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  1. Nice, but no MSFS for me till A2A has the four planes I use and PMDG has their entire catalog in it and 99% bug free. It’s simply not gonna happen till I’m satisfied with the planes. It looks nice, I like the Orbx screenshots and all but absolutely no desire for it right now. Let alone time for it. No offense John as I know you really like it.
  2. Oh, Zibo, it looks nice but I’m partial to PMDG.
  3. Thanks, interesting John but I’m really looking forward to Boeing jets.
  4. I'll believe it when I see A2A and PMDG in it. Until then I'm just waiting and watching. And a little unsettled by certain things if you catch my meaning.
  5. I love it, I respect a plane with winglets. Gosh, I remember when they were first installed, seems like ages ago.
  6. Iain you've captured the sheer joy of flying with these!
  7. Fantastic shots Adam. How "real" is this cockpit? Are the avionics working?
  8. More excellent shots Iain and John beat me to it, I was gonna ask if you knew when you'd be back again. Now I have that darned song stuck in my head
  9. What a beautiful set of very creative shots! I liked them all.
  10. Great shots OND and that last one is picture perfect.
  11. Beautiful shots but what about the um, landing?
  12. Amazing shots and again, the cockpit looks like a real photo. I'd get 2020 if they had my kinds of planes in it.
  13. Dang Iain, they keep getting better, tell me how this doesn't look like a photo!
  14. Looks good Pete. I don't know how "study level" this plane is in 2020 but when the FMS is properly set up with your V speeds it will tell you on-sceeen when to bring up the flaps. No wonder you got the "retard" aural warning, the plane thought it was in landing mode.
  15. Thanks for the kind words Pete. I love the Airbus, it's probably the most automated plane in the sky. It takes a little bit of rethinking when switching from a Boeing to an Airbus. For example, the autopilot. It has what's called alpha floor, which means that at too slow a speed the plane automatically advances the throttles to keep itself airborne. This can present quite a challenge when hand flying it. And the "retard" callout is for landing. When you hear it right over the threshold or slightly sooner it means to bring the throttles all the way back. This plane
  16. Thanks Karl. Warm here, looks like yet another year without a winter. I wish to the gods we'd get some snow as it's literally been years now.
  17. Thanks Roger. I tried a test yesterday at Orbx’s Lyon but got a P3D v5 NVIDIA crash
  18. Thanks Gerold. Shopping mall with a runway! I love it!
  19. Thanks John. I didn't know it was like that. Maybe someday.
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