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  1. Well, well, another birthday come and gone, I missed the original post by Jack but luckily I caught it today, allow me to add my Best Wishes and Salutations to your special day Martyn although a few days late, Happy Birthday Sir!
  2. Well deserved win Sir, great composition, looks very lifelike!
  3. I haven't made the jump yet but these shots sure give me a reason to think hard about it, excellent work!
  4. Unique shots of some unique places, well done Sir!
  5. Yet another excellent post of fancy screenshots, great work!
  6. Very cool shots Richard, I really like that soft overlay on them, gives them a very warm look!
  7. I will volunteer to tell you how great that shot is but that is as far as it goes, don't go reading anymore into it than that, OK . I don't think my heart could stand the strain of a test flight in it!
  8. Two cool shots and that last one is a dam fine shot Richard!
  9. Hey Karl, that night vision better be more of a cloaking device to keep you out of sight! Was T-Bone hanging out the window doing the Royal wave? Good looking shots even if you have to spend the next few weeks in chains w/o heads!!!
  10. A grand set of shots from the land of beauty Jack, great work!
  11. On the ground and from the air it looks amazing from all angles and you have done it justice!
  12. You have captured the essence of CZST for sure Sir! Love those clouds too!
  13. Allow me to chime in with a hardy Happy Birthday also OND, hope it is a good one and lasts all year!
  14. WOW! Great screenshots from everyone! Mine for May, Larry R's Angelfish leaving CAC8 w/rain!
  15. I would just suggest that you check before you buy, we don't have Publix here, so I tried WalMart and several others that sell Visa and MC prepaid cards and no luck, maybe your bank could do something if Publix don't work out for you!
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