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  1. I only use the default and Orbx Mesh, besides the Freemesh X test try out detailed above, it's interesting to see how Mesh can cause errors like these.
  2. Many thanks Nick and Holger for the reply. Is the problem made difficult to pin down because that area is so close to the "join" border where the default and Orbx Region of Southern Alaska meet? So I may not need a 3rd party Mesh for this area, and I guess Orbx will release and update maybe? All the best Roger
  3. Thanks and oh dear, so Freemesh X is not gonna fix this, I will try this area in FSX-SE when I get the chance to reload it on to my PC to compare it, could this be a Prepar3D issue again I wonder? Does "Pilot's (payware) 2010 mesh" have any issue distance depending?
  4. Many thanks. It is only a small area, just my luck to come across it.. Some patches came with the full torrent download, they are installed above the Freemesh X regions in the scenery cfg, I think that's all I needed to do? Absolutely, I will delay any purchase, thanks for the heads up.
  5. Thanks Nick, I noticed as well that after running the Vector Elevation Correction tool, all airports were disabled, none required correction please will you confirm the link is the product you mention - I think this is the latest PILOT'S FSG - FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NEXT GENERATION FTX FSX P3D FSW from the SimMarket . Many thanks as always Nick for you speedy help.
  6. Hello Nick, I have download and installed Freemesh and ran the Auto Elevation in Vector just before the flight expecting all to be well, but the problem still exists. Turns out looking at the user guide and Google Earth kmz file that this area is just inside the border and is actually Orbx LC Southern Alaska Scenery. In the picture the elevation is correct in the areas which are not Orbx LC, you can see a clear line where the two sceneries join and the lake split between both as well. Set correctly in the native scenery and the Orbx LC Southern Alaska Scenery is errored at this point. As already mentioned, the elevation is ok further along this valley towards CYDB.
  7. Hello, No Mesh, ok so the Orbx LC, NA and SA sit on top of the native Prepar3d Mesh.. I've downloaded Freemesh as you suggested, thanks for that Nick and advising where to look for the coverage map.
  8. Thanks Nick, I will try that one. Please can you let me know, where does Orbx North America / Southern Alaska cover, this is 260 miles East of Anchorage.
  9. Hello, Whilst bush flying between CYXQ and CYDB for the first time, I came across these raised frozen lakes, just further on down the valley (East) the lakes are OK. Orbx North America, Southern Alaska P3Dv4.5 / Windows 10 Vector Auto Elevation was run just before flight, no other Add On scenery is on.
  10. Hi Cathy, I just did it, Orbx Central is very good, does everything for you, creates a zipped back up copy stored locally at a location of your choice, download once, use many.
  11. Thank you Gents for clarifying this, no more need to manually edit the text files and thank you Orbx for making it possible to easily store and keep backups in drives / folders other than the Prepar3D folder. A very happy customer.
  12. Hello, After a full (Client, Content, Scenery) reinstall of P3Dv4.5, does the "Verify Files" feature in Orbx Central (v4.0.33) do the "required tasks" outlined in Elaine's fantastic document. Many thanks.
  13. Finally an answer from Lockheed Martin They will have a fix in the next update. Many thanks for your help with this error, I though because I had Global Base, and Vactor, it was an Orbx issue, sorry about my confusion. We all make mistakes, the Darlek muttered when he got off a dustbin.
  14. Wow, thats some tall building hehe.. and a big well done Nick, perfect fault diagnosis thanks again. The link to the post on Lockheed's site is ----> Lockheed Martin Forum Post <---- P3D with with FSX-S version of dem1004.bgl P3D version of dem1004.bg - error same location
  15. Copy that one, thank you ever so much. So this problem area is not Orbx base? rather P3D - hence when I switched everything off the problem got worse. I think I understand. As always on the infrequent times I get issues you have once again solved the problem, very much appreciated. I will raise this issue with LM and advise them accordingly. At least I have opened an Imgure account now
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