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  1. Homecoming

    Wow! All wonderful Fulvio! I especially like the last one.
  2. Partly for Jack

    Thanks Stewart, I guess you got swept up In the moment! I liked them all.
  3. Sammy's challenge

    Thanks Sammy, but I might have to lose this challenge. I don't think it's feasible, I only do this stuff to test the limits of the sim and it really wouldn't work. And Adam's suggestion was brilliant too. Thanks Magic!
  4. part 2 zurich to milan

    More nice ones Stewart, I really liked the valley shots! And John and Martyn, I'm the same way, when does the meeting start?
  5. part 1 zurich to milan

    Well done Stewart over very familiar territory!
  6. Bonners ferry

    I loved the 7th from the bottom, in the valley the best Stewart, nice scenery!
  7. Whangarei Wake up Call

    Well done John! I loved them all. Buy and evil sprit? Not me! You were channeling your inner barnstormer from the 30's! I still have to try this, it's on my to do list next to my desk.
  8. Recon on the Kokoda Track

    Your shots and especially your stories are like some Indiana Jones adventure Tom. Well done with humor and great story telling.
  9. "Entente cordiale"

    I love these shots Fulvio. The BA livery is so regal, and that old 737, I used to work those JT8-D's, and man are they loud!
  10. PC-21 at Saanen LSGK

    Always cool shots magic, This place is on my to fly list after the UK tour.
  11. Middlebury State

    I agree Erik, a master at cold weather shots! I love that beautiful old plane.
  12. Guadalcanal to Port Moresby

    Really well done again Tom! That's interesting about the clouds, when I first found out about that as a kid I could not believe it. It's still hard to believe but amazing.
  13. Chester - Hold Tight

    Nice ones TTM, yes, it's is as you described but it's just as nice and quaint as any in the PNW, I really like it for the challenge too.
  14. Sammy's challenge

    Thanks Karl! Yup, I can be a Buffer Systems Navigation Specialist again! Now that might work Paul! Have no fear taking off was easy, landing, well, I had to go somewhere else.
  15. Sammy's challenge

    Thanks Bluebear! If I had a rotor head on it I could have a jet and chopper!