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  1. Yep, we have animated them even though current SDK does not really allow it. It's sort of a work around but very proud of what our dev was able to make. Was the same in FSX and P3D as well, luckily SODE came and gave us an option to add it that way instead. It will be patched once Bromma is released, together with ESMS as well. No working VDGS at the moment though. We are not sure when that will happen (maybe with the World series Nordics as they are releasing ESSA which have those kind of gates?), so we figured we just try to bend & twist the current
  2. Yes, those are vending machines. That is the old terminal building and has a cultural building protection so they are not allowed to tear it down so seems like it ended up not really being used and kind of falling apart, but not permitted to take down. Went up to the small tower on the roof top as well, used to be the old main tower. Very analoge but still working they said. If the main tower would fail for some reason, they use that one instead. You are concerned it might postpone the release of Bromma? Don't worry. It is a conversion from my P3D version of the scenery a
  3. Hey everyone, Today I am delighted to show some more screenshots of my upcoming Stockholm-Bromma. In the previous thread we focused on the city and approach, this time we spend a little bit of time on the airport. More previews will be coming in the nearby future, so keep checking in. Even though aviation has nearly halted during the pandemic there has been one desti
  4. Thanks guys for the support and compliments! We will see what happens with ESSA at a later stage. Let's focus on Bromma for now. We can revisit that subject later on
  5. Thank you, that was very nice of you to say As for World Update 5, I'm continuing on Bromma & Stockholm and then we'll have to see what is included in the release and make a compability patch after that. As I've understood that ESSA will be added for free, it might mean that my ESSA project will be scraped. We'll see. Hard to compete with free content.
  6. Thanks guys, This goes for ESGG as well for that matter by the way.
  7. Of course Ive got all my focus on that before moving forward with anything else
  8. As for ESSA, that's the plan. I'm looking at porting PAVD, but got a few other ones ahead of that one
  9. Wow, thanks guys! Had a very nice birthday. We just bought a house so spent the weekend there before returning to Stockholm. My wife forgot my birthday though, had to remind her. But maybe thats for the better, that way I will stay forever young in her eyes
  10. Thanks for the support guys! We are getting closer but still a bit to go. It’s all modeled, some texturing work left. Better make it good than quick
  11. I am working on porting them. But first finish Stockholm-Bromma Im hoping to be able to port all my airports. With focus on the bigger ones in Sweden and Spain first.
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