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  1. That's what I thought. Another question then for the ORBX developers. You've done such a good job with the color shading of the desert in the Southern California Region, I'm wondering if it might be possible to update the color shading of the US desert regions in OpenLC NA to better match that coloring? As it is now, the desert areas look almost "yellow" in color and are unrealistic, especially when compared to the color shading of SC Region. It's probably a lot more work than I'm imagining, but would really help the immersion level when flying over any terrain in OpenLC currently using that "yellow" color.
  2. While viewing some online maps of ORBX regions coverage (not ORBX official), I noticed a few that had a Southern Rockies region outlined along with the others I am familiar with. Was this just someone's wishful thinking or is there actually a Southern Rockies Region in the works? And while on the subject, are there any plans for a Desert Southwest Region which would include the Grand Canyon and all of the magnificent National Parks in Utah?
  3. Last week I flew into KFRG and everything was fine at the airport. This morning I decided to fly out of KFRG and when the sim loaded up, there were trees and buildings all over the place. The only change between last week and today was the update to Central v3 and I downloaded and installed the latest libs. Wondering what caused the airport to now look like this:
  4. Switching to all-new platforms is a big undertaking and loaded with inherent risk. The conversion process was completely painless, almost entirely automatic, everything went flawless and it was fast. Love the new look of both of the website and Central v3. Congratulations guys on a major improvement to your product functionality and service to the FS community!
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but this looks like it would be painful...
  6. Great light and angles from all these shots! Well done!
  7. Taken over OLC NA midwest and east coast. I purchased ASCA when it was on sale last weekend. After first two flights, went back to FEX. Thought the ASCA textures looked like a painting or from a cartoon or something like that. Decided to give it another go with several flights in different conditions and really started appreciating the variety of both high and low level clouds vs. static textures from FEX and REX. Actually seeing some pretty decent textures out of ASCA, though still not as good as FEX and REX. Sky colors in ASCA are bad IMO, so still using REX skies.
  8. Definitely looks like it. Check your scenery library. There should be 2 OLC NA scenery files.
  9. The airport location won't change, but frequencies, runway numbers, etc., could definitely be different. To fly an ILS approach is FS, you need the FS frequency, which may not match the current real-world frequency. I use a map service on my iPad and things match most of the time, but sometimes a frequency or runway number doesn't.
  10. I'm not sure how the devs pick the airports they do, but considering there are something like 44,000 airports in the world and 15,000 just in the U.S., I'm sure it can't be an easy selection process. I'm sure they look at unique/interesting locations and/or airport layout and characteristics in determining which ones to work on. Suggestions like your probably factor in as well. The huge number they have done already is pretty amazing.
  11. Greta pics, nice story and a wonderful touch of humor! Thanks!
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