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  1. Much appreciated Nick, I have the important ones back again, thankyou. I agree font sizing is always open to abuse, but thankfully only a few have used super large font. I'm ok with one size font (default) if you need to lock that button down again. Having one only font size available streamlines all forum content, with less format overhead. EDIT: Oops : look at my signature Specs font, (Guilty as charged) in an attempt to reduce Sig on page and keep to just 2 lines of text, I didn't use the forum edit buttons for this micro font but imported from MS Word the entire Sig text and Format.
  2. Hi Nick, I seem to be missing some edit pane icons/buttons as well, these 5 -: though I can understand the need for uniformity in the use of Forum Fonts so, I understand why we have no "Font type" selection button Superscript Subscript Font "Size" dropdown Font "Highlight colour" Font "Colour". I have been missing these for some time now and have not asked again where they went . It would be great to have them back if possible please. IE11, Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, all browsers on different PC's have same missing buttons in the browser pane, but not on other sites using IPS4 Suite where I have a full compliment of useful icons/buttons. Zooming the browser window is a great idea, I use 150% - 160% zoom, my keyboard has a zoom toggle for the active window, as well as the available browser zoom.
  3. Indeed, I got the same raised eyebrow, I mistakenly said panties not pantihose, still didn't quell the peaked interest in seeking ladies undergarments for my sensor.
  4. Yes I agree Graham, but the underlying sim maintains integrity with the sim by use of a dummy YBMC ADEX bgl in Rob's YBSU Scenery folder, there is a separate YBSU ADEX bgl for Rob's Sunshine Coast Airport to use the new YBSU ICAO code. I believe the dummy contains the basic airport designator, localizer & navaids for YBMC.
  5. Hi Tom, The AI Flightplans for YBSU are fairly light & infrequent, maybe once or twice a day, some weekly, and some only certain days of the week once only. Perhaps you are just not choosing the right time or day where these aircraft can be seen. I have YBSU Traffic in FSX but can't confirm P3Dv4x as I don't have it. Just to confirm wether you see any YBSU traffic, can you start a flight at YBSU (Fri 30th Aug 2019 10:25am local) There should be a Jetstar A320 VH-VFL parked south of the terminal, It will Begin loading PAX & bags 10:51am, Pushback at 10:55am YBSU-YPAD (Adelaide), coinciding with arrival from the south of AirNZ A320 ZK-OJD taxi to terminal north to begin unload PAX and bags. (See pic below) I'm sure Flukey or Trev will have an answer for the appearance of AI traffic at YBSU. The schedules are fairly light and infrequent, also only tested in FSX. You must also have FTX AU AI traffic for these aircraft to be seen, not sure but it should work with FTXAUAIv5.0, unsure about P3Dv4.x untested. I remember a couple of posts on the old OZx forum, Flukey pointed me in the right direction & Trev - (aka TerribleT) was very helpful sorting out what was needed. Wish I could look at those posts now to see exactly how it was solved. If I remember rightly Trev compiled a new set of Traffic files for YBSU, ( I have them and have seen plenty of aircraft movements... Alliance, Jetstar, AirNZ, AirNorth, Qantas, if you have default traffic running you may also see the occasional Cessna 172, or at least hear it fly over) I switched off the original YBMC Traffic .bgl's leaving active the new YBSU Traffic .bgl's including Traffic .bgl's for flights to & from YBWW and YBSU. I think there was also a need to check using AIFP that there was an actual AI Aircraft model associated with the AI traffic plan, ( I was using FTX AU AI v4.2 at the time) I believe I swapped an F100 with an F50 or F70 to get the Alliance jets. The aircraft called by the plan were actually indicated in Traffic tools and by the aircraft Traffic label, even indicating that they had landed, were at the gate or ready for takeoff, but just weren't visible on the tarmac (original Traffic was compiled using YBMC ICAO). I wonder if you are seeing any AI flights coming from West Wellcamp, landing at YBSU (do you have Flukeys YBWW installed, including the YBWW traffic .bgl's) also do you have the Trevs re-compiled traffic .bgl's for YBSU in \Scenery\World\Scenery (as shown in the pic below)
  6. Hi Bruce, "The Oaks" Sydney NSW was done by Robert Fluke if I remember correctly, you won't find the files named with ICAO YOAK, they will be named "rf_The_Oaks_". These files were part of OZxv3.5 (Flukey's OZx 3.5 airfields) containing 18 other airfields by Rob (Marulan, YGDH Gunnedah, Rosehill Heliport YRSH, Kennetts Field, YCWR Cowra, YGIL Gilgandra, YHAY Hay, YSRN Strahan) to name just a few.
  7. I agree with John, Memtest is a necessary test when trouble shooting RAM errors, it runs in isolation from a bootable thumbdrive where number of tests are performed. Its a little fiddly and can take a while to run but will confirm the integrity of your RAM. The OS memory test is not as reliable, I had some Corsair Memory go bad a while ago where the OS Memory test reported no memory errors, Memtest revealed the true state of my RAM, many thousands of errors on one DIMM & a few hundred on the other. Both modules RMA'd for warranty replacement. When you run Memtest it best to test one module at a time from the Single channel slot, don't run the test while Overclocked, run at least 10 passes or a full test on each module individually. (Red means bad) be sure to jot down the total errors on each module, and present these results to your RAM supplier for warranty RMA. It is also a good idea to confirm the integrity of your PSU, does it have enough wattage to supply all the hardware with some safety overhead, Gold 80+ with 200 watts more than your systems total max power burden. Check all hardware and cable connections on your MOBO, reseat where necessary. It is not unheard for a modular PSU to have a PCI /24 / 8 /6 pin cable not properly seated.
