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  1. Dang John, I hope you get better soon my friend! And I always take the bad with the good. More bad than good for me
  2. Jack Sawyer

    4.4 full report

    WHAAAAAAAAAT????? Thanks John and I hope yer kiddin' me mate!
  3. Jack Sawyer

    San Francisco

    Beautiful, but no bridge?
  4. John, I LOVE the scenery, but please don't take this the wrong way, is there a way to reduce the jaggies on the plane?
  5. Jack Sawyer

    Nice and shiny

    Despite its age, it still looks modern.
  6. Jack Sawyer

    Stump Lifter

  7. Jack Sawyer

    one more...

    Talent Mr. Jan Kees, you got lots of it!
  8. Jack Sawyer

    Goose Bay geese

    Zinj! Now that is one beautiful shot! Man, you really know how to compose a perfect screen!
  9. Jack Sawyer

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    Incredible! If I didn't have so much money tied up in not only all of Orbx's P3D stuff, and if A2A and PMDG supported XP I'd go with it right now because of these shots. What's the next step? Something I wrote a short story a few years ago? I jokingly said we'd eventually have sims where we all pilot drones and use the video feed from it for a total immersive environment. This is close Mr. JV!
  10. Jack Sawyer

    4.4 full report

    All Orbx installed This flight uses the PMDG 747-8, AS4, REX TD HD for sky colors, PTA, UTL for traffic, ChasePlane, PFPX, and flew in real time. Followed all proper procedures including SID, STAR, and full CAT III autoland. Sorry for the dark ones as it was night. Hope ya'll can see them. Flew from Sydney, YSSY to Auckland, NZAA to start my New Zealand adventure. Verdict? Huge difference, smoother, faster, no stutters, just brilliant.
  11. Jack Sawyer

    Various, before PTA

    Thanks Rodger, maybe later tonight. Hopefully
  12. Jack Sawyer

    Short drive to Israel's Farm

    Thanks Rodger. These guys are at the top of their game and make it so enjoyable!
  13. Jack Sawyer

    Short drive to Israel's Farm

    That’s wicked cool!!
  14. Jack Sawyer

    One fine day somewhere over Australia

    Cool stuff!