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  1. If you scroll down all games listed alphabetically including Microsoft Flight Simulator where it is written: “MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR” (XBOX ONE AND WINDOWS 10 PC). The next generation of our longest-running franchise, “Microsoft Flight Simulator,” is coming to Windows 10 with Xbox Game Pass in 2020, and coming to Xbox One at a later date. “Microsoft Flight Simulator” is specifically designed to celebrate flight simulation fans through a focus on the authenticity of flying and visually stunning environments. By revamping our tech, working in close collaboration with the community and pursuing the best partnerships across the industry, we intend to deliver the best-in-class flight simulation experience. https://news.microsoft.com/2019/06/09/xbox-showcases-60-anticipated-games-including-34-to-premiere-in-xbox-game-pass/ Regards Nigel
  2. Discussing this Microsoft Flight Simulation on another forum I am on one member had written that there will be about 2 petabytes of geographical data being used (what that actually works out as in layman's terms is beyond me)! One thing that I do suspect is that this simulation will be run by Microsoft which will only be accessible through X Box game Pass PC Games. Presently they have an offer on for those with PC's: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/xbox-game-pass-for-pc-price-games,news-30301.html However, with this new flight simulation I suspect very strongly that any-one wishing to use it will have to pay a monthly fee to Microsoft and fly on their servers. If this is going to be the case then where does that leave 3rd party developers? Would they have access to Microsoft coding in order to develop? If so what kind of remuneration could they expect from Microsoft for development of aircraft? My personal feeling is that this will be a 'closed shop' and Microsoft will continue to develop/improve what is essentially going to be a streaming simulation. As to the monthly prescriptions, then this could well rise to cover 'development costs of this flight simulation'. The normal charges are about £7.87 a month or thereabouts, over a year that comes to £94.44 without taking into account any price rises (just think how many Orbx Products you can buy for that) Admittedly you will also be able to access over 100 games on-line. At the moment they have a Beta price for August (see link below). For the hard-core simmer that may well be a small price to pay but for me...........I am more than happy to continue flying X_Plane 11 and Orbx Sceneries any day. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass/pc-games?xr=shellnav Equally, if you just happen to have problems with internet connections i.e. dropping out as mine does sometimes when flying on-line then it can become increasingly frustrating. Regards Nigel.
  3. What the hell are you doing to us John? Here am I extremely happy with TE UK for X Plane 11 and then you come along with this video that has literally blown me out of my chair!! Absolutely brilliant, no other words for it and just imagine flying VR in it. Flight simming just seems to get better. Regards Nigel.
  4. Ummmmm, Probably a mellow yellow with a few oil streaks here and there. Otherwise a brilliant aircraft and screenshot!! Regards Nigel.
  5. Great screen shots Mark, Orbx TE UK always looks so impressive when flying low and slow. Regards Nigel.
  6. Now that really made me laugh!! Regards Nigel.
  7. I can honestly say that yellow is my least favourite colour but on that 172 it is brilliant!! Great screenshots as well. Regards Nigel.
  8. Minding my own business when flying over the Pennines (though a bit low) and suddenly heard a thump, fire alarm activated then saw what caused it.......A bleedin' flock of birdies!! What I want to know is who put them in here???!!!! Come on....................own up!! Now how the hell am I supposed to get home? Regards Nigel
  9. But we are still in the EU so maybe Orbx is catering for all EU nationals!
  10. After flying around TE South with SP1 especially around Southampton you chaps at ORBX have done a fantastic job, the roads are so much better as are the houses, just love the brickwork. All these details have now made TE South an area to be flying in. Many thanks to John and his team. Regards Nigel.
  11. Well I finally purchased a new computer from Scan Computers and although I had considered going down the AMD route I finally settled for an i7-9700K (not overclocked) 32GB RAM with a RTX 2070 (again, not overclocked). With Orbx Sceneries installed (TE UK) the experience is absolutely brilliant compared to my old PC which was an i5. Though I am holding back on VR for the moment and will wait until much later to see if any new developments are forth-coming. Regards Nigel.
  12. OMG!! You guys at Orbx really have been busy. On looking through the additional scenery items that are coming I will have to start flying the helicopter more especially as fast food outlets are on the list!! After having flown in TE North the roads are so much better and really looking forward to the SP1 update for TE South. Regards Nigel.
  13. Many thanks for the reply John. Just one further question regarding your 2019 Road Map, you had previously written that with FSX being 32 bit application True Earth UK could not be done in its' present format. I only run FSX for my classic aircraft and wondering if there are any plans for replacing EU England, Scotland and Wales to run something similar to that of True Earth in FSX? Regards Nigel.
  14. Excellent news for 2019 John and also very pleased to read that you will be making the roads darker for X Plane 11 update TE South. Will this also be done for TE Central? Regards Nigel.
  15. Just came through another flight sim forum I am on and thought I would advise you all. Flight Replicas have posted on their Facebook site this: https://en-gb.facebook.com/flightreplicas/ Not sure whether this has been posted before but thought you all should know as your details including money is at risk, the site to avoid is FS-Addons.com Regards Nigel.
  16. Many thanks jonFezza, that is good news. Regards Nigel.
  17. I wrote a bit earlier that after viewing Ian's final shots that I am thinking of buying XVision to enhance the graphics in X Plane however, with the update to 11.30 coming in I just wonder whether or not XVision will continue to work in its' present form. Think I might just hold off and see. Regards Nigel.
  18. This is looking very good, wonderful shots Ian, definitely going to have to buy XVision to enhance X Plane visually. Regards Nigel.
  19. Great news to know that Central will be on our desktops very soon and wonderful screenshots John. Regards Nigel.
  20. I am in the process of looking for a new computer for the New Year and looking at the RTX Graphic Cards, many thanks for pointing this out hopefully further news may come out in the near future so I can then decide. Regards Nigel.
  21. How true, before True Earth GB South came out I was using Orth4XP which, to be fair was very good to improve the flying experience however, the lower you flew the flatter the scenery became in parts. Ortho4XP Just East of Nottingham where True Earth South ceases and X Plane 11 default scenery starts. Looking forward to joining this up with Central!! What a difference Orbx has made to X Plane 11. Many thanks John and to the rest of the team. Regards Nigel.
  22. Interesting thread especially so for me as I am looking to buy a new computer and a computer that has to last as this will be my very last purchase. Previously I have always upgraded but now have come to the point whereby I just want a computer that will see me through for a number of years mainly running X Plane 11 or higher. Of course as new software is released such as flight simulators so is the need to upgrade certain areas to accommodate these changes but for me I just need something that will be future proof (if there is such a machine). Anyway back to the debate, I found this article which may be of interest but for me...........I am still unsure of which path to follow!! The conclusion is an interesting read but also are the comments further down.........which leaves me just as confused as ever!!! https://www.gamingscan.com/amd-ryzen-vs-intel-for-gaming/ Regards Nigel.
  23. Absolutely brilliant screenshots Filou, looking forward to this release especially as I have Barton already installed. Thanks for posting. Regards Nigel.
  24. Great screenshots and really looking forward to the release. Have many flights planned for around Lincolnshire and up to Yorkshire as well flying across the Pennines. Regards Nigel.
  25. Flaming heck John, you guys are really putting a lot of effort into this scenery. Really looking forward to the updates let alone TE Central. Regards Nigel.
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