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  1. Always a delightful area. So many fond memories of the FSX mission there.
  2. Cool plane and shot Martyn but funny name.
  3. Wain, go to LM’s site. The same thing happened to me a week ago. It was a new NVIDIA driver. I rolled it back and now it’s fine.
  4. I was asking in regards to the requirement of posting only Orbx stuff. With P3D and Global that isn’t a concern
  5. Very beautiful area. Is this like when they first started making airports for XP where you couldn't post outside the airport? Does Orbx plan on making a global base type scenery for MSFS?
  6. I have to say, Orbx is really at the top of their game lately. What delightful images.
  7. I'd say you landed in Salt Lake. KSLC?
  8. Cool OND, I love that little copter. I hope to fly one sometime next year.
  9. A planeicopter? Whatever it is, I like it!
  10. Beautiful shots John, what a nice looking sim.
  11. What a beautiful area Martyn, nice shots and I laughed out loud at your tagline!
  12. Cool shots Martyn, at least with a sim you can just turn it off and "fly" again another day.
  13. Looks fine Martyn, personally I always enjoy the haze. Love instruments.
  14. Thanks Doug. I just now looked in P3D V5's library. This is what I show. I have FTXAA_ORBXLIBS at the very top in the sim's Scenery Library list. It shows it's location as Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS I also have the Europe and N America ones too. However, as for Base, this is what I have: Orbx!OPENLC_zBASE With a lower case z.
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