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  1. Hey! Something must have went wrong in the installation process in that case. Might be a good idea uninstalling the scenery and check so the folders are properly removed and then reinstall it. The flickering is because the terminal pier textures have been updated in the latest patch so if the old object file is not removed then they will co-exist and therefor flicker. The old file is not included in the latest installation build so if it flickers it most likely is because the old file was not properly removed when updating or reinstalling. So please just give it another go, and if that didn’t help, let me know and we can see if there is some other issue. By the way, I just assumed the flickering issue you are having is for those two terminal piers only? Cheers Marcus
  2. Yeah Ive been waiting for that area to open up. Will add the changes in the service pack. Have some other things on the list first but ESGG has not been forgotten.
  3. Hey, Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I've added it to the patch list. We currently have quite much other things going on so it may take a while before we get the chance to look at a service pack for this product but thank you for bringing it up and I will make sure we fix it in time. Cheers, Marcus
  4. Haha, yes our son was born early on Monday morning. Back home now though!
  5. haha no sorry its nothing close to that coverage, that would have been massive. We will get back with a proper coverage map when we are a bit closer to release.
  6. Thanks Brian! Haha, yeah well if I didn't sleep enough already I've got my second kid coming any day now so guess it won't isnt less than whats about to come at least
  7. Haha, no sorry, think there are some good options already available for those cities
  8. Hey, just reinstall the scenery and you shpuld be fine. cheers marcus
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