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  1. I assume you have the dynamic lights option turned off? It's just a limitation on how well we could make light on the ground textures with the ground texture technique we used. I recommend having the dynamic lights option enabled for better visuals.
  2. I plan to convert all my swedish airports for MSFS2020. It may take some time though!
  3. We believe we have found and corrected the issue. We will now get it through official testing before sending it out via Orbx Central. Expect a patch in the upcoming weeks.
  4. Hey again, I don't understand any of this. I am taking your problem seriously. I have not told you it is simple flickering or told you the problem doesn't exist and there would be nothing I can do to help. I see your videos, I can see the problem. And I have been replying, coming with troubleshooting advices and from nowhere you lash out saying we are not helping, not taking your problem seriously, saying "it's simple flickering". I've even been getting back to you usually within hours or minutes or worst case scenerio one day, trying to help out. And this is your reply ?
  5. I see that you are having the problem but I don't have it on my system. No need to be rude. Looking at our conversation I got back to you within a day when you contacted support but you took 2 weeks to even get back to me on an initial troubleshooting. And now you are complaining about customer service. We have very limited reports on issues like the one you reported for ESGG, and I'm looking into what it can be. I've asked a few more testers to check into this and see if we have it on our end. As we have a very limited amount of reports on the issue I assume it
  6. Hey! In the scenery folder for ESGG, can you try removing or renaming the following to files: ESGG_GRD_GP_NoDL ESGG_GRD_GP_DL Rename them both to .off or just remove them from the folder temporarily and see if that fixes it. Remember to restart the simulator before testing. Cheers, Marcus
  7. Haha i’ll take a note on the car and thanks for the nice comment
  8. I also see you have another thread with the same issues dated in May. You never managed to solve it back then?
  9. Hey, So your ground textures are not working either. Have you installed Orbxlibs? You can find it under Global Range in Orbx Central?
  10. Hey, reinstall the scenery and it will go away, cheers marcus
  11. great! Thanks! If any other customer has a similar issue this will speed things up very much.
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