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  1. Oops! My bad, my age, my brain! I had just posted on his Sydney flight moments before, and my old mind is slow to change gears sometimes! Thanks Landon!
  2. Who would have thunk there were that many sides of Sydney, there have been many posts of Sydney and each time it’s something different and all are great and these shots are no different! Mighty fine indeed!
  3. Beautiful perspective and reflections Filou! I do believe the other reflection is the winglet, is it not?
  4. That shot is just like the Hurricane, firing on all cylinders!
  5. I can see why it would be your all time favorite scenery Landon! Great shot!
  6. Thanks for the comment John! Thank you Landon, I sort of liked the view also, just don't care for the window reflections on the right side, but alas...! Thanks Karl for the comment! Thank you Gumby for looking and commenting! As for that 3rd monitor, it would be more like 3 monitors, since the 2 that I have are pretty old and need replacing anyway! Now if you will email my other half and tell her that I need 3 36" curved HD monitors I would be eternally grateful to you! Thanks lain, not near as good as yours but I am learning!
  7. This is one of those “Mic Drop” shots Filou!
  8. Thunder’s just the noise boys, Lightning does the work! Cool, colorful collage Dave!
  9. A rarity for sure, an oldie but a goodie! Great shot of it, I have to say when I saw "Gannet" I first thought bird!
  10. Sir, you should be awarded a Citation for a picture that grand!
  11. Just trying out a dual monitor setup, now I wish I had that 3rd monitor!! Taking off from Quantum River PS01 for CYCD Nanaimo early morning flight, 116nm!
  12. Short on flight time but not on quality Landon, great shots!
  13. Thank you for the walking tour John, you have really shown off the Santa Barbara scenery in fine fashion, well done!
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