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  1. How? Is it just to go to the "Virus & Threat protecton" > "Exclusions" - "add or remove Exclusions" > Folder (ASF2 and everything related) ??
  2. IPACS, quote: "Here is a good shot showing off our 'first time seen in Aerofly FS2' 3D water, along with some onlookers admiring one of the manatee. Well not fully and not just yet. We only gave you a taste of what Aerofly FS 2 can do by adding it around Fort Jefferson." https://www.aerofly.com/community/index.php?media/253-manatee-jpg/
  3. As I mentioned earlier - I find that I am now using Aerofly FS2 Aerofly FS2.
  4. Ok. Thanks for reply. Thanks also to Orbx for their important contributions. Then I hope IPACS has the resources needed for further development.
  5. I now like Aerofly FS2 better and better - despite its shortcomings. Already now I see that I use it more than FSX and P3Dv4. That Orbx obviously bets on this simulator will give it a boost. Very exciting. I will probably buy all products Orbx will produce for Aerofly FS2. For me, for example, Aerofly FS2 airports from Orbx - for obvious reasons - are more relevant now, than for FSX / P3Dv4. And now it is highly desirable that other third-party developers throw their eyes on Aerofly FS2. Do you (JV) have any thoughts about why not experienced manufacturers like Carenado, Alabeo, Just Flight, etc., convert their products to Aerofly FS2? Is the customer base - preliminary - too small?
  6. Good point. IPACS has previously explained, quote: - "Firstly, the frame rate and the complexity of an aircraft aren't directly linked in Aerofly: there is the physics core (CPU) which will see increased load but there is still a lot of headroom for it, and there is the graphics engine which runs on the GPU. If we increase complexity that doesn't affect the frame rate primarily, cause the complexity is run on the CPU and not the graphics card. And to get around the performance hit on the CPU we have built a very good foundation for the physics core. I've already implemented a lot of aircraft systems in the last two years and I didn't experience any performance issues. Dont underestimate the aerofly engine, or rather your CPU power, when used efficiently."
  7. A general comment from John Venema regarding Netherlands True Earth performance: - "We have worked closely with IPACS to really optimise this release and the FPS even in Amsterdam and other large cities is off the charts! In some areas beta testers have reported over 270FPS!!"
  8. Really bad news. A partnership with Orbx where Tongass Fjords X are included in FTX Central - will likely boost sales and revenue for the copyright owners. Why not? I want to buy - but with FTX Central I have become accustomed to Plug and Play.
  9. Great. I'm looking forward to trueSky 4.2. And I really hope we get access to many Orbx products for FSW. Maybe already in 2018? FSW and Aerofly FS2 have now become my favorites!
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