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  1. Quite the professional looking shots, far better than I could ever hope to achieve.
  2. I see, I was just making a nice flight in Orbx’s California in it just now, landed ILS at KMRY.
  3. Looks nice Pete, just a touch of orange mellow smoothness.
  4. Sorry about the way I replied, things not going good here, didn’t mean to be offensive.
  5. Thanks. I didn’t know A2A had a 172 for P3D. Appreciate your links, I might have to buy the 172 just for this cool livery.
  6. Thanks, so this is for FSX as they don’t have a 172 for P3D. And what are the “usual” sites? I’m not a mind reader
  7. I never cease to be amazed by your shots Iain!
  8. Quite nice. If this is for A2A then I would love to have it, if I’m not allowed to have it then that’s ok too.
  9. Well, nice shots of Compton anyway.
  10. Holy cow Bug, amazing plane, it needs zero feet to take off. I like this too because it has tricycle gear.
  11. Thanks Gerold, yes sir, all straight V key, always. I never post process any of my images.
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