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  1. Then it’s all good Rodger. You’re a good guy and remember, I want a physical autographed copy that I pay for. And if you need a publisher lemme know.
  2. The only plug in I use is the friction one.
  3. Gosh Rodger, triple X, that's pretty big my friend. I hope someday you can get down to a lower size. Best to ya Rodger.
  4. Excellent shots here, I especially like the water color.
  5. All I did was a Verify Files and ran xOrganizer then flew. This was a long test flight. Started out at KVUO. Changed course and flew over KCVO. Finally, landed at 77S. Some with ASXP on and some off. Average altitude was 5000 feet. Weather on. I don't what stadium this is but I like it!
  6. I saw your thread Rob, I don't think mine is as deep purple as your's though but it does seem interesting. Like I said above, I'm about to post 27 more where I flew all around Oregon in HD and they look fantastic. All I did was a "Verify Files" and ran it through xOrganizer.
  7. Not a [problem Pete, I consider you to be one of the preeminent experts on all things XP and especially color palettes and LUT's. I'm fixin' to post another 27, and they look much better. No purple either.
  8. Thanks @renault Pete. All I use is xVision with the Nordic preset modified with your radioactive trees edit. I use only ASXP for weather with no post processing, all my shots in both sims are straight “V” shots.
  9. Thanks Jimmy, these were before Oregon was even released. Just got around to posting. I keep a folder on my desktop of flights I “bank up” to post later.
  10. I see, I just post straight shots, don’t have time to process, but if I did as I usually do with my comics I use Affinity Photo for my iMac. I’m making a flight now over HD TE Oregon and it looks fantastic. Had real weather on but at 5400 feet it was solid clouds so I shut it off. But it looks fabulous!
  11. Thanks Jimmy, I did a “Verify Files” and am now flying over HD TE Oregon and it looks fantastic, crisp as can be.
  12. Thanks TTM, I haven't changed anything since yesterday. No Windows updates, no XP updates, no plane updates, no Orbx updates, same xVision preset, and ASXP running, all the exact same as yesterday. I'm baffled as all I did was turn of the PC and go to bed, got up and made this flight and now things are different. Wish I knew, XP is a strange duck.
  13. I dunno about the contrails TTM but the scenery looks much bette than mine now.
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