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  1. I have not had any issues so far, but I have installed it only for 4 days now, so limited experience… It's the 19041.207 build to be precise.
  2. Hello Forum I have made some observations with different Windows 10 builds. I'm running P3Dv5 currently on two rigs for testing, one with an 8GB and one with an 11GB graphics board. With Windows 10 1909 Build I had 6.2GB VRAM in the sim on the 8GB board and 9.2GB with the 11GB board. With the Release Candidate of the upcoming Windows 10 2004 Build I got 7.1GB VRAM in the sim on the 8GB board and 10.1GB with the 11GB board. Seems as Microsoft has done some changes here... Cheers, Greg PS: Happy if someone could confirm this!
  3. I guess one issue could be that you only have one add-on.xml for both simulators when you share the folder. And as the sims are probably layering the scenery differently eg. due to a different number of scenery in each simulator, this could become a problem... Otherwise I would love the idea to share folders. Cheers, Greg
  4. Have you startet P3D after the installation of Copenhagen at least once? Cheers, Greg
  5. Hi Jack I had this once with V4.5 that P3D was asking for activation of an addon, but the activation-window was hidden behind the main P3D-window and I didn't see this. Therefor P3D was waiting indefinitely for my approval. Maybe this is something similar... Cheers, Greg
  6. It's 22.7 GB to download now, a lot more than the 12.9 GB of V4... Cheers, Greg
  7. Hello Just encountered a "frozen water" issue around LOWW in April... Two areas with black textures, appearing with "frozen water" active, disappearing with "frozen water" deactivated. Cheers, Greg PS: Pictures showing only one of the two areas
  8. "Problem" solved. It is related to the "frozen water" bug of Global VECTOR. If I deactive the "frozen water" tickbox in VECTOR the black areas disappear. But still quite surprised that this has an effect in April as well and not only in winter... Cheers, Greg
  9. Unfortunately this didn't solve it. I have spotted another area with the same black tiles in the same distance from the airport just in the NE. So there are two such areas just in the NW and NE "corners" of the airport, Cheers, Greg
  10. Only for LOWW, not for the Orbx products yet, this is what I will try next. Cheers, Greg
  11. Hi Raz No I have only installed the full Orbx stack (Global Base, Global Vector, openLC Europe, EU Germany North and South) at the moment. Cheers, Greg
  12. Hello I do have one single area NW of LOWW with black/missing texture(s). Cheers, Greg
  13. Hello Nick Everything you are writing is absolutely correct. But to be honest I do not care about disk storage space. The real disantvantage to me is that with the conventional method P3D core files get overwritten (and of course in this way installed third party files get overwritten with each and every P3D content and/or scenery update). To put it exaggeratedly, this could end up in an endless loop overwriting each others files. So the pure strategy is to have P3D and third party products separated and self contained. But I didn't want to debate on principles and I would like to apologize if this was the Impression, my only intention was to ask whether the devs already have a roadmap and whether a litte bit more pro-active communcation (expectation management) on such issues could take place. Cheers, Greg
  14. Hi Doug My understanding was that exactly this is not going to happen anymore with the XML-method and having placed all libs outside of the P3D-root: If you are right, then it doesn,t make a difference where to place the files indeed. Cheers, Greg
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