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  1. Thanks Rob. I completely agree with your advice, head down and powder dry. Yes sir. I’ll be back eventually.
  2. Thank you kind sir. I really hope your situation isn't mirroring mine to the extent of what we're going through. Literal murderous threats to kill us isn't a lot of fun. I'm in the process of packing everything so my PC is now out of service. I look forward to someday flying a yellow jet upside down but it won't be till next year. Thanks and best regards, Jack
  3. Thanks Benny. I made a nice 737 flight from KATL to KSFO the other day. First time in months. It was to try to take my mind off the threats here where I live. It’s becoming intolerable since February.
  4. Thanks Graeme. We’re under a great deal of stress. We appreciate your prayers bigly.
  5. Thanks Adam. I have all of the above and if you guessed three letters then you know exactly what I mean. 43 days.
  6. Thanks, if you only knew. It’s not something I would do to someone. It’s in fact a felony terroristic threat.
  7. Hi Gerold. Thank you for the very kind words. I agree with you, the Orb screenshots from MSFS are nice but I have no desire to use it. Maybe someday when it's a more complete product. I think what holds me back is no PMDG or A2A planes for it yet. Take care. Jack
  8. Thanks Jose. If I told you what happened you wouldn't believe it. We now have protection. I have neither faith or hope. Sorry. Jack
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