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  1. I know nothing of this airport but it's resemblance to Lukla is amazing.
  2. I used to instruct there until a new CFI came and I got a "don't come Monday"!
  3. My first stumbling block is downloading such a package. Living in the 'burbs in the second largest city in Australia, it would take me the better part of 3-4 days continuous download to receive the files with my internet connection. So for now, I don't think I would be interested.
  4. I'm a merchant seaman of 38 years experience, and that is not a rogue wave. However, it is incredible that the aircraft made it through that spray.
  5. Shady looking pair of characters, that's for sure.
  6. Well, I'm really starting go off this whole process. I have found that the manual zip file method of install is very hit and miss. Yesterday it worked OK, today it redownloads the whole 8Gb file (LC Europe) again (after I downloaded a manual zip!). Since changing over to P3D4 I have spent literally days trying to redownload everything (I made the mistake of removing v3 and later found I had to reinstall v4). We all don't have high speed cable internet that can download this stuff in minutes. LC Europe for me took 6 hours alone to download (average download speed was in the region of 300kb/sec). The absence of a DVD option, or the former method used in the association with FSS is a real turn off. I can see less and less purchases in the future until alternative methods of distribution can be found.
  7. If I recall its full name is "perambulator" - pram is a shortened version.
  8. Wow, lucky you - I live in eastern Melbourne and boast a whopping 450kb/sec! And that is an increase from my previous ISP. Talk about state of the art in dear old Oz.
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