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  1. Sure hate to hear you had some health trouble lain, Sounds as though you are doing better and headed home soon, so take care and be well!
  2. Darn cool, I like the wing art also! That guy really should give up smoking though, it could kill him! Long range bucket list plans huh John!
  3. Nice little plane John, be careful around that prop, a fella could get a splinter! Great shots also!
  4. Not only quaint as Jack says, but colorful too, looks like a lot going on over there in the corner! Excellent set to show it off!
  5. Quality and easy on the eye set of captures Jack, By Jove, I think you've got it! Smooth looking flight!
  6. Pretty darn nice set here Jack! Jack, I feel that P3D, X-Plane, AF2 and MS2020 all have a place here and all screenshots offer something different from, nostalgia, great old Orbx scenery, new Orbx scenery and lots of eye candy for every taste!
  7. Thank you Sir for the comments! Yes, a decent workload doing several T&G’s during a flight, but fun and educational also!
  8. Thank you Mike, appreciated!
  9. Thanks for looking Wayne!
  10. Thanks Gumby, appreciate the comments! I just grabbed a couple of the folks hanging around admiring the plane to help get her turned around, easy peasy!
  11. Really nice New Zealand flight Graeme, but any flight in NZ is great, thanks for looking and commenting!
  12. Thank you Jack, glad you liked em’ also!
  13. Thanks Adam, glad you liked em’!
  14. Thanks for looking John, and for the comments!
  15. Thanks John, much appreciated Sir!
  16. Thank you lain for checking them out and for the comment!
  17. Congratulations on that young man! I’m not that far behind ya!
  18. A whole batch of quality pictures in that set Sir, well done!
  19. You Sir are turning into the Cool Kid on the block in case you didn’t know!
  20. IT’S AAALIIVE IGOR! You can turn off the electric switch now! Hot catch lain!
  21. 3 cool shots and 1 really cool shot OND! #4 is really cool!
  22. Adam, I think it’s “breaker, breaker” not “brake’r brake’r” ! Easy does it! Glad you could share some of my mistakes!
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