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  1. How about KLNP, Lonesome Pine Airport in Wise Va. Would be a nice starting or destination airport addition to the Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina area airports already completed and in the works. Also KSGJ St. Augistine Florida would be a nice addition in Florida but it might be a little much for a freeware.
  2. M34 Kentucky Dam State Park airport might be a good one for guys flying light GA aircraft .. single 4000 ft runway, a few buildings, sitting vey near the lakes, dam, small marina and a golfcouse.
  3. Neil, Thanks for the awesome job you did on KIOB! Now it looks like Mt.Sterling airport. I am very pleased with the work you did bringing this airport to life. I was not expecting it to be released this fast! Just in time for my birthday .. by the way that was the best birthday present I received! Many thanks, Shane
  4. Thank you Neil for considering KIOB and looking forward to KSME!
  5. I would like to see KIOB , Mt. Sterling, KY. A general aviation airport in east central Kentucky. 5000ft runway. I should be able to get access to airport for photos if needed.