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  1. Another home run comic Jack! Looks like all of that "bridge work" finally paid off with the great Fluffy rescue! Now give her some tuna, and not tuna haggis!!
  2. Thanks Pete, I figured I would replace the memory if the 2080 worked out and it seem as if that is working OK so I will probably up the memory to 32 also. I will check the "MSI Afterburner" program out also! Thanks for the input Roger
  3. Alright, alright, alright, decided to go ahead and get the RTX2080 anyway, I’m kinda like the the guy that fell off the 15 story building, about the 7th floor he yells, SO FAR SO GOOD! Still trying to get the best settings figured out but higher settings are working out thus far and holding good FPS #’s, maybe just a few more tweaks! Extremely happy with the purchase! Anybody interested in a slightly used GTX 980? This topic can be marked as RESOLVED!
  4. Gentlemen, I am considering upgrading my GPU from Nvidia GTX980 to Nvidia RTX2080, my computer specs are as follows: Alienware Area 51 Triad (4 years old) 4th Generation Intel I7 5820 3.8 GHz w/Turbo Boost Extreme 6 core Processor 16GB Quad Channel DDR4 at 2133 MHz 4 x 288 Pin DDR4 UDIMM Slots 5 Internal Expansion Slots PCI Express 1500 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Don't know what else to add at this time! Questions: 1. Will my system (as is) handle a RTX2080 or RTX2080Ti (is there much difference in the two?) 2. Will there possibly be a bottleneck somewhere else that would give me grief? 3. I can get the card (RTX2080) from Alienware for $803.99 USD at this time. (Cheaper than a new computer) 4. Is this enough information to anwer my quesions? Thanks in advance for any info! Roger
  5. Not fancy but very dependable! My 46 year "Old Blue" 1973 IHC Scout II 4X4 (boat is 1975')! I've had the Scout for a bit over 40 years now, drive it regularly (especially in OK winters)!
  6. Well, we are surely enjoying the camaraderie of the camaraderie in Georgia right along with you two, even enjoying a bit of the hike by the pond!
  7. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy you guy's good times and travels! KEEP ON TRUCKIN’!
  8. Guess I may as well fess up here also! 73, with most of my hair, teeth and eyes but when my hair is not turning grey it's turning loose, so that's not so good!
  9. Well, well, the Funster and the Punster together at long last! Looks like everyone is having a grand old time sitting under the warmth of the monitor and flying around Orbx Hawaii! I envy you both for getting to do what several of us would like to do, travel the world and meet interesting people with the same likes as we have, hope you both enjoy the time together and Jack, don't let Martyn crash all of you flying stock! Martyn, hope you and your bro have a grand time on the remainder of your jaunt around the globe!
  10. Thanks Karl! Lookin’ forward to the fine shine & no problem on the first class but I do have a question! Does Hilda have a lap?
  11. Thanks Jack, I hope to get back and stay around for a while soon!
  12. Thank you John, it was all good for sure!
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