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  1. Hi all, Just a quick query on the Orbx EGNT product page it says you need true earth england central or eu england. is it fine if you are using global base? regards, koen
  2. However if the contact is saying that some stands are changed then it is best to check after the change is completed. Cause by that time the charts should be updated.
  3. The docking systems on the sode VGDS version of ESSA dont match with the systems as described in chart 10-1P1 on the jeppesen provided by navigraph and on aerosoft LIDO AOI 2. could this be rectified as sode vgds does contain the right systems in the pack?
  4. Top one is west palm beach, Florida, USA. Bottom one is San Jose, California, USA. Credit goes to someone else who mentioned it initially. I was initially tricked in thinking it would be UK airports cause it was done by the UK team.
  5. Here in the NL maestro debit cards are very common and the Dutch banks have created their own online payment system that works wonders. It is a shame that I have to use a visa or MasterCard credit card which I don’t personally have access to. Having more payment options would open up to more customers.
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