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  1. Thanks very much mate. The pinot noir I drank last night took away most of the pain!
  2. Thanks John and much appreciated. I'm celebrating it at Wanaka in the South Island of NZ - home of the major warbirds airshow Wings Over Wanaka which is staged every two years. Wanaka (NZWF) is also a great starting point for flights to Milford Sound and Fiordland.
  3. Wonderful shots OND. What weather/shader plugins do you have and what are the settings?
  4. Iain, I have Xvision and have just installed Ultraweather. Could you tell me what settings you have for both and is it necessary to turn off some of the shader settings in Xvision for Ultraweather to work correctly? Have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed with Ultraweather , especially given the US$35 price tag, but maybe I haven't got it set up properly yet. Much as I like XP11 one of the biggest disappointments are the default clouds which are even worse than P3D4. Where is REX Skyforce and Soft Clouds when you need them!
  5. Looks like Warwick Castle to me Adam!
  6. Absolutely stunning shots Iain - the best I think you have ever posted, which is saying something! The images are so sharp and the lighting superb. Could you share your settings with us in terms of xVision or whatever?
  7. Absolutely fabulous shots Mark. Where can we find your latest xVision preset?! Also, what cloud/weather settings do you use?
  8. There's a simple solution Doug. Switch to XP11 like I did - TEGB works like a charm there!
  9. Stick with it flyingleaf. Took me a little while to get my head around it after years of FSX and P3D but it's won me over. With ORBX True Earth scenery it's a game changer. As a RW recreational pilot I find the flight dynamics of most aircraft in XP11 so much more realistic.
  10. I must admit to becoming totally fixated on TEGB in XP11 and wonder whether I'll ever return to P3D4. It's such an immersive experience, especially when buzzing around in the SimCoders/JRollon SF260 which imho is probably the best GA aircraft I've flown in any flight simulator. The flight dynamics are in a class of their own and on a par with the best of A2A - if not better. These random shots taken in Scotland.
  11. Lovely shots Mark. Are those default clouds or another programme? Have to say I'm missing Rex Skyforce/Soft clouds in XP11 plus a decent weather programme like Opus.
  12. Many thanks for your help Mark - your latest preset is magnificent. Here's a shot taken over NZ in the Aerobask Panthera. A world apart from P3D4!
  13. Fantastic shots Mark. I have downloaded your new preset but forgive my ignorance - what is lua and how do I install it?
  14. Absolutely stunning Mark - well done! I've just got into XP11and True Earth and it's so much better than P3D4 with True Earth. The textures, lighting and overall realism are a world apart. A few questions: What Xvision settings, if any, are you using, are you using a weather programme and where can I obtain the Spitfire?
  15. Thanks very much everyone. Can't stop flying the fantastic 787.
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