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  1. Roughly 135 nm including stars/sids and fixes if I got it right at a random online route planner note that big parts of the trip will also either include Asturias mountain details or Bilbao ones, so it’s for sure a nice flight
  2. The weather in Bilbao is one of the things I really appriecate about that region when it comes to flying, often a bit tricky Nice video!
  3. Nice! Is the screenshot post-edited or is it a PTA preset? If so, which?
  4. Very nice! Glad you enjoy them How is the performance with the ATR and your overall opinion? Been a bit interested in getting that one
  5. Wonderful video Benny! Thank you so much!!
  6. Thanks Ben for the incredibly friendly comments, deeply appreciated
  7. I use PTA & Reshade. I’ve tweaked mine a bit over time but think it is more or less the Flightbeam shader pack they published or maybe one called TooSpooky i think. Or a mix. Anyhow both great shader packages
  8. Probably the most beautiful shot I've seen of ESSA!
  9. Announcement that it is in the works. Not released yet. So I guess show case
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