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  1. Have you tried uninstalling DD Seattle City?
  2. Maybe check if there is an update for SODE? You can download the latest from their website
  3. Great to hear you have a smoother experience now. have a nice weekend cheers marcus
  4. Hey Aman, That makes sense that it could be adding to the loading issue. It's probably because it is a very highly detailed mesh, 5m resolution. It also takes care of some of the flattening around the airport, but if you find it worth it having it disabled to get rid of the texture/terrain loading, then of course that could be a solution for you. There is not that much to do on our end of for this, the terrain file needs to be there, especially for users not having any mesh addons at all and it contains some of our airport flattens. If we lower the resolution it can be overridden by other mesh addons that even if lower in scenery hierarcy. But as I said, if you find the terrain anomalities ok then there probably shouldnt be any huge issues having it disabled. Cheers, Marcus
  5. I did a quick test on some random addon airports this morning to see if i have a similar experience and i get that loading issue on every single one of them, including LEAS, sometimes less sometimes more, sometime depending on the speed of the aircraft or complexity of LC and terrain. But to be honest this is nothing i view as an issue, its simply p3d more or less. Maybe someone else reading this knows how to get around that, otherwise there are probably a few threads at the official prepar3d forum.
  6. Hey, Sorry, dont speak spanish but hopefully you will understand me or you can maybe google translate my message. Your Objectflow module does not seem to be working. This also means that you probably are missing details at LOWI & LDDU as well. For Asturias & Bilbao we use Objectflow to place the ground textures, which makes it a bit more obvious when it is not working. Check this thread and see so your Objectflow module is working properly:
  7. Hey, Ok now I see what you are talking about. That just seems to be your landclass & terrain loading which is fully natural. As far as I could see in the video the textures just get updated from lower resolution to higher when getting closer, which is a completely normal. If there is more to load for the system then it's of course also natural for the loading to take more time for the system. If you find this unbearable I would advice you to lower your P3D & Vector settings to take some load off the system. You can also try unticking the features for LEAS as it might save up some on the loading. Cheers, Marcus
  8. Hey! hard to see in the stills, perhaps add the video if thats ok? cheers marcus
  9. Thanks for the report, For further performance tweaking I suggest overviewing your P3D settings. Hope you have a nice weekend! Cheers, Marcus
  10. Alright, I think you mentioned earlier that the previous version of LEBB worked fine for you and if its the ground at the airport that causes your issues I've attached a file that will give you the old ground instead from the initial LEBB release. It will be a drawback in quality and may contain other issues, but if you prefer higher AA-settings then this can for sure be a solution for you. Just keep the files off that you mentioned, and add these files instead and you should get the old ground back in the simulator. Strongly do not recommend anyone doing this that are not suffering from big performance issues. Prior to doing this I advice anyone reading this with similar issues to first download the texture downgrade package and follow the rest of the advices given in that post (higher up in this conversation) and/or adjust your P3D settings. Download: HERE Installation instuctions: 1) Open Orbx Central and head to the configuration tool for Bilbao. Uncheck "Statics Terminal". This step is crucial. You are free, and recommended, to uncheck more options to obtain higher frames, but the statics must be unchecked. 2) Navigate to: Orbx Installation folder\P3Dv4\LEBB Bilbao Airport\Orbx\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_AA_LEBB\Scenery 3) Change ORBX_LEBB_GP_P3D_Objectflow.xml in the scenery folder to ORBX_LEBB_GP_P3D_Objectflow.OFF (If you have already added the files from the troubleshooting earlier in this thread then also set LEBB_2019_GP_P3D.BGL to LEBB_2019_GP_P3D.OFF or simply remove the file) 4) Add the attached files from the scenery folder to the scenery folder and the file in the texture folder to the texture folder of FTX_AA_LEBB. Replace when asked. I have not tested this without Dynamic Lights enabled and can not guarantee the absence of other issues by doing this fusion-mix of versions of LEBB. No further adjustments will be made. Take care everyone, Regards, Marcus
  11. Hey, Yes, it's a very hard time for the world right now. Especially in Italy I've understood that you are facing incredible challenges. We have not reached our peak yet in Sweden but I'm sure April will be a nightmare for our society. Good that we have something to spend our time on while being at home to keep our minds distracted. So I was just preparing to send you the ground for Bilbao from our initial version, pre the service pack in other words. Figured as you said it all worked fine in the first release version then we could simply revert you back to that version for the ground. But then I read your message again. And I'm not sure if you mistyped? It says in your message: "by putting .OFF the files LEBB_GP_P3D.BGL " That file is not included in the latest release but only in the initial release. So either: 1. Your installation is corrupt and you are running two versions of LEBB at the same time, that would for sure cause a huge issue. 2. You meant to write LEBB_2019_GP_P3D.bgl and in that case meant the file I attached to this thread? If you can just quickly clearify this would be great Cheers, Marcus
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