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  1. Great post Chris, I enjoyed the narrative, haven't flown to YLTT for a while. Time to lodge a flightplan and take the trip.
  2. Hello Nick D, Have you tried unchecking "Ground Scenery Shadows" checkbox in FSX > Settings - Display > Scenery tab
  3. Hello Dom, I wondered when you would reply, I was hoping for some positive direction, and indeed there is. Post #27 picture shows a much improved situation at NZWN than your initial pictures, with hopefully additional improvements across your entire sim. Wellington international looks much better, more like my own the mesh and terrain features, all looks as it should. Antialiasing is still slightly jaggy or perhaps it is just the cropped uploaded image, does it look jaggy in sim (ie; terminal rooftop edges not sharp/straight). Indeed, Pic in post #26 is Auckland International terminal. I am biased of course when it comes to supporting Nick & Doug for support & solutions , and the Dev's for the deeper stuff, we couldn't ask for better. Stick with Orbx, I'm sure you will be well received. I still can't work out what is causing the Yellow Barrier object on the apron between your main terminal Gate 11 and the covered ramp, do you have any other ADEX .bgl's active for Wellington NZWN.
  4. Hello Kim, The thing to do in this case is to cut/paste the current Terrain.cfg into a backup folder for safe keeping. Then Copy the Terrain.cfg (148kb) from \ORBX\Scripts\FTXCentral\Work folder, paste it into your FSX Main root folder. Please keep in mind this is not the Richard Ludowise and Luis F�liz-Tirado Modified "Terrain.cfg", although you can also use this modified one as replacement when morphing occurs, but remember to Allow OrbxCentral to Sync before running FSX . The important thing to remember Before running FSX for the first time following this procedure. Open "Orbx Central" and allow "Sync" so that Orbx entries are added back to the Terrain.cfg Syncing these entries back into the config should give you a freshly updated cfg around 490kb in size. (My own modified cfg is only 395kb) Also, depending on your addon scenery products, sometimes they have their own Management program with custom LC entries (ie; FSAddon Tongass Fjords) You should run the configurator for that scenery. Then start FSX, any morping LandClass should be resolved. EDIT: oops, sorry Doug, typing 1min behind
  5. Hi Dom, Me again, would you also confirm in "Orbx Central" that "ObjectFlow" has been updated. Looking more closely at your NZWN terminal/Apron, I can see a feature that is not in my picture. There is a Yellow Barrier that should not be there, or perhaps it is a default feature !?!? pics in Post #1 & #6 I would also like to ask if you have the Pre-requisite FSX Acceleration Pack or SP1 SP2 installed
  6. @Nick Cooper Thanks for looking at Dom's Scenery.cfg, and confirming its OK. Hi Dom, I do Agree with Nick, that your pictures are lacking the detail quality, Graphic and slider settings should overcome this provided you have AA & AF set properly and are using the right adapter. FPS won't be impressive but suggest you Lock framerate @ 30 in FSX, and be sure that you have in FSX > Settings > Graphics tab "Global Texture Resolution" slider set to "Very High" (Full Right). Below are 2 pictures from my FSX setup similar location to your NZWN- Wellington pics. Note the Mesh difference around the Moa Point tanks and hillside around "Maupuia" & increased scenery Detail. It would be heading in a positive direction to see your sim at a similar Quality.
  7. Hi Dom, Thanks for the additional info. Your i7 6700HQ processor is a Quad core (4Cores 8Threads) base freq is only 2.6GHz Turbo 3.5GHz, so an affinity mask of "14" Bin 1110 or (C3 on, C2 on, C1 on, C0 off) with bios HT/OFF or "15" (All 4 Cores) Bin 1111 or (C3 on, C2 on, C1 on, C0 on) with bios HT/OFF. With bios HT/ON it would be respectively "254" 7 cores Bin 11111110 or "255" All 8 cores Bin 11111111. Although Threaded cores are not used in FSX HT will generate additional CPU heat. Generally FSX does not use 4 Core process very efficiently it is also a 32bit application. Setting your AF to 3 will severely limit texture loading which is where having a OverClocked Quad or Hex core CPU make a difference. On the face of it, your Laptop should handle FSX at reasonably high settings using my advisory settings as a starting point. Having Turbo boost or an Overclock above 4.2 GHz will give the sim some extra grunt, but as I don't use laptop I am unsure what level of Overclock is possible with a 6700HQ CPU. Often Laptop CPU's are restricted because of thermal dissipation, Overclocking requires additional cooling which in general cannot apply to laptops. There is also the additional power draw required to sustain a stable Overclock. Aside from your Flight Sim being used on a Laptop, we don't yet know what graphics Card you are using, Please don't use the Onboard Intel HD Graphics, DirectX does not work with this option only OpenGL (FSX is a DirectX application). If your laptop has a decent Dedicated Graphics Adapter, that is the one you should use. What are the specs/model/version for your Graphics Adapter. Have you applied any of the Advisory settings as listed in my text file, with the exception of AffinityMask revised for your Quad core CPU. (I was only guessing that you had a Dual Core CPU based on your initial AM setting of 3) A properly setup Graphics card and 3D settings applied for Antialiasing 8x & Anisotropic Filtering x16 will achieve the graphical quality you seek. Once you have your hardware set properly you will then be able to experiment with best Scenery slider settings for your rig. ( Particularly Autogen settings should begin at Normal , Orbx recommended "Scenery Complexity slider" should always be at Extremely Dense, "Mesh LOD Rad" LARGE full right 4.500000, "Mesh Resolution" Orbx Rec best @ 5m, "Texture Res" Orbx Rec best @ 7cm, Water effects sometimes best at Mid to Hi 2x (but never Max 2x) 1x is boring/bland and lifeless. The 81 Scenery.cfg errors may just be that when I ran your cfg through SCE, those showed as Path not found because I don't have the physical addons in my Setup, but the ones I do have are AOK. I was hoping Doug or Nick would have a closer look at your Scenery order, since those guys have all Orbx addons.
