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  1. Problem solved. It was due to Envtex. Reinstalled and everything is working as it should. Thanks for the help. Cheers Cédric
  2. Hi Doug, I'll be waiting patiently for the update then! Problem solved for the wrong texture on the runway at BIAR. Copying Neill Hill's files solved the issue. Thanks a lot for your time and help! Cheers Cédric
  3. Hi Doug, I did all of the above and still have the same problems in BIAR and ESNK. Here are the screenshots! Sorry i havn't included them in my earlier post, would be much easier for you to see my problem indeed. :) Cheers Cédric
  4. Hi Doug, Thanks for the answer. I've uninstalled ENVTEX, it seems to have definitely solved the problem of disappearing runway in ENSR. Scenery problems in BIAR and ESNK remain. The whole airport area is flooded under water in ESNK. Could it be a AEC problem (i already executed the aec tool several times)? Or a scenery library order problem? Could it be a problem between OLC Europe and FTX Vector as they both cover these areas? Cheers
  5. I'm having a persistent problem with my scenery in P3Dv4.3. I have a disapearing runway in ENSR when i approach the airport (runway replaced by grassy ground. I already reported this issue but didn't get a solution to this. In ESNK the runway (or i should say the whole airport area) is flooded under water. I can see the runway under the surface but it's pretty annoying and destroys all realism.. In BIAR the runway is crossed by a band of grass and the "lake" on the left when looking in direction of the city is not flat..but like really not. Looks more like
  6. Hi Nick, Here is what I can see: Looks good under this angle. But when I move the view a bit up the runway disappears (happens also when flying and getting nearer the runway under certain angles) Same when looking opposite direction: And as soon as I go down a bit this time: To answer your question I have only the Orbx addons for the area, never bought any other addon from any other developer for the moment (happy...except at ENSR... and loyal customer :) ) Only thing that coul
  7. Hi Nick, Thanks for the reply. So it probably comes from my installation. Could the scenery entry order be the cause of this? Any beginning of a clue..before i reinstall everything :) Cheers
  8. Hello Orbx, I'm having a problem at ENSR in P3Dv4. When trying to land there i noticed that everytime i get within a short distance of the runway, the runway just vanishes. I've tried to use the AEC tool but the problem is still here. Is there a problem with my scenery installation or is that a known issue? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  9. YESSS! This is amazing and a instant buy for me, can't wait. Thanks so much for this. +1 Finland is no man's land at the moment in p3d. Would be so glad that Orbx brings it's magic there!
  10. This looks amazing Marcus. Can't wait to fly to/from there! For the surprise...well a FTX Sweden would be great hihi. No seriously any other airport add-on with this level of detail and gorgeous snow would be great anyway! (Btw if any finnish guy at orbx would like to do a bundle Kittila/Rovaniemi with loads of snow and thus transform our sim in a winter wonderland, please do so! )
  11. Problem solved! Problem was the prepar3d.exe file situated in the fsx root folder. Thanks Tore for the prompt answers and help. Good day! Cheers
  12. Hi Tore, FTX central 3 shows that product is installed and up-to-date. Any way to try a re-install of the Orbx libraries?
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