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  1. Getting an early start in the still air over the Shetlands. TE GB North XP11.
  2. Going as far north as you can in Great Britain, you'll find landscapes that can take your breath away for their sheer beauty, mixed with weather that will test your GA flying skills to the limit. Welcome to the Shetland Islands.
  3. Having a bit of fun exploring this new X-Plane airport.
  4. Doing a few circuits in the 733 around EGFF.
  5. Thank you. The scenery makes it very difficult not to produce nice shots. You won't be disappointed.
  6. I'm finding this landscape more mesmerising the longer I spend in it.
  7. Hey Steve, the darkness is more due to atmosphere and cloud cover in the shots I think. I find xEnviro does darken the world a little, mind you I am still playing with settings so that may well be something I am or am not doing. When I turn all weather plugins off its very bright and vibrant. If you got GB South its consistent with that.
  8. Having some fun in various aircraft in, around and over GB Central. Weather produced by xEnviro plugin and default.
  9. I'm currently keeping an open mind. For me the marketing so far has been less than exciting. After the initial announcement it seems to have gone quiet. For a title that is releasing sometime between 4 to 8 weeks I would have expected some kind of ramp up to fire demand and excitement. The lack of it seems odd to me unless I have missed something. The screenshots I have seen were interesting and encouraging, but the latest I saw with buildings in the distance was underwhelming. If I was taking a new sim to an established audience, even if my intent was to bring in new comers, I would want to put my best foot forward. I'm simply not seeing that at this stage. I'm like many who have made a significant investment in FSX and now P3Dv3. I'm certainly keen to see what DTG produce and will get both for the 'new and shiny' aspect. Supporting their main sim with add-ons will be a wait and see affair, but it will need to be compelling given my current set-up and investment. I don't mind it being Steam based, but being able to contribute from a Freeware perspective is important to me, if that is locked out then I will struggle to be excited by the sim. I have never bought into the 64bit frenzy. Yes it has benefits but having run another 64 bit sim for awhile its certainly not a feature that made me go wow or had enough going for it to stop me going back to FSX. Roll on April and then 'later in the year'.
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