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  1. In the PDF user guide page 40 only has one line of text and then the rest of the page is blank and then pages 41 to 54 are completely blank. I tried opening the PDF in both Adobe and SumatraPDF Those blank pages seem to cover procedures which are pretty important!
  2. It's one of my favourite Orbx airfields and I would really like to see it in v5! Thanks.
  3. Dunno if you want completely removed airfields as well but EGTG Filton Airfield which was shut down in 2012 has been finally removed in v5. rip.
  4. Oh guess stuff installed via the Library method doesn't show in the sceneries.cfg but in add-ons.cfg because I definitely have dozens of Orbx products installed and working in sim! Also uploaded the add-ons.cfg. I dunno where scenery layering for add-ons happens, but I can see everything looks correct in the Scenery library. Orbx Airports and Regions beneath UK2000 Bristol as set in my insertation point all correct and openLC stuff under that. Everything else seems to work just fine, just the weird coastline around these small islets just to the north of Alderney... add-
  5. OK this is weird. The only non-Orbx scenery I have installed is UK2000 Bristol Airport which I very much doubted would cause problems but to make sure I disabled it and nope, problem still there. So that just left the Orbx scenery. I disabled everything apart from Alderney and the elevation was correct just like in stiletto2's screenshot. I then re-enabled everything one by one until I found the culprit: the Orbx EU England region. When I enable it I get the problem shown in my first post screenshots. I looked at my scenery layers and saw that for some reason there were two entries
  6. I'm having this weird issue where the elevation on Burhou is all messed up (The small island just to the north of Alderney) The coast of the island appears to be fine but the interior is at sea level which isn't the case in reality as seen in these photos I don't have any custom elevation meshes installed, just Orbx stuff and a few custom airports that are nowhere near this part of the world. Is this a problem at my end or with the product itself? Some pics of what I'm seeing: Or maybe its the coastline that's too steep? I'm not sure.
  7. I'm having exactly the same problems with EGHA Compton Abbas. Searched the forum and found this thread. All of my ORBX addons are installed via the XML method if available, including EGHA. I have the latest versions of Central (4.0.10) and Vector (1.6.3). I've ran the auto config but the problem persists and I searched for EGHA in the manual search boxes and EGHA does nto show up, nor are other Orbx addon airfields that have been installed via the XML Library method.
  8. I ran the diagnostic reporter and here's the id otff6d895472fead7d70585991da73c163
  9. I haven't flown around Wales in a while so decided to do so earlier today. None of the 3d point of interest models are loading for some reason. I tried disabling all my other custom scenery (none of which was affecting the Wales region, apart from maybe a mesh but I also disabled that and it's the same), I tried disabling all other Orbx scenery apart from the libs and Wales, but still the same. I tried reinstalling it, still the same. I did notice that there's a Service Pack 004 on the updates page, I have 003 installed (from the flightsimstore recent re-download) and FTX Central 2 doesn't say
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