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  1. Excellent! The improvements to Southampton and Portsmouth are superb. There's an error at the Needles tho, there should be only one lighthouse, the one with the helipad. I can't wait to buy this! Bob
  2. Hi John, this is my list of non-default airports in Utah. Most, if not all of them should be from Orbx, many from the NA freeware packs: 36U Heber City Municipal Airport - Russ McDonald Field, Heber KBCE Bryce Canyon Airport, Bryce Canyon KBTF Skypark Airport, Bountiful KCDC Cedar City Regional Airport, Cedar City KCNY Canyonlands Field Airport, Moab KLGU Logan-Cache Airport, Logan KPVU Provo Municipal Airport, Provo KSGU St George Regional Airport, St George KTVY Bolinder Field-Tooele Valley Airport, Tooele KVEL Vernal Regional Airport, Vernal U42 South Valley Regional Airport, Salt Lake City U96 Cal Black Memorial Airport, Halls Crossing UT25 Monument Valley Airport, Monument Valley UT68 Caveman Ranch Airport, Moab
  3. I would definitely buy this, both for P3D and AFS2. In the past I have avoided photoreal for so many reasons (it was FLAT!!!), but it seems to me that the technology we are seeing in AFS2, X-Plane and in your Netherlands alpha shots is changing this. I would be very happy to pay to have Germany in LC and PR formats, so I can try various sorts of flights in both and find out exactly where each is best, whether shadows and so on will be a problem and so on. I would also like to have seasons, four if possible, but two would probably be OK. I do think it would be important to have an easy way to switch back and forth between them, though, presumably with FTX Central, without too much hassle (or AES problems). I don't think disk space matters at all, we just have to accept that data expands to fill the space available! Download times will be important to some people who may need an alternative for 120GB, but I don't know what that would be. Bob
  4. Understood, risk accepted, I just installed them all. As for feedback, I can give you mine right now: as long as they don't crash the sim, then go for it! I assume all problems will get sorted out in time through the normal update process and in the meantime I would rather have an airfield with no windsock than no airport at all. Looking forward to taking my Beaver to CAG8 and CAX6 (even if the pier is AWOL). Bob Millar
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