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  1. I didn’t want to say anything because I was wondering if this was that ship that struck ground off of Italy. The Costa Concordia tragedy. I thought he must have photoshopped it there. I could be wrong.
  2. The GTN 750 will shot it, it’s a pretty cool piece of kit
  3. Nice shot John and as long as I have a GPS and an ILS, I’m happy in this weather.
  4. Cool shots Martyn! I like the long views in your camera.
  5. Nice old plane and nice scenery.
  6. Cool flight Ryan, I was at the airport in KPDX a few months ago and I must have seen fifty billion of these guys.
  7. Nice, very dramatic and thrilling.
  8. Stunners Mikee! All stunners.
  9. One of my favorite jets, cool shots Adam!
  10. Nice approach and landing Martyn, I flew this plane in the sim for a long time, it can be difficult.
  11. I love the shots and especially y’all’s comments! How did you do this?
  12. Thanks, and I was told they were selling tickets
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