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  1. Hey, Yep, there will be a small patch for that. If you want to have it corrected right away, just take the attached files and replace the ones in your P3D/Effects folder Cheers, Marcus fx_ORBX_ESKS_Yellow_Terminal.fxfx_ORBX_ESKS_Yellow_Round.fxfx_ORBX_ESKS_White_Round.fx
  2. I think they probably use pretty much the whole apron for the 747 if it visits. They told us when we did the reference photography that it was possible, so I guess they had some sort of plan
  3. Interesting path, Might be a bug in the simulator but I'll add it to the list to have a look at for a future patch. Thank you for bringing it to our attention,
  4. Hey! do you have the dynamic lights option unticked in the config tool for ESSA in Orbx central? cheers marcus
  5. We seem to have found the issue and a fix. Need to do some testing but hopefully we can push it out as a fix in not too long.
  6. Hey, We didnt add that as an option unfortunately. Hope you enjoy it anyway! Cheers, Marcus
  7. Hey Brian! The snow has some flaws in the v5 engine but some flickering has always been present. I would recommend turning off the snow piles if you find it disturbing, there is an option in the config tool for ESSD. Cheers, MArcus
  8. Hey Florian! You can disable ESSA_GRD_2020_PBR_Rain.bgl, that will remove the pbr bit of the rain effect. The ground will still turn reflective when it's raining but if the PBR is the issue then this should help You find it in the FTX_AA_ESSA/Scenery folder. However, this is only the case for P3Dv4/v5. If you are using FSX there is no PBR effect and only the default reflective effect but that can't be turned off and I don't think it should have any FPS impact either. Cheers, Marcus
  9. Great! yep all will be taken care of by Orbx central when its ready. sorry for all the trouble! have a nice week!
  10. Hey again, Can you make sure dynamic lights are enabled in the ESSA config tool? Does it work then? Seems like there is a bug when unticking that option where the ground will vanish. Im fixing that this week.
  11. Hey Jan, Just quick question, did you leave the config tool options for ESSA as per default? cheers marcus
  12. Hey! Sorry to hear you are having issues. In the screenshot attached it all looks as intended though, is it possible to maybe take some more screens of the issue? If you mean the foggy light effect around the lamps it is how we designed it and not a flaw. I can check what files you would need to disable if you prefer that effect to be removed. Cheers marcus
  13. Glad it worked! Seems like the issue was on my end though. For some reason I seem to have removed the ground when unticking the dynamic lights in the latest ESSA edition. A bit embarrasing mistake! Apologize you had to go through quite some customer service when we had messed up I will fix that when back after the holidays. Cheers, Marcus
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