is coming. It is not added as the SDK has not allowed that type of jetway to operate as a normal moving gate. As the gate is not moving on all axis as the typical gate MSFS has not had any support for it. Luckily it seems like we've found a way around that limiation and we are working on implementing that now, even though the SDK still does not have a support for that feature. So yes, it is coming, it just hasn't been in our control to be able to add that. Regards, Marcus
  6. Think this probably is what we are able to achieve at the moment, sorry
  7. Hey guys, This might solve your issue as well, check if this helps: Cheers, Marcus
  8. Please open the configuration tool in Orbx Central for ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda, and enable Statics. Then, go to your installation path for ESSA, which is either in the Orbx folder in your P3D folder, or in the library if you created one. Something like this: Orbx\p3dv5\ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport\Orbx\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_AA_ESSA\Scenery Replace the 2 files in the scenery folder with the ones attached. Let me know if that solved your issue. Cheers, Marcus ESSA_ADEP4_SL_ORBX_P3D_Statics.bgl ESSA_ADEP4_SL_ORBX_P3D_NoStatics.off
  9. Well this went a bit different than i thought it would. Seems like we already have a fix for it, Stefan who makes the ADE spotted what might cause the issue and have already made a fix. Only seems to affect v5 though. I’ll add the files to this thread in a bit and you can check so it works for you first and then we can publish a patch for that.
  10. Might have an idea. I’ll get back to you with in a few days or so.
  11. Hey, We had someone else reporting a similar issue a while back. As for the bridges they seem to trigger some sort of P3D bug that we have been trying to work around for years, remember even in P3Dv3 there were bugs with the flattens that we managed to get around in the end. But for this, I don’t know. Think we have tried everything that is possible for those bridges now. I’ll talk to some colleuges and see if they know anything that can be done, or who knows, might even be that the P3D5.2 patch things will work again. I'll talk to the co-dev as well that was doin
  12. Hey, Sorry for the delay. We usually hear back on having quite good fps at ESSA, and LOWI is a masterpiece in that sense so that is a bit weird to be honest. As for ESSA, I can only advice unticking a few of the features in the config tool, the landside cars etc and those details does not add that much but have an impact on frames. Cheers, Marcus
  13. Hey Dominique, Might be the way the gates are designed in real life that causes the confusion. Please check this thread on how to operate the gates: Note though this guide was written before the SODE VDGS package was released (additional payware), that would help with the guidance. Cheers, Marcus
  14. I can imagine Seattle must be nice on approach. Berlin-Tegel was a favourite of mine when we lived there.
  15. Hey, Please try to to uninstall and reinstall the airport. Some users had issues where legacy files for some reason got left behind in the latest update, creating that sort of issues. Should get solved by reinstalling. Let me know if it that wouldnt help, cheers, Marcus
  16. Hey! As i already wrote we are not at a stage yet where i feel comfortable sharing screens of the airport. But trust me there will be shots of the star of the show we just figured as the project is so big there was no harm starting off with some city and approach shots!
  17. My sister lived in Nacka Strand for a few years, very nice place thanks for the support Robert!
  18. Haha, ok that explains it. Seems like that building has a lot of history. Must be a nice view as well, if you are into aviation.
  19. Yeah man, there are lots of clever people here at Orbx. I'm sure there is someone to ask if needed
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