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  1. Getting closer to Key West. Here's five more, I still have a bunch left because I was so stunned by the quality of this scenery.
  2. Very nice flight John, I really love the third one.
  3. All fantastic shots, I love that NGXu.
  4. Fantastic set Ryan, love the yellow and that last shot it really cool.
  5. Amazing Jimmy, these are some fantastic shots. I really love how you can see through the water in the second to last one.
  6. That’s amazing Iain, how did you get such a large shot? Is it really dependent on the monitor?
  7. Thanks, they paid extra for the privilege
  8. They’re ok but I usually set it to daylight so people can see them. No offense.
  9. Nice Martyn and I too thought it was Oregon. Another thing I learned from your posts today.
  10. I miss this guy, he was awesome in this show and my favorite, Wild Wild West.
  11. They did, it was freeze dried so they ate it instead of drinking it
  12. Thanks John, I look forward to seeing more of the state.
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