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  1. As far east as you can go.

    MacRobertson? Gotta go, have real world nonsense I have to attend to. May be on with my phone throughout the day. Cheers!
  2. Aloha

    Was a lot of work, but worth it.
  3. Dawn in the spring

    Beautiful time of day Stewart. Not sure if I'm comfortable with ENVTEX yet though, seems buggy.
  4. Approaching Ketchikan

    Excellent! This is my kind of flying weather.
  5. Orbx Can Be Fun With Heavy Metal Too

    I loved it, all good! I even flew the PMDG 777 from Atlanta to Savannah Georgia at something like 3000 feet just to fly a big jet but low. It was a blast.
  6. What .... more Randoms?

    All beautiful! I liked the balloon too.
  7. Aloha

    A couple of years ago I bought an old Mac SE, exact same specs I had in the 1980's and fully restored it. All new caps on the mobo, new HD and floppy, converted all the software in many steps, have all the original manuals I did before and software, and even used a chemical process of pure hydrogen peroxide and sunlight to whiten the case and keyboard and mouse. It's really cool and works perfectly.
  8. As far east as you can go.

    Ok, cool! Did they go inverted? Did they have a yellow livery?
  9. Aloha

    We did the same things! GMTA! Man, do I wish I had a time machine.
  10. Plymouth to Lyon

    1982 to 1985. Stationed at RAF Upper Heyford near Oxford. Wend to London almost every weekend when I wasn't out of the country on missions. Went to Glasgow, Scotland, Edinburgh castle, Greenock Scotland, (my heritage), and all over the UK. Even went to St. Andrews, what a trip! While I was there went to Germany, Turkey, Spain, France, and Greece. Loved every minute of it.
  11. As far east as you can go.

    Well, Martyn, first cool shots and especially your place names. I wish I could do that. How do you do that again? As for the historical significance? No idea but I'm keen to learn! One thing that strikes me is it has huge wings for the size of the fuselage. I'll hazard a guess, inverted maybe?
  12. Plymouth to Lyon

    I'm envious but glad for you Stewart. Charming place. Turn left where I live and who knows what may happen. I'm stuck here for so many reasons. Such is life.
  13. Test shots with Envtex, V4.1, REX

    This ^^^^^^^^! I'd like this look in PTA. I think ENVTEX is still in beta isn't it?
  14. Grenoble to schaffhausen

    I gotta admit Stewart, I'm VERY tempted to start using Adam's preset. It's amazing and the scenery has never looked so good, and clear in your shots.
  15. Aloha

    Great ones Paul! Where were you headed? I had to laugh when you mentioned SubLogic, holy smoke does that make me feel old. I had them all on floppies.