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  1. Thanks Gerold, actually it's my wife. The house is full of lighthouse paintings, photos, statues, and more. She really really really likes lighthouses.
  2. Nice ones Gerold. I like that lighthouse.
  3. Astonishing shots Iain! I so wish they had sophisticated planes in this new game. I’d be on it right away and then go broke buying all Orbx’s stuff for it.
  4. Sorry to read this Iain. I hope and pray you recover quickly.
  5. Thanks Nick. I never thought about testing it in V4, I'm going to try to do that today. Mitigated? But I don't use ENDIR or whatever it's called. It's not a huge deal, I have tons of other places to fly to in my simulated world.
  6. Well, I finally got a chance to create a ticket. I'm not optimistic this can be resolved but who knows.
  7. Thanks Nick. I’ll do this when I get back in.
  8. Hi Nick, I tried to create a support ticket there but since I bought it from Orbx Direct I don't have an order number so it won't allow me to submit one.
  9. Thanks Joe, I appreciate your help but if it looks good on your system I wonder what went wrong on my system.
  10. Thanks Brian. Trying to get support from them is impossible. No forum, just a ticket system which is less than useless. I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t say publicly what it is but I will be EXTREMELY careful of future purchases.
  11. Really no need to Brian as this is a new install.
  12. Thanks Brian, I used them but they messed up my shaders so badly I had to completely reinstall P3D. I don't use any shader programs now. I don't know if I use TrueSky or not so I'm not sure how a sky setting would affect scenery.
  13. Thanks Nick, I won't post my reasons right now. It would probably violate Orbx's policy.
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