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  1. Stefan, It appears as though you have fixed the bridges, added the remainder of the island, and added a few missing beaches . THANK YOU!!!
  2. If you run DX10, Make sure to click the Effects button on the DX10 fixer, and let it convert them to DX10. You should do this every time that you install additional scenery.
  3. That looks exactly like mine did. I do not know exactly what caused it, but I did manage to get everything looking normal again. I had to go nuclear on it. Good luck!
  4. I've been having problems with blurry textures ever since the FTX Central 3 migration. Things were taking forever to load and nothing was in focus until I got very close to it. I had only Base and Vector installed prior to the migration which happened on my system just before I installed my first FTX Region, SCA. I tried lowering sliders, deleting shaders, renaming fsx.cfg, deleted scenery indexes, refreshed the texture.cfg, removed REX, ASN, and GXE. I played with NI settings for hours. I reloaded Global Base, OpenLC NA, and Vector by uninstalling and re-installing. Nothing helped. I did not think it was an Orbx issue, but I was out of options so I went nuclear. The other day I uninstalled every FTX product via FTX Central. Then, I reinstalled everything starting with Base, and then Open LC NA, then Vector, then SCA, NCA, and PNW, followed by all of the freeware packages. Problem solved. Everything looks great. Sorry about clobbering your servers, Orbx. I've seen other have this problem as well. After re-installing, I notice that there was some photo scenery in the Providence, RI area where I didn't recall seeing it before. I was testing using the same flight for several days. It is just what I noticed to be different There is no Orbx photo scenery in the KPVD area, so it must be part of the default FSX scenery. At any rate, I hope this can help someone that knows what the installation of the Orbx products could affect in regard to photo scenery placement figure out what might have changed. It might help solve the next person's problem. I don't think any of my Orbx scenery was broken, but the re-installation seems to caused the problem to disappear.
  5. I'm using FreemeshX with Orbx and haven't seen any issues. FreemeshX doesn't do too much for North America, it brings the rest of the FSX world up to the same LOD level. Some parts of the world see dramatic changes (the Alps is one area that comes to mind). They are supppsed to be working on a higher LOD level NA as well.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Dan. Sorry you are having problems. I was just looking at your screen shots, and I don't think there is a 'problem' with how you software is installed. It looks to me like a simple settings issue causing the wrong elevations in your photos. The rest seems fine. Is that an accurate assessment? If so, I have 2 suggestions that I think you should try before doing anything else with the installation. Go into the FSX settings and look at your mesh slider settings. Make sure that mesh resolution is set to 5m or less. I'm not sure if the mesh complexity slider matters, but mine is set to 100%. If you have FTX Vector installed, run the Vector control panel app in FTX Central and run the elevation correction routine.
  7. Thank you, Stewart. I've got things looking good again. My FPS are also back to normal as well.
  8. I appreciate that. Now, if anyone can answer the question about the order of the entries for the region files, Custom, Mesh, CVX, and Scenery, I'll be good to go.
  9. Thank you for the replies, gentlemen... I'm still curious about the proper order within each product. For example, each region has entries for files with Custom, Mesh, CVX, and Scenery in the name. Does it matter which order those files are in relative to each other in the scenery library? Vector has files with _OBJ, _FixedAPT, _CVX, and _EXX in the file name. Do they need to be arranged in a specific order relative to each other? This is part of why I am asking... Do these screen shots look normal? Google Earth does show that this area is a bit strange looking, but I still don't think I'm seeing what I should be from an Orbx scenery perspective... I thought there was supposed to be a marina in the bottom shot somewhere. Thanks!
  10. I ran the new FTX Central 3 the other day and it alphabetized my scenery library order. Oddly enough, I didn't notice any issues other than the fact that my FPS dropped from 30 FPS (locked) to 12 FPS in the flight levels. At lower altitudes, everything seemed okay. I re-ordered the library using info I've found on here and the FPS issue has been resolved. I notice that there have been some changes in the scenery (for the better) as well. I've read so much about the library order, and not all of it agrees, so I'm still not 100% sure that I have it 100% 'perfect'. Can y'all take a look and let me know if this is correct? Specific questions: Are the vector entries in the correct order? (lowest priority to highest -> _OBJ, _FixedAPT, _CVX, _EXX) Are the OLC entries in the correct order and location? Within the regions, do I have them in the order correct? (lowest priority to highest -> Custom, Mesh, CVX, Scenery) KPDX Cityscape, Yosemite, and Devils Tower... Correct place, or move them? Orbxlibs - Should I have put it just below Addon Scenery? (and is THAT in the correct place?) Thank you!
