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  1. Cheers, that solves the issue indeed. I think I turned it off because at Plymouth airport the runway is not usable due to this terrain contour setting. I tried to take off and land there a few weeks ago, it was a complete mess. You might want to fix that, if possible.
  2. Got another one to report. Same kind of coastal deformity just south of EGDA (RAF Brawdy) in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
  3. Good evening, I love steering the old 172 around Britain thanks to orbx's great scenery product. However, on tonight's flight I noticed an area that was "off". In the screenshot below you can see two bays just west of Predannack Airfield (EGLA) in Cornwall which are not displayed properly. These were the only issues I encountered on this one hour flight along the coast, so cheers to that! Since I will be flying low and slow around GB frequently, I'm looking to feed this thread with further posts about graphical issues that might cross my path. It would be great if the developers took notice of that and fixed it for the next update (however long that may be). Thanks in advance
  4. Hey, I downloaded it again and now it works. Installer is running ... Don't know what went wrong the first time, though. Thanks for the help, Ian. Have a nice day.
  5. Hey there, I bought EU Scotland just a few hours ago via Flight Sim Store and was already looking forward to spending the evening "up north". I left the PC well alone whilst it was downloading and extracting the 2,5 GB of data. Now this error keeps showing up when the .exe is trying to do its job: Is it a common problem? I have no idea what to do. Hope somebody can help me. Thanks a lot. Order number is: FSS0380988
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