  8. Hello gents, Welcome newbies, Please try the forum search, this question has been asked and answered so many times, it is now a Pinned answer in the FAQ subforum. Link to the solution is below.
  9. Hello Ted, The Scenery.cfg shows 81 Errors (Path not found) using SCE, Perhaps as a result of "Addon Manager" There are also some unwise Tweaks and Values applied in the FSX.cfg, I have attached a .txt file with some advisory settings that may get you back on track. The Scenery.cfg is a mess, perhaps Nick or Doug can look into this. Could you please also indicate your System specs, as these will be critical as to how FSX will perform and the FSX.cfg settings that you will use. Advisory FSX.cfg Settings.txt
  10. Thankyou Sabretooth78, New file works perfectly, no canyons to be seen SthEast or West.
  11. Just saying thankyou Sabretooth78, although the corrections you've made are for Vector & OLC_EU, they also seem to work to some degree for default FSX. While the canyon is now flattened in the area of the pictures, what I notice is the default shorelines mismatch, (they don't really bother me because FSX has always had these, although conforming more to the default shoreline shape). Vector shoreline and river course would be more in line with reality and your elevation adjusted .bgl's. To the SouthEast the flattens work well, but to the West there are still some canyons, there is also one section where the river shorelines are traced but with no water. Some elevated lakes in the vicinity but I guess having Vector would correct many of these.
  12. Hello Peter, I have the same mesh issue, using default scenery for the area. I am using FSX default with FTXGlobal base texture enhancement with FreeMeshX, though I don't know wether FMX covers this area with higher resolution mesh. Quite a few mesh anomalies in this area raised lakes, trenches and potholes. I wonder if FTXVector + OLC_EU and Pilots 2010 Mesh has a better representation for the river and lakes. I would think perhaps yes, but maybe staff can confirm if you need to configure vector or your scenery library.
  13. Well I thought there was some kind of enhancement going on beyond what are normal textures for Orbx YBBN. REX_WWAHD confirms it. ALES was a wild speculation indeed, but you never know these days. Incidentally: What does the airport look like with just Orbx YBBN textures, (using the YBBN CP GroundPoly option), are the markings aligned, and is the pad still there.
  14. At the risk of sounding a little silly, (yes I've done that more than once). Those textures, Runway and the concrete pad at the end of 19 look like ALES for XP11, but you both have P3Dv4.5 as the OP's pictures clearly show in this P3Dv4.x support forum. Are textures for XP useable in P3D. I notice that at least John Dow also runs XP11 with P3Dv4.5, does the OP also run XP11 and have "ALES" (Airport Layout Enhancement Solutions) Here : Picture gallery #4 & #9 https://store.flightsim.com/product/pyreegue-dev-co-airport-layout-enhancement-solution/#prettyPhoto https://store.flightsim.com/product/pyreegue-dev-co-airport-layout-enhancement-solution/#prettyPhoto[product-gallery]/4/ https://store.flightsim.com/product/pyreegue-dev-co-airport-layout-enhancement-solution/#prettyPhoto[product-gallery]/9/
  15. Hello, I am getting a sense that you are quite new to FSX, if you need to change the season or time of your flight's there are two possibilities. 1.) From the FreeFlight screen before you load a flight, (the one with the rotating aircraft) option button "4" select "Change", a new panel will appear, choose the time of day with the clock or by selecting Dawn Day Dusk or Night then manually adjust the time if you need a more precise TOD, likewise the Season can be selected Winter Spring Summer Fall, or more precisely by date on the calendar. When you are done click "OK" to set. 2.) The same panel can be found once the flight has been loaded, simply select from the FSX menu banner (Press "Alt" ) to make the menu appear if its not showing in Fullscreen or window. Then select World > Time and Season, then make your selections as above from the following panel, Click "OK" as above, your scenery will reload with the changes you made.
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