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  1. Beautiful! Please tell Larry this is much appreciated and thank you Orbx, I would have paid for this!
  2. Thanks Scott, I'm not good enough with this yet, not enough time to learn so I have been using FILOU's and Renault's presets. Things are improving in our hobby at a seemingly exponential rate don't they?
  3. Well by the looks of these awesome shots I'd say it was very successful!
  4. These are beautiful Andreas, I know all too well lately about real life interrupting. Have more painting to do today
  5. That's exquisite Graeme! A real contest entry if I ever saw one.
  6. Where it all began, super nice night shots!
  7. Awesome Carlos! I haven't had a chance to upgrade it yet and I love doing what you just did, a nice little round-robin.
  8. Dang Adam, no matter what you touch it's always brilliant! That third shot is making me envious!
  9. Awesome flight Scott and a lovely yellow biplane. I really have to get back to exploring Germany.
  10. Well, they all look mighty fine to me fellas!
  11. These are excellent Scott! I love the way they painted the winglets like that.
  12. Nice ones Gerold but why is it a disaster? It looks fine to me.
  13. I like these Scott but I have to agree with Adam and the purple, at least how I see it on my monitor. But I'll be upgrading as soo as I am able. Can the new version use the presets from the previous version do you know? Thanks.
  14. Cool plane Ian, who's is it? Is it Carenado?
  15. Thanks Andreas, I bought it from X-Aviation.
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