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  1. I had the exact same problem after installing EU Norway in FSX. It seems many files did not migrate correctly. Forcing migration fixed it for me. Also make certain FTX is sitting in the correct scenery library spot. Plenty of info in the forums as to how to do both.
  2. Thanks Holger, this is precisely the additional info I was seeking.
  3. Thanks Nick and Doug. Based on the info provided, I believe this can now be stamped as resolved.
  4. Thanks Doug, your effort and quantifiable response is most appreciated. I see no option in my Norway control panel for animated people. My results differ from yours as follows: ENHF - I see no Bristow Hangar nor upper level inside the terminal building. Perhaps you're thinking of the payware airport? I'm only concerned with the default airports included in this region that are enhanced. ENJA - Same as yours but I'm not sure this is part of the Norway region? I believe this was a separate freeware product. ENNK - I see 2 animated people. The fact you see none here is most curious. ENNO - I only see 6 animated people here as opposed to your 10 ENSD - I only see 3 animated people and not 7. ENSG - Same as yours. Something does seem to be off. The most glaring difference is at ENSD. I only see 2 animated people in front of the terminal building and another in a parking area beside a truck. Could I perhaps impose on you to provide a screenshot of your ENSD so I can identify any missing people and possibly other objects? Considering my probable 'missing persons' issue, I have no idea why I would show 2 at ENNK whereas you see none. Again, I'm less concerned with how many animated people exist than if it's a symptom of a deeper issue with my installation.
  5. Would appreciate hearing from a fellow fsx simmer if their Norway enhanced airports also show substantially less peopleflow in comparison to other regions. If not, I'll commence further troubleshooting. If so, perhaps this is by design and I can put this one in the 'fuggeddaboudit' bin. Thanks in advance.
  6. My bad Doug, should have identified that this is for boxed FSX-A. Did a few more comparison flights tonight and there appears to be approx. 70% less people flow objects in Norway than in similar sized enhanced airports for my other regions.
  7. I'm really enjoying this recently purchased beautiful region and have visited many of the enhanced airports. I've noticed that these airports do not have near the amount of animated people as many of my other regions and their enhanced airports. Whereas in most other regions the enhanced airports show animated people in groups, talking, walking around, sitting at tables, etc., typically in a similarly sized Norway airport I see one or two people, someone sweeping or a lone baggage handler, but most of the other peopleflow objects I recognize from other regions and expect to see do not show. I have also encountered many Norway enhanced airports that show only one or two static humans and none that are animated. Is this by design? Perhaps to enhance sim performance in this particular region? I can certainly accept this tradeoff if intentional; I simply want to rule out that something may have gone amiss in my Norway installation as it pertains to objectflow, peopleflow, etc.
  8. Most obliged for your swift and comprehensive response, Jarrad. I can tell you that at least in my case, optimization and performance enhancement efforts are absolutely warranted in designing and producing sim addons. My buying decisions have always been influenced by this first, eye candy second. Unfortunately I see no papi lights from any of the angles and distances depicted in your screenshots; thanks for your effort in providing these nonetheless. However, I did heed your suggestion 2. and I now have papi lights again. It seems the REX lights I had selected were simply too small and obscured by the larger papi box objects. Selecting the large lights in REX seems to overcome this problem...although all lights at the airport are now giant orbs I can certainly work with this though and thank you for your suggestions in this regard. As can be seen in your very last screenshot, it does appear the boxes are actually placed in front of and not behind the light splashes; the little dots in the center of the lights would seem to indicate this. I note, in comparison, similar papi boxes (NSTU, AYPY), have their light splash effect offset slightly to one side of the boxes thereby avoiding being obscured, so this appears to be a possible solution (or eliminating the papi boxes altogether?). I wish I knew how to fiddle with the placement of the light splashes relative to the papi boxes, but I don't. Failing any suggestions/instructions on how to accomplish this I think you can mark this one as resolved. Thanks again Jarrad, for your help with this and all your efforts in providing us with this fabulous place to fly.
  9. I've just completed a closer observation of the papi lights themselves by zooming and slewing close to them from a number of angles, heights and distances. You know, it now appears that the papi boxes may be obscuring the light objects themselves due to their placement. From up close , 50' in front of the papi boxes and 50' high, you can see all the lights. Slew down 10' and they start to dim. Another 10' down and they disappear completely as though the boxes are hiding the lights. I.e, the light effects are placed 'behind' the boxes. This appears to be in keeping with my earlier post about the papi's appearing properly from a good distance out, before the Orbx textures are loaded around the runway. I.e., when the Orbx textures load as you get closer to the airport, including the papi boxes, they hide the lights. Further out the default FSX textures display that do not include the papi boxes so the lights show. Is this a possibility? If so, how to remedy?
