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  1. Learjet at KTEX

    Thanks for the nice comments.
  2. Learjet at KTEX

    Happy to see the release of the beta V4 airports.
  3. Project A

    Aerofly is an amazing performing sim.
  4. Thank you JV and the team

    What only the manual download was restricted?? Wow if I only knew that yesterday Manual download restriction would not be a problem for me.
  5. 50TB for 8000 users does not sound that bad. That is only about 6GB per user. Does not look like hoarding but more like testing the new V3 central. I installed a few sceneries when V3 came out. It was so easy and fast.
  6. But I deleted the old installers because the licences were transferred and I thought the files were useless now Or can we re-download at the flightsimstore?
  7. Won't people download backups now because of this restriction?
  8. Not happy about this. Transferred all my licences and now I have this restriction I hope it get's removed very soon.
  9. Yeah that was the map i was looking for thanks.
  10. A map feature seems to be missing now. To show the region coverage area and airport locations. https://fullterrain.com/locations Does not work anymore The faq says it will use the current map system but I cant find it on the orbxdirect site.
  11. Well done on the new site/store setup!

    I love it so easy now to install the scenery's. Good job ORBX.
  12. Open LC NA.

    The old product was called Orbx - FTX: Global openLC North America - Alaska/Canada http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=3507 Because Canada and Alaska are located in north america
  13. flightsim store website down?

    Downloading here at a pretty good speed.
  14. flightsim store website down?

    I hope they fix the servers soon. They must take a big load with this new release and the sale.
  15. My first screenshots Flying over PAHO

    Very nice shots. Love it when people stay in the cockpit