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  1. Hi I had to launch MSFS2020 and then close it again. After that Orbx Central detected MSFS2020 and I was able to update KTIW and install LOWZ and LOWW. Thanks for your kind help
  2. Hi I've reinstalled vers 4.1.23If I select Re-scan your computer It does find nothing and if I choose fix issues msfs2020 is not in the list I'd like to reinstall version 4.1.22 but don't have the installer
  3. Hi under C:\Users\Guido Mazzei\AppData\Roaming\Orbx I have a Backup folder with 133 GB of files Is it safe to delete all ? Thanks
  4. Hi I have the same problem of TomcatUK after updating Central from 4.1.22 to 4.1.23 MSFS2020 is no more detected I have opened a new thread in Orbx Central forum
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 2004 Simulator: MSFS 2020 premium deluxe Screenshot: Issue: After the authomatic update to version 4.1.23 Orbx central does not detect MSFS 2020 (acquired through MS Store) and installed in the default C: path With version 4.1.22 I have installed KBUR KORS KTIW KSBA LOWI central.log
  6. Hi Under Orbx Central 4.1.10 I have added to the wishlist all XP11 products (Orbx's and partners') that I don't own (2 US and 6 European) How can I access the wishlist under Orbx Central or Orbxdirect? Thanks
  7. Hi I'm installing the SD version and Orbx Central says that there are 60949 files to be extracted Regards
  8. Hi Check the temporary location also (Settings > downloader under Orbx Central) I received the same message. For me the temporary location was on another disk with less available space. Currently I have downloaded 38 GB (of 49,49) and the process is using 38 GB in the temporary and about 35 in the library) Regards
  9. Hi, In the Partners section of Central there are entries for //42, Gaya, Milviz and PilotPlus but //42's ones are only for FSX and P3D Cheers
  10. Hi in my system Orbx Central was automatically updated to 4.1.0 when I launched the old version (4.0.39) I didn't dornloaded manually the new version. Regards
  11. Hi after removing us-florida-sd-xp11.m.c4 from Temp/Orbx folder , installation started correctly
  12. Hi I'm trying to install TE Florida SD in the library (99 GB free before the installation) but receive the following message Error: The installation couldn't begin as Central couldn't read product data. Please try to install the product again. Please help me Thanks Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  13. Hi in this thread you can see which part of Oregon state is included in TE Washington That rectangular area at south is mostly Oregon
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