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  1. Thanks Jean Marc, but there’s absolutely no way I’ll ever go to 4.2. It’s caused more problems for several of my add ons, from what I read it’s a mess and LM knows it. It seems their patches cause more problems than they solve
  2. Swiss Bliss part 4

  3. Swiss Bliss part 4

    I only like cheddar
  4. Swiss Bliss part 4

    Not really, it was clever.
  5. Swiss Bliss part 4

    I see now, the master pun maker strikes again and I was too dumb to get it. It’s a great one Martyn!
  6. GES Lake Konstance

    Nice one Karl, I've been trying for a long time to find that lake!
  7. Another Shot of Bowerman

    Always good to see another perspective, and is that 007 in that plane?
  8. few

    Very nice Dolf, especially the first one!
  9. Albatross at Ganges

    Magnificent Paul, what a place and what a plane!
  10. Chester Connecticut to East Hampton, NY

    Another excellent set Adam but I'm curious why there's no aircraft shadow in the first four?
  11. Another one...

    This is beyond a simple screenshot, this is real art work! It's probably one of the finest screenshots I've ever seen.
  12. I agree, I for one would love the Piper with Accusim in P3D 4.1. I can dream can't I?
  13. Melbourne bimble

    I have no words!

    One of my favorites Roger, and because of parallax, when you look at it with the naked eye it blurs together, yet look slightly away and they resolve into 7 stars, really cool.
  15. Evening flight to Key West

    I know people who pronounce it oy-il.