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  1. Nicely done Herman but I have a question. Are you using a real-world air traffic control program? Or was this P3D's ATC that told you where to fly to avoid storms? I'm just curious. In my sim I do what I want since it's a sim.
  2. Good find but these seems counterintuitive to me
  3. Excellent Luminized shots Adam and I didn’t know A2A made it to the party, I wish there was some kind of announcement.
  4. Never heard of them but it’s a very nice shot Martyn!
  5. What a beautiful place this is. I would love hiking there.
  6. Beautiful scenery and a thumbs way way up for the color.
  7. Beautiful shots iain, I would love to visit Wales someday.
  8. Amazing Wain, every one a contest winner!
  9. Yes, they're granite where I live too. Why catch turtles, do you eat the poor things?
  10. Oh these are very nice Hek! I like them.
  11. Beautiful shots Bernd! I have always loved this particular British style of putting the engines in the wings so close to the wing root. It still looks futuristic!
  12. I never realized how large this lake was. Great shots.
  13. Great shots! I have the exact same error, 100% reproducible and even posted at Lockheed. Unfortunately no one there seems to care.
  14. What amazing scenery and a thrilling air show Phil, I loved seeing them all.
  15. Do people still live there now? I would love it as I grew up on an island and would love to go back.
  16. Excellent Herman, I always love to see approach shots from the cockpit. And what a wonderful plane this is too.
  17. It's nice Peter, and welcome. Have a look at the monthly screenshot contest, you can win a few Orbx. Can only vote if you enter.
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