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  1. I don't like that much photoreal scenery and prefer the way ORBX is making its region currently. So not that much interested by Germany photoreal or any other photoreal scenery. I might buy an ORBX photoreal region that I don't already own but considering I have already Germany North and South it's unlikely I will bought this product.
  2. Thanks you all for the reply. So I understand there is no official decision on the next region (if any) but a poll that propose Germany first and then Italy. So likelihood to be Italy but nothing official. Thanks again
  3. Hello. Sorry if I miss it but does orbx is working on a new region ? If so do we know which one or at least on which continent ? Region are my preferred orbx product by far.
  4. Thanks you for this fast, efficient and free upgrade. It is my first P3D ever going from FSX and it was super easy ! Great job.
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