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  1. John, I think 2030 is a bit optimistic. Especially if they decide to delve into scenery for MFS20.. But we still live in hope. Lance. Wish List: Perth, Darwin, Karatha, Geraldton, Mackay
  2. I am running FSX on a 2.8 Dual Core Nvidia GT710 and it is running very fine on the AUS v1, I am getting around 20 to 25 fps (this is my usual desired frame rate) at altitude and sometimes down to 6fps around the purchased airports (Brisbane, Melbourne etc). So maybe staying with the AUS v1 might be the only solution. Or, get AUS v2 and turn off/down some of the parameters. For me, it means it is time to upgrade my system and go to P3D. Or maybe wait for Microsoft FS20...
  3. I agree Jack, I am not a fan of remote play programs, and I certainly am not inclined to open a XBox account just to play a flight Sim. I currently use FSX (original) and am now considering the upgrade to either P3Dv4 or XP11 along with a new system, I also need to consider the ORBx items I have purchased over the years. Now with MSFS 2020 coming, I shall have to wait a bit longer before I decide on the Program I move to and also the system I will require. By the way Tiger, nice pics.
  4. I came to the same conclusion Brad. After Graham alluded to this matter in regards to his "AU AI package" being only for P3Dv4 only and he will no longer be doing FSX support, it seems as though FSX titles are being scaled back on ORBx. I have been running FSX SP2 on a Dual 2.8 for the last 9 years and have come to the realisation that if I wish to have more ORBx scenery, then I have to update my system and the flight sim as well. (I am reliably advised that all my previous FSX titles will easily transfer over to P3D?)
  5. You want Melbourne?? You have Melbourne, Essendon, Moorabbin and Avalon. I am flying into a 2006 Microsoft Perth, so I think Perth would be a priority over a revamped Melbourne. And how about Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin?? At least Sydney has the Fly Tampa version on offer. Their are 19 airports along the Eastern Seaboard and only 3 west of the NSW border. I think the rest of Australia deserves a little bit more love, it would make regional and transcontinental flying more enjoyable.
  6. MANY MANY Thanks for the update..... The wait has been long, but it looks like it will be worth it. Day one buy from me as well..
  7. Thanks John, I was just beginning to wonder about AUv2 as well and then I came across your update. I will be looking forward to the screenshots, and then the product. (hopefully YPPH is in there somewhere too )
  8. Nice set of pics. I like the 337. It will be nice when ORBx finally release the new version of Australia and hopefully YPPH. Then I shall attemp the Antonov An-225 Mriya landing.
  9. Ah, the old 8bit Flight Simulator. For me it was the Commodore 64Sublogic "Flight Simulator II".
  10. All this talk of HIGH DEFINITION that is being requested is leading me to rethink my need to follow the ever rising detail level. With a low end Dual Core system running FSX and going up to a i5 and possibly P3D this year, I feel even this higher system may not be good enough to run these newer products adequately. There seems to be decision to go for the higher level of detail requiring a higher level of computer system so maybe I may have to rethink whether I continue to support ORBx products and look for other lower detailed sceneries (and cheaper). My interest in FSX is as a flight simulator NOT a real earth simulator, and with ORBx discontinuing support for FSX in the near future, I may have to take a couple of months to reconcider my scenery direction for the future. It has been fun going along for the ride with ORBx/FTX and their superior sceneries, it has been a blast. Will have to see where I decide to go.
  11. Yeah, you are right Don. Maybe a week in Dunsborough instead of Bali. But the idea of a whole suite of software to install is not an enjoyable prospect. Oh well. the sacrifices we make..
  12. Cheers for that. Looks my wish for a holiday this year have just been shattered, a new computer it must be. And maybe a few drinks under a beach umbrella in my back yard instead of the glorious beaches of Kuta..
  13. With your comment that maintaining this package (and I assume other packages) is becoming too cumbersome for multiple platforms, would I be correct in saying that you are tending to shift your attention away from FSX (adding and updating less of the FSX packages) in favour of P3D.? I am just wondering if I should really start to consider the purchase of a new computer and switch over to P3D.. (not my preferred option) Cheers, Lance.
  14. Thanks for the quick response John and clearing that for me. I was considering a dedicated FSX computer with a boosted CPU, but all I have to do now is decide on a good CPU/GPU for a P3D computer that will fit my budget. I thought it was time to came into the present. I've put FS9 to bed a few years ago, maybe it is time I did the same with FSX. Regards, Lance.
  15. I am going through the exercise of purchasing a newer computer and going over to P3D. When I purchase P3D can I simply port my Payware FSX titles over or do I need to purchase P3D titles again?
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