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  1. Hi, How much free space is needed on the installation volume for this update? Thanks
  2. Hi is there any scenery FSX or X-plane for Dewey Moore Airstrip ? Thamks
  3. Hi, It's a Waco YMF-5 from alabeo That repaint is Castrol - Budweiser by B. Lechner. (available at flightsim.com) Regards
  4. Hi that screenshot is from KAVX Catalina Airport https://orbxdirect.com/product/kavx Cheers
  5. Hi You can look at this thread or search for Irelamd VFR by Daniel Florentin on Avsim Cheers
  6. Hi these are useful links if you want to install TF in P3Dv4 forum.mistymoorings avsim forums Orbx forum Cheers
  7. Hi that gap is filled by the beautyful Tongass Fjord by FSAddon a masterpiece scenery of Holger Sandmann Cheers
  8. Hi Kodiak Island is outside the boundary of Orbx SAK region. There is an enhanced version of that airport in the freeware FTX Global NA Airport pack Cheers
  9. Hi I'm almost satisfied with Switzerland Pro and many sceneries from Flylogic, DSF etc. In my opinion there are other european countries more in need of the Orbx treatment Regards
  10. Hi I'd like to know if I can attach here FTX EU GES User Guide.pdf I don't want to infringe the forim rules regards
  11. Hi as far as I krow the global base pack contains only textures , so the cause of your jumps and bumps should by found elsewhere Regards
  12. Hi have you migrated your licences from FSS to Orbxdirect? Then you can upgrade your products under FTX central 3 Please add an order number to your profile and signature Regards
  13. Hi for each product bought from orbxdirect there is a Transaction ID (something like 581effd11bd9a ) You can use those as order numbers Cheers
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