  11. Add the ones you need manually. It is a royal pain in the butt, BUT I've done it numerous times. You can add any intersection or way point necessary to fly any procedure into any flight plan you want - using pretty much any flight planner. I get real flight plans from Flightaware, etc. on a regular basis. I use Rex Essentials to download them, and save them as FSX flight plans. If you use Rex to do this, you need to open up the plan that Essentials spits out with the FSX flight planner, and then save it to a new file to get a 'regular' FSX flight plan. It will be missing any fixes or way points that aren't in the default FSX database Once you have that, the general steps are Have the full, real flight plan handy - printed, or opened in Notepad Open the flight plan in the default FSX planner Compare the two, and use AIRNAV.com to get the lat / long of each of the missing way points Using the map on the default FSX flight planner Edit tab, zoom so that you can see the red line connecting the way points. Find the legs containing the missing way points, and drag the course line between the two existing way points a little bit. FSX will create a new way point, and it will appear in the flight plan as WP1, WP2, etc.. Don't worry about where they actually are, just get a new way point created in the proper order in the flight plan. Once you have all of the missing way points added, select each one in the plan one by one and use the Edit button to edit the lat/long using the coordinates you got from Airnav. It will not let you change the name. You'll do that manually later on. Save the flight plan. Open the (*.PLN) flight plan file in Notepad, and correct the names of each way point (change <ATCWaypoint id="WP1"> to <ATCWaypoint id="LIDAT"> for example). Remember that the flight plan is in XML, in which everything is saved in 'blocks'. You need to edit the entire block for each fix. I've pasted a sample below. You'll need to edit the id in 2 places (where LIDAT is in the example), you can also edit the way point type if you want (I generally leave them as Intersections). <ATCWaypoint id="LIDAT"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N37° 25' 48.66",W117° 16' 41.00",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ATCAirway>J92</ATCAirway> <ICAO> <ICAORegion>K2</ICAORegion> <ICAOIdent>LIDAT</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> After all of that, be sure to save the file (make sure Notepad doesn't add a .TXT to the file name, or FSX won't see it as a flight plan) The new fixes will show in the default FSX GPSs and will be in the proper places with the proper names. ATC will sometimes read them correctly as well. Good luck!
  12. Just wanted to report back. It is working fine NOW. Dave - you were correct, sir. It appears that although I ran AIFP and converted all of the flight plans, I apparently neglected to move the converted plans into the appropriate FSX folder. I was still running ALL of the original unconverted WoAI FS9 flight plans. Fortunately, I have over 100 airlines installed so there was always plenty of traffic around. I deleted them, and copied the converted ones to the folder. All is well... Silly question for the Orbx folks. I noticed that the NA Traffic Package is no longer present in the freeware downloads section. Are we getting an update? Or did you discontinue it?
  13. You're welcome. Thank you for looking at it. I used the term "bridges", but they are really just 2 small strips of terrain crossing Back River and Middle River. I boat in that area. That island used to be 2 smaller islands that were tied together with material dredged from the channels leading to Baltimore and points north from the Chesapeake Bay. If you look at the Google Earth image and compare it to the shape of the island in FSX, you can see that the FSX version (I assume that it's shape is determined by Vector) is a fairly accurate representation of the original land mass. It is clearly missing the man made portions, which constitute the bulk of the land mass.
  14. There are 2 very thin "land bridges" that shouldn't be there near Hart Miller Island in Maryland. Us boaters aren't very happy about that... Also, the island itself is missing most of it's land mass. It is a man made island, so you may have been using a very old photo when creating vector...
  15. I forgot to mention that I have used AIFP to convert all of the WoAI FS9 flight plans to FSX. Thanks anyway.
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