  8. Oh no, don't do that FireRx , water would be the wrong approach, unless you thoroughly dried the radiator before reassembly you may create corrosion. Use canned air or a blower and brush, but be gentle with the brush on those soft copper cooling fins, you'll not want to bend them impeding airflow.
  9. Nice biology project you have there Ben. Where does your PC live. I clean mine out every 3 months, but it seems the salt air environment is more harmful to the alloy fins on the heat sink (NH-D15) than dust build up. Fans are usually only lightly dusted, but yours have great clumps sticking to the back.
  10. Oh yes, "Tornado" indeed, little embarrassed! Thanks VH-KDK and rpg, I saw the swing wing but didn't check the tail . (Huge detail to miss, LOL) Lovely aircraft and paint job though.
  11. Use those stingers rpg, a space is bound to open up. Nice pics, is this one of Dino's F-14D's.
  12. Holger is fixing our drought problems with a stroke of the keyboard. Lake George is a trapped lake, it can only be filled by massive rainfalls, but then evaporates. In my lifetime I have never seen water in it lapping the federal highway. There always seems to be a glint of water on the eastern side but that could just be a mirage. My Grandparents apparently saw it filled at one point, but sadly it has been dry for many decades.
  13. Ha Ha, spray bottle not included. Full immersion sims coming soon, prepare to get wet.
  14. Hi Mac, I'm still a little baffled that you believe the water is flowing in the wrong direction, particularly over the Falls, where in my pictures it shows (though admittedly not so well when trying to describe an animation) that the water flow or animation in my FSX DX9 setup is flowing in the correct direction, Downhill from Lake Yellowstone to the Upper Falls (both of them), then into Yellowstone Grand Canyon cutting its way onward to the lower country of Gardener, Pray & Livingston then onward to the sea. I'll admit that the Water animation on the lake and river sections does seem to travel sometimes in a crossflow and even a backflow (making it look like the water is travelling uphill back to the lake above the first falls). But for the water animation (Flow direction) over the falls looks to be heading in the right direction, (Downstream from lake to sea). The Lake River and Sea wave/water animation in FSX does seem to move in one consistent direction depending on your direction of travel, if you look closely as you fly over the river the animation will alter with direction of travel, and lake water will consistently come from east to west. Wiggly rivers such as Yellowstone, the animation will seem to crossflow and even backflow, but its just an animation. I don't know if the water animation behaves differently in FSX DX10 mode with its "Enhanced wave animation") or even if it is better or worse in P3D, essentially I am using FSX in DX9 mode with FSWC and modified "Water normals" (OceanHeight20FieldLayer - texture sets) where the water animation direction is consistent and water falls flow in a downhill direction. I have made you a little show, with 2 Pictures, 2 videos, and a (Google Earth KMZ (attached below) Yellowstone Lake River Falls-Elevation flow.kmz). The pictures show an overhead of Yellowstone Lake River & Falls with the blue direction arrows on one showing the natural direction of flow, the other shows similar but has a view of the Google Earth Track and elevation Profile, You can view the track and profile by saving the attached KMZ then doubleclicking it to add it to your Google Earth "My Places" you will see that there are new entries in your GE left menu (Yellowstone Lake River Falls-Elevation flow.kmz) added to the bottom of the menu list. If you choose The "Yellowstone River "Path" track that I have layed in, (by "right mouse click") an option for "Show Elevation Profile" will come up left mouse click on that option , you will see in the lower portion of your GE screen an elevation track and animation, if you move your mouse pointer over the elevation track/profile (Pink Gradient) you will see a RED arrow on the GE map display, (Depending on your zoom level on the map) as you move your mouse from High elevation (The lake) to low elevation (The river Canyon below the falls and onward towards Livingston) you will see your map move automatically along the purple river path to follow the elevation track. Its a cool GE animation of the elevation from lake to lowland over the falls the animation shows the elevation progression along each segment of the Path from High to Low elevation. The first video starts below the falls (Low elevation) and follows upstream towards the lake (Higher elevation). The second video starts on the lake (High Elevation) and follows the river over the falls (Low elevation), and on to Livingston & lowlands. I think you will see the quality water animation best if you view the video in HD, either in the embedded video here fullscreen or on youtube. Look carefully at the falls where the animation is perfect flowing from above the falls to below, the river sections then go back to east to west animation, depending on direction of travel. I lost a little video quality after the YT upload for some reason (might be the Nvidia DSR resolution adjustment or just what happens now on TY but viewed in HD should be good enough. The actual capture with NV ShadowPlay was perfect crystal clear and not jerky at all. Yellowstone Lake River Falls-Elevation flow track.kmz
  15. Hi Roger, I don't have P3D but.... this might be a possible thing to try. Toggled switches can still be active even if you switch aircraft (ie; fuel pumps and other instrument settings like Autopilot). On some payware aircraft, there is a simulated (Gust Lock) or Rudder lock, to protect the rudder & cable/hydraulic valves & actuators from damage due to strong wind gusts over the tarmac and prop/jet wind while aircraft are stored or parked for long periods. Perhaps the aircraft you are using or used to set the gust lock is equipped with a rudder/gust lock, it is now toggled on for all aircraft. I'm not certain but I think there may be a switch on the instrument console or a key combo you need to toggle to remove the lock ((example: SHIFT+G) is often used as a tail wheel lock on the taildraggers, & ( CTRL+SHIFT+U activates/toggles the AutoRudder)) or the switch could be tethered to a "Wing fold" action key combo. You might check through your key and control assignments to see what keycombo is assigned to the Rudder or RudderLock, tailwheel lock, wingfold. If you have the readme file for the aircraft it may give you some clues how to remove or toggle the lock. If this is not the case then I'm probably talking through my proverbial......... ahem!! Cough Cough!!!
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