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  1. Hey! Yes I’ve been keeping an eye on that one. It’s quite close to my winter cabin as well. Might be a nice one for the future when the satellite imagery catches up thanks for the tip!
  2. They are still planned, but on hold at the moment. Currently occupied with a few other projects but I'm a big fan of Alaska as well, so will hopefully have more time to finish those off later on.
  3. Hey @adambar it looks like your Objectflow-module is not working properly. It seems like your ground is not loading correctly. Please contact customer service if you want help to correct that Beautiful screenshots none the less
  4. Have to agree there are a few very interesting airports to the west
  5. The second screenshot is mind blowing! Love it.
  6. Roughly 135 nm including stars/sids and fixes if I got it right at a random online route planner note that big parts of the trip will also either include Asturias mountain details or Bilbao ones, so it’s for sure a nice flight
  7. The weather in Bilbao is one of the things I really appriecate about that region when it comes to flying, often a bit tricky Nice video!
  8. Nice! Is the screenshot post-edited or is it a PTA preset? If so, which?
  9. Very nice! Glad you enjoy them How is the performance with the ATR and your overall opinion? Been a bit interested in getting that one
  10. Wonderful video Benny! Thank you so much!!
  11. Thanks Ben for the incredibly friendly comments, deeply appreciated
  12. I use PTA & Reshade. I’ve tweaked mine a bit over time but think it is more or less the Flightbeam shader pack they published or maybe one called TooSpooky i think. Or a mix. Anyhow both great shader packages
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