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  1. Congratulations Sir! For someone to win this contest they must certainly standout and that is hard to do with all of the outstanding shots that are submitted by the community! This shot ticks all the boxes to do just that!
  2. You rode that steed right through some nice scenery plus under, over and through some very nice clouds!
  3. Thanks for letting us enjoy your first time with you! Great shots!
  4. Cool capture of the plane and the airport scene!
  5. Welcome to Monterey airport we hope you enjoy your stay, because we certainly enjoyed your flight getting here! Great work John!
  6. Nothing like great dental hygiene, and your picture is great also!
  7. That is one heckuva taxi cab you got there driving around looking for fares but it should be Yellow ya know! Great pictures!
  8. From top to bottom, from left to right, from up and down those pics from Kent to London are the best around!
  9. Nice shots of a really nice little airport Sir! If you haven’t already, be sure to see the documentation that come with it and set up the “Fly In” scenario, it’s just pretty cool too! Don’t forget Wax Orchard either!
  10. Nothing ODD here and too bad it had to END, that set is a screenshot contest all by itself Adam! Grand set! My emoji’s are like my money, never enough to go around!
  11. Lotta color, lotta planes, lotta acrobatic flying, lotta clouds and a lot to look at! Great work!
  12. I'm a little "green" with envy Arkanoid, great looking post card!
  13. Holy Mackerel Jack! Those look almost as good as some of the X-Plane shots I've seen around here, great test!
  14. Yet another fine short from Stillwater Productions on "Life in OZ", great work again Gerold! I am still in the process of completing your last excursion "City to Coast". made it as far as Barwon Heads so far!
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