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  1. Thanks very much guys for the kind comments. The Tiger Moth is extremely photogenic!
  2. Ant's stunning Tiger Moth at NZGS goes head to head with the vintage train. He's done a superb job upgrading the old freeware model and it's a joy to fly.
  3. Thanks very much guys for the kind comments. The QW787, FSLabs A320 and A2A are probably the only things stopping me from switching completely to XP11!
  4. Serendipity is a wonderful thing. In this case the stunning LIEO scenery purchased in the current ORBX sale and the release of the QW787-10. A perfect match.
  5. You're absolutely right Rodger - I can highly recommend it!
  6. Thanks very much everyone! I only wish the Lotus Albatross could be flown in XP11. To compensate for this I recently bought the JF Hawk for a bit of low flying around TEGB in XP11 but compared to the Albatross it was very, very disappointing.
  7. There's nothing quite like a quick blast around the NZ Southern Alps in the Lotus Albatross. The Albatross is one of my all-time favourite aircraft in flightsim - an absolute gem that is a joy to fly.
  8. Thanks Jack. I don't use IMGUR - I use the "choose files" option when I make a post.
  9. En route Cairns-Coolangatta in the magnificent QW B787. BTW can someone tell me how to get spaces between the screenshots?
  10. Thanks guys. I'm still waiting for a gate!
  11. Could be a long wait for a suitable gate......
  12. I wouldn't go that far Rodger! Pleased you enjoyed the pix. Thanks John. High praise coming from you! Always nice to get a pat on the back from you Jack! Yes JJJ, Opus is tops in my book and thank you for your comments.
  13. ORBX scenery, the FSLabs A320 and Opus weather make a great combination when it comes to flying around NZ in challenging wintry weather.
  14. Thanks mate - think I'll go ahead and get it. It would be nice to have the FSLabs A320 in XP11 but that's not going to happen anytime soon so FF should be a reasonably good alternative.
  15. Fantastic shot. What A320 are you using? I'm thinking of getting the Flight Factor one.
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