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  1. Hey! glad you like it! I’m use a modified version of the Flightbeam reshader package, so it’s a PTA preset + reshader settings. Easiest is probably if you just google Flightbeam pta and there is a download package and instructions. reshader is a few steps to get running on p3d (need the right version and make few windows settings) but I wouldn’t fly without it these days, the Flightbeam preset package was a game changer for me
  2. That's a great idea. I've been thinking about that actually as well, just had a hard time figuring out how the truck would move the snow and make that in to a repeating loop without it being weird. But yes, great idea for sure.
  3. Thank you so much! I'll try to take it a step at a time with these projects so will not make any promises but as the construction has come quite far in the development and I've already set the fundations for it, I would find it quite logic to update this when it's completed. At the moment though I will not make any promises. But yes, likely that will happen Regarding ESSA. Yeah a lot has been going on there and I've been following the progress for quite some time. They are also doing big constructions in the north parts of the airport, plus of course all landside constructions that are not as important for the simmer. I will for sure return to ESSA some day, but exactly at what point I'm not sure. It deserves to be at its full potential though so some day for sure.
  4. Hi everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on our first previews of Gothenburg Landvetter - whilst the team are testing the scenery, I thought I would show off a few new features we didn't mention last week. First up I wanted to show off some of the different weather & season effects. As anyone who's ever been to Gothenburg knows, rain is the default weather (sorry folks but it's true!). So I've spent quite a lot of effort trying to create the perfect rainy ambient feeling. Winter has not been forgotten either, and we are talking both the beautiful white christmas type, and the more muddy type where the snow is almost melting away in the december rain. With different environment effects depending on weather type, arriving to Gothenburg on a rainy december day when the snow is almost melting away or a sunny ice cold January day now will bring you a very different experience. We'll just let the screenshots speak for themselves. With that said, let's wrap this up by saying: We are getting quite close - keep an eye out this week for more updates!
  5. It's on my constant top 3 picks for future projects, so might happen
  6. Glad to see you visited San Sebastian as well
  7. Hey! Yes I’ve been keeping an eye on that one. It’s quite close to my winter cabin as well. Might be a nice one for the future when the satellite imagery catches up thanks for the tip!
  8. They are still planned, but on hold at the moment. Currently occupied with a few other projects but I'm a big fan of Alaska as well, so will hopefully have more time to finish those off later on.
  9. Hey @adambar it looks like your Objectflow-module is not working properly. It seems like your ground is not loading correctly. Please contact customer service if you want help to correct that Beautiful screenshots none the less
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