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  1. These are absolutely fantastic Mikee, you've been busy.
  2. First I love the color of this plane, and Martyn, I see what you did there, a NICE pun!
  3. It looks excellent Martyn. If you loaded the preset and it said in installed then it's working.
  4. Epic FILOU! Please tell me where I can get this livery?
  5. Much appreciated Greg, I do too, how I would love to be able to fly a real one.
  6. Much appreciated Iain, sorry about my comments on your TEWA.
  7. Thanks Adam, it's pure scenic beauty, I'd love to go hiking there.
  8. Thanks John, they do look a bit menacing don't they?
  9. Thanks John! Renault found this, I never would have, it's a beautiful place.
  10. Beautiful Iain! This will be music to a lot of ears. You always take the best shots!
  11. Thanks Martyn, I don’t know how you do it but you were born to pun!
  12. Are they near the trees where they grow money?
  13. Again, hats off to @renault for telling me about this wonderful little helipad. The skies were dark, I have to fly without real weather from now on.
  14. I really can't see how anyone can improve on this. I think we've reached our long awaited zenith in our hobby.
  15. Unreal! That fifth one would make a perfect wallpaper, I'm SO stealing this!
  16. I like your little Cub TTM. Nice shot.
  17. Nice John, it almost looks a little like Alice Springs or down here with all the Georgia red clay.
  18. Nice, I'm hoping to have some quality time to do just this OND.
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