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  1. Understood. Thanks for further clarifying Nick, that does indeed explain why the moduleinstaller-uninstall did not work....the multiple entries in fsx.cfg. While I don't consider totally disabling objectflow as a viable or reasonable solution to avoiding the update prompts, I do appreciate your time and effort in addressing this. Had I initially understood that Alex's remedy completely disables objectflow as it presently existed on my system, I would not even have made the attempt.
  2. I believe I've already explained that, Nick. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Nick, thanks for your reply and the objectflow file. As I explained, the moduleinstaller uninstall procedure did not have the desired effect. The update prompts when launching fsx persisted. And this has never had anything to do with my not 'trusting the simple installer.' All I was ever really after was to stop the notification from popping up each time I started FSX, without having to agree to the update, and how to prevent such notifications from appearing in my FSX in future. Also, it was never my intention to prevent my existing objectflow.dll from loading. It seems that to make these pop ups disappear one must accept the objectflow update. I nonetheless appreciate your willingness to help and suggested workaround.
  4. Hi Richard, The pop up does not ask me to accept using ObjectFlow. I have previously agreed and accepted the .dll in its prior version. The popup notification asks me to "update" objectflow, and is therefore different from the conventional FSX request to accept an already installed .dll. This particular acceptance allows the downloading and installation of a .dll in another form which in effect represents a change in my Orbx setup. Again, as explained I wish to simply maintain Orbx in an as-is state at present with no further changes. I do appreciate and thank Orbx for their continued enhancement of their products and alerting customers to updates. I also understand and appreciate the reasons for updating Objectflow and attempt to make it easy for customers to simply click the 'accept' button and move on. But in my case, if I do not want the update (which has nothing to do with accepting the .dll in its prior form), please let me know how to disable the notification in the FSX launch screen. There must obviously be a way to do this as per the instructions above from Alex, which unfortunately did not work for me. Is there no other way short of accepting the updated .dll? With respect, I own a large amount of payware addons and have never experienced one that injects a notification in my FSX launch window, preventing FSX from launching unless I update one of their products. When a customer cancels the notification once, presumably he is alerted to the existence of such an update and therefore doesn't need to see the notification each time the sim is restarted, let alone having the sim launch sequence interrupted in this manner.
  5. I would be most grateful to anyone who could let me know how to detach the orbx update notification from my fsx launch screen, without having to agree to the update. FSX will not launch unless I first deal with this notice; each time the notice is cancelled it simply shows up on the next FSX launch. The remedy kindly described by Alex did not work for me. How do I prevent all similar notifications from affecting my startup screen?
  6. Doug, I doubt others would benefit from my reasoning and personal choice not to update. Without going into great detail, I've had numerous unresolved problems with the more recently introduced Orbx changes (migration, unification, NA OpenLC, Vector,) and have spent far more time troubleshooting than flying. This is not to be critical of Orbx. I accept that I'm likely one of the 'few' with such problems as most people don't seem to experience them. I also accept that such problems are likely unique to my system, setup, etc., that Orbx cannot be expected to cater to 100%. This has resulted in my decision not to introduce any further changes that may further degrade my FSX performance, something that I have spent years building and fine-tuning, and prior to the more recent changes was running perfectly. In my situation I prefer to research proposed changes to my fsx setup prior to blindly accepting these when offered. I thought that I had a choice not to change anything Orbx-related if I felt it was 'good enough' and choose not to risk further sim degradation. Implicit in Orbx's decision to implement the disabling of 'check for update' features in FTX Central is their acknowledgement and respect of a customers choice 'not to update.' Notwithstanding, I'm still seeing these pop prompts to update. I intend to wipe the slate clean when it's time for my new build later this year and reinstall everything from scratch, with the latest and greates from Orbx. In the interim, I do not wish to make any further Orbx-related changes in my present situation.
  7. Thanks for your quick response Alex, unfortunately disabling the module as instructed did not correct the problem. Still getting the update prompt notification in both FSX upon launch and FTX Central 2. Rebooted the PC but no effect. Going back to the module uninstaller I see that 'Uninstall flight simulator modules' suggests this option is still available but clicking the option now produces an error window indicating "no dll.xml entry for Objectflow.dll. Module probably not installed in FSX." Closing this error window produces a windows "program may not have installed correctly" window. Any other suggestions?
