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  1. Nice ones Martyn! Got to go back to this beautiful country in the sim!
  2. Oh my gosh Martyn, you managed to do this perfectly! Very nice shots, and thank you for remembering that day that will live in infamy.
  3. Very cool, I love the first and third ones!
  4. I love that last shot! And I have to say, you sir are quite talented to do this. I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  5. Thanks Ian. I agree, pages of goodies. I haven't tried pushback yet. I still have to get the new OP Center to see all my liveries.
  6. Thanks Adam, I tried that with AS, but all I get is horrid colors, this one is almost the right one. It depends on weather too. I don't want to go back to ENVTEX but might go back to PTA. Dunno yet. The new NXGu is pretty cool, the cockpit is cleaner and crisper, there's a heck of a lot more FMC aircraft options.
  7. Thanks Martyn, I hope so, time permitting. But yes, I look forward to it.
  8. Thanks Karl. I need to really get back into my sim world, been too busy lately.
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