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  1. Great looking vintage aircraft TTM and great shots of it, but me thinks that you could use some mud and snow tires on it!
  2. Nothing like trying to bird hunt with a squirrel dog or squirrel hunt with a bird dog, it gets squirrely, but if you have patience and time you can sure get er done! Very nice set!
  3. Leave it to Beaver to take a bit of artistic license! Excellent set of 'pelts' you have taken around Beaver Valley !
  4. Nothing like sweating to the oldies, singing along with, driving with, and flying with the oldies, looks like you had fun while practicing the pattern work!
  5. Thanks for taking us along your mini holiday Renault, I know I really enjoyed the tour of the airport and all of the planes and the weather was phenomenal!
  6. Renault, just wondering if I could hire you to do my next flight screenshots, I'll do the flying and you do the shooting and it should all be good! Great set of pics for sure!
  7. Everyone wants to create screenshots like these but few are chosen!
  8. Lots of quality in those captures plus a little extra something!
  9. Ain’t nothing narrow about these shots John, they are cinematically beautiful!
  10. The plane may come with its own grime, but not these shots are nothing but spic & span for sure!
  11. Love that lens flare John, nice on for sure!
  12. Another Adam-esk set, meaning beauties all! Great work,
  13. Every thing looks fine Wayne , but then we can’t see that vertical blue tube in your weather engine, seems it’s always something with one of the program’s causing a bit of grief!
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