  10. Hey thanks Doug, I guess I should have also spelled out what I have tried. Yes, attempted the 4.5 LOD and 1024 textures but same problem. Also reinstalled current libraries but no go. I run FSX in DX9 and currently own a GTX970 with 376.33 drivers. Nvidia Inspector properly tweaked, or so I believe. Again, the disappearing papi lights only occur with LOWI.
  11. Picked up this superb offering during the sale and enjoying it immensely. Many thanks to Orbx and Jarrad for this masterpiece. I was so concerned my aged PC running FSX - A boxed would disintegrate with the demands such scenery detail would inflict, yet remain extremely pleased and quite relieved with the performance apparent; obviously due to the painstaking and intelligent optimization efforts adopted in crafting this product. This is something I am particularly grateful for. All control panel options checked, 6.5 LOD, 4096 textures selected and still getting a locked 30fps that's quite smooth...most of the time, with my default cessna test plane. One thing I'd ask for some help with.... the papi lights at both ends of the runway disappear when approaching the airport. At 5nm or so you can clearly see them, but get closer than 3nm and they completely disappear. Upon closer inspection the phenomenon appears tied to a texture swap that occurs within that 3km threshold distance. Further than this and it appears the ground textures around the runway seem to initially display the fsx default textures; you can see the adjacent default fsx grass runway distinctly (when zoomed in). At this point the papi lights show and work properly. Then when you cross this 3nm distance, the textures morph for a second, swap to the more refined Orbx textures around the runway....and the papi lights disappear. It seems once I cross the runway threshold they reappear again for a split second then disappear altogether once again. Any ideas what could be causing this? I do have REX TD installed and have always used their enhanced airport lighting option in my sim to good effect. No other airport in my sim has ever displayed the papi problem described so I wonder if there is some specific conflict with the REX lights and the Orbx LOWI lighting? I also have the orbx lights configurator installed but have not messed around with it yet. Would appreciate any ideas and possible solutions.
  12. Understood. Thanks for further clarifying Nick, that does indeed explain why the moduleinstaller-uninstall did not work....the multiple entries in fsx.cfg. While I don't consider totally disabling objectflow as a viable or reasonable solution to avoiding the update prompts, I do appreciate your time and effort in addressing this. Had I initially understood that Alex's remedy completely disables objectflow as it presently existed on my system, I would not even have made the attempt.
  13. I believe I've already explained that, Nick. Thanks again for your help.
  14. Nick, thanks for your reply and the objectflow file. As I explained, the moduleinstaller uninstall procedure did not have the desired effect. The update prompts when launching fsx persisted. And this has never had anything to do with my not 'trusting the simple installer.' All I was ever really after was to stop the notification from popping up each time I started FSX, without having to agree to the update, and how to prevent such notifications from appearing in my FSX in future. Also, it was never my intention to prevent my existing objectflow.dll from loading. It seems that to make these pop ups disappear one must accept the objectflow update. I nonetheless appreciate your willingness to help and suggested workaround.
  15. Hi Richard, The pop up does not ask me to accept using ObjectFlow. I have previously agreed and accepted the .dll in its prior version. The popup notification asks me to "update" objectflow, and is therefore different from the conventional FSX request to accept an already installed .dll. This particular acceptance allows the downloading and installation of a .dll in another form which in effect represents a change in my Orbx setup. Again, as explained I wish to simply maintain Orbx in an as-is state at present with no further changes. I do appreciate and thank Orbx for their continued enhancement of their products and alerting customers to updates. I also understand and appreciate the reasons for updating Objectflow and attempt to make it easy for customers to simply click the 'accept' button and move on. But in my case, if I do not want the update (which has nothing to do with accepting the .dll in its prior form), please let me know how to disable the notification in the FSX launch screen. There must obviously be a way to do this as per the instructions above from Alex, which unfortunately did not work for me. Is there no other way short of accepting the updated .dll? With respect, I own a large amount of payware addons and have never experienced one that injects a notification in my FSX launch window, preventing FSX from launching unless I update one of their products. When a customer cancels the notification once, presumably he is alerted to the existence of such an update and therefore doesn't need to see the notification each time the sim is restarted, let alone having the sim launch sequence interrupted in this manner.
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