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  1. If by 'kids' you mean average age of 20-50 years old, then yes, that is the the demographic to blame. Anyone younger than that learned from an adult, who should know better... Yes there is an age group that thinks it is their god-given right to get stuff for free... It is between the ages of 2 and 100 years old. The attitude that software piracy is OK has to change in everyone, especially parents. I'm not trying stomp on your feet, Sean; just making a point that age doesn't have much to do with it. (I just had my grandad[84yrs] and my dad[65yrs] ask me how to DL movies free...I told them
  2. I'm at 23rd and falling... my cpu still has that 'new' smell, too...
  3. :'( Sincerest condolences for your loss, from my family to yours, take care Sue. Rick & family
  4. ...and no backplate. No thanks, my 470 heats my room quite well, thank you!
  5. Thanks, good read... Don't think I'll be upgrading anytime soon, but its always fun to stay on top of whats out there!
  6. Tugs towing log booms would be a great addition to PNW and PFJ!! I wish I had the skill and time to create some AI traffic!
  7. I think you would benefit from a new graphics card, but I wouldn't expect night and day performance improvements. I have a GTX470, and FSX only pushes it to 30% of its capability, so I'm sure a 450 would be plenty for your sim. Is there a program you can run to test the stress that FSX puts on your vid card?
  8. Amazing job, you should be proud! Have you found any PCI-E SSD's with Trim support?
  9. Wow, that is a beast of a machine Alain! I am jealous
  10. I have the H50 on my i875K, no overclock yet, and love the thing. Idles around 30c, maxes out at 50c.
  11. Yes, I'm sure the data would be very helpful in flight sims! Right now in Ontario, there is a company doing a very large survey (I believe for Natural Resources Canada) in which the main objective is to map the terrain and trees, including which trees, how many of what kind, etc. The scan also maps moisture levels, and any standing or flowing water. To think that the LiDar can pick out different species of trees and their moisture level is amazing, meanwhile doing a count on different trees and drawing in creeks at the same time! [all from an airplane travelling at 100+ knots.] That
  12. My office recieves survey magazines every couple weeks, and it does seem that LiDar will see a massive growth.... it has much potential, and the business should grow a lot in the near future. I've been doing a little research in the area myself, and the field is very interesting!
  13. That is good news to hear, Steve! As far as your question is concerned, and if I was in your shoes, I would imagine myself in 5 years time in each job. Would you rather be at your desk, putting the data together...looking out the window and wondering, "what if?...." [if you get a window!] Or would you rather be at your desk, [in the aircraft] looking out your window and wondering, "Oh my god, what if I had made the other decision?" Food for thought, good luck with your future endevours!
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