  8. Thanks for your response Alex, I realize I already have objectflow, however, I can't get rid of the 'nag' notification screens in both the FSX launch window and FTX Central 2 prompting me to update. The 'cancel update' options have no effect and each time FSX or FTX Central 2 is launched these popups still occur. I turned off update notifications in FTX Central 2 for specific reasons but this apparently has no effect in preventing these notifications from getting through. I don't presently own any payware airports (except PNG and Samoa experience) but most regions, Landclasses, Vector, Global, etc. How can I stop these notifications that I do not wish to see, without accepting this update? Again, I specifically turned off these update notification features. I fully intend to switch over to FTX Central 3 eventually when I accomplish my new PC build later this year. However, in the interim, and due to numerous reasons which I won't get into here, I simply wish my FSX and Orbx installation to remain 'as is' with no further changes until I'm ready to make the FTX Central 3 switch, and without seeing orbx 'pop ups' each time I launch my simulator. This is something I've not ever experience before and why it is happening now remains a mystery to me. Please help me eliminate these popoup notifications.
  9. Tonight I started my FSX and was greeted by an objectflow update window with no real explanation other than 'cancel' or 'accept.' I cancelled it and relaunched fsx only to see the window pop up again as fsx was attempting to launch. I cancelled it again. I open my FTX Central 2 (yes, I still prefer 2 and wish to defer updating to FTX 3 at this time) and a notification window launches: ____________________________ "ObjectFlow Update Available" "An update is available for ObjectFlow. This allows Orbx developers the ability to dynamically add and remove objects in your simulator. If you choose not to update ObjectFlow, your simulator may crash (although it is unlikely). Your version : (ObjectFlow_EDCG) Latest version" ________________________________ Choices are: Don't Update and Update Objectflow. I selected Don't update. Relaunched FSX and FTX 2 and the update windows still pop up. How does one get rid of these windows if I don't wish to update? What are my options? Note I have product updates and FTX Central updates unchecked in the FTX Central 2 settings so I don't know how this update notification was able to get through, not only in FTX but in my main FSX launch window. I have never encountered this form of update notification before and certainly did not expect it when simply launching FSX. Also, can someone please fully explain "This allows Orbx developers the ability to dynamically add and remove objects in your simulator' and why someone would want this? I'd like to know how such proposed changes can affect my simulator and what the risks are before agreeing to something like this. Any insight and more detailed explanation would be very much appreciated. I posted in this forum as I wasn't certain if this falls under a specific support category.
  10. Magnificent work Larry. Hard to believe your original could be improved upon but since your update, seeing is believing. Thanks again for this gem.
  11. Just loaded up this release...fantastic work! Thanks so much Larry and to all those who assisted in bringing this one to life. Hopefully this is the first of many similar water aerodrome projects to come. Just can't get enough of them really.
  12. Thanks John, the assurance you provided is extremely comforting. Waiting patiently for a proper fix is that much easier, knowing there will absolutely be a light at the end of the (blurry) tunnel.
  13. Status report is most appreciated. I am also one of the 'few' afflicted with apparently all the post-migration problems (FSX). Incorrect textures, blurries and performance issues (stuttering and freezes/pauses not present pre-migration). I'm not completely clear however if Ben's migration fixer tool will address the blurries and performance issues. Perhaps with missing files being properly corrected with the tool, such problems will also soon become a distant memory. I remain concerned the missing files are unrelated to the blurries/performance issues and that will unfortunately represent a show stopper for me. I've seen nothing thus far, but perhaps I missed it, representing an acknowledgement from the Orbx team that the blurry/performance problems being experienced and reported over the last month, are even related to a failed migration. I'm certain many customers similarly affected would find a word or two from the team on this subject most helpful. As much as I'd like to continue buying future Orbx products, it would make no sense for me to buy additional wonderful scenery to install in a crippled sim, which state is how I would presently describe my post-migration fsx. Should the intended migration corrections not eliminate these other problems, or if these problems are indeed somehow inherent in the new lclookup and related changes, I'd be forced to find some way to revert to pre-migration status and 'lock in' that state for all time. As much as I'd detest that, my preference would still be to have a properly working sim, even in the absence of future Orbx products that rely on the new lclookup. Here's hoping this concern will be unrealized and I can continue Orbxizing my sim world.
  14. My FTX_NZNI_05_SCENERY folder does not contain a .migrated entry nor does the .json file contain a reference to this folder. In contrast, FTX_NZSI_05_SCENERY does indeed contain the .migrated entry together with the corresponding reference in the .json file. Hoping this provides another clue as to why NZNI remains compromised in certain areas (i.e., NZPP surroundings) despite the mini-fix you issued a few days ago.
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