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  1. Your library insertion point at the top is set to have your orbx scenery at the top of your library which is the cause of your issue. Try placing it way down below your bottom most airport addon.
  2. Check your ORBX Library insertion points. It's a VERY common step that people forget to set.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, but that's the ADE file. I'm looking for the object file for KNOW to remove the static aircraft.
  4. I'm trying to edit the KNOW airport to add proper parking for AI USCG helicopters but can't seem to find what object file that airport uses. Any ideas?
  5. Airport Design Editor is free and you can code your airlines to your hearts content! http://www.scruffyduck.org/airport-design-editor/4584106799
  6. That's just it, I'm not saying you remove anything. Simply adding the .OFF to the end of the entire filename like how ORBX does it. I've personally done it this way to many dozens of files in every version of P3d and Win10 and I've never had any issues such as those that you describe.
  7. It might be best to follow how ORBX does this and just add .OFF to the end of the BGL and not remove the .BGL extension itself (ADE_FTX_NZSI_objects.BGL.OFF instead of ADE_FTX_NZSI_objects.off). I have done this to dozens of files within my ORBX collection in all variations of P3d and Windows 10 with no ill effects.
  8. Use GSX to edit the parking space (Customize Airport Parking) that you want to use to fit the aircraft. It can be done with the sim running with no need to restart the sim once you have resized the spot.
  9. No, just disable the actual files. Just rename them by adding an .OFF to the end of the filename so that it's no longer a .BGL file.
  10. Mine works great with zero elevation issues, I have disabled the following files from FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SAK05_SCENERY\scenery ADE_FTX_SAK_PAJN.BGL, ADE_FTX_SAK_PAJN_CVX.bgl and FTX_SAK_objects_PAJN_PLC.bgl.
  11. Do you also have FTX SAK installed and if so did you disable the FTX SAK PAJN airport files?
  12. GSX doesn't change/modify or edit any third party files. When you edit parking or jetways etc it creates excludes that are stored and used from outside of the sim.
  13. I've seen simultaneous departures at KLAX and KATL and many other airports in the sim. They don't follow any kind rules though.
  14. They are there IRL but they are also very close to matching the other surfaces but also have the required markings and lines etc. In the sim, they show up as slabs of concrete with no taxilines or Runway numbers etc. What is odd as well is that I can 't find those apron slabsin ADE . Runway 33 at CYXU, P3d 4.3 on top and Google Earth on the bottom.
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