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  1. Many realistic looking shots in that group, very nice!
  2. Marvelous set of pics and I knew you had Jack with that yellow airplane!
  3. Beautiful colors, wispy clouds, water reflections and really nice office window view of it all!
  4. Excellent post Sir! Great float plane, great scenery location, excellent reflections, altogether a great post of pics!
  5. Grand test flight you did Jack, looks like the nose arrived about 30 seconds before the rest of the plane did at KSBA, long plane for sure!
  6. Nothing like lots of mountain snow to keep one on their toes, especially when flying in bad weather, but looks like you did a fine job of getting everyone there safe and sound and even the passengers had time for a quick pic out the windows, excellent job Jack!
  7. Thanks for the tour Karl, you and T-Bone do such a nice job of flying and snapping pictures you should be proud! Great job!
  8. Did you reach out and touch.....? Excellent capture, took longer to fire up the sim than to make that altitude huh!
  9. "Summertime and the living is easy" and so are the pics easy on the eye Jack, well done!
  10. Excellent humor Martyn, that was a good one for sure, I was concerned for your trouble and then, I busted out when I scrolled down!
  11. Those are some Cloud 9 shots right there Martyn, excellent set! Good luck on the rest of the installation Sir!
  12. Never crossed my mind Martyn, but now that bring it up, Thanks for the offer!
  13. Quite the shot you have there Martyn, good catch!
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