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  1. Thanks Bernd. Yes, it seems like so long ago. I gotta hand it to these pilots, and it shows just how redundant these aircraft really are. I mean they have backups upon backups.
  2. Thanks Gerold, that was one of my favorites.
  3. Thanks Gumby, that's Fred Nerd from Comic Strip Factory, it's what I use to make comics.
  4. He had his engines running, must have been deliberately deployed.
  5. I just looked it up, the 320 has a RAT but can't find if a 319 does. Those things are amazing, they have to be put in cages when powered in test on the ground, they're loud as heck and could kill a person in a split second.
  6. Happy birthday JV! What a cool thing you've done, created Orbx and became successful, and this forum and who know what else you have up your sleeve. I hope you have a terrific birthday and thanks for all the cool things you've brought to life.
  7. Thanks Martyn. I was making a nice flight from Miami to St. Maarten the other day when at 35K feet the entire plane shut off. Well, I found out it was a known but VERY rare bug in their plane. So they told me to upgrade to the experiment version. In my post someone said I probably ran out of fuel. So I wanted to duplicate this to see if it was the same result. It wasn't. The first was a bug and the second one was different. I could still use the battery. I just wish Aerosoft had added a RAT (ram air turbine) to this plane. I worked this system on real jets, it's a propellor that drops down from the belly. But you know something? I don't know if the A319 has one! All the Boeings do though.
  8. Thanks Steve, even with UT2 I never really cared about schedules, that's too much work for me. I just like planes in the air and on the ground. I think if I tried to recreate real schedules it would take up what little time I have. I don't see how you manage as it must be a lot of work.
  9. Thanks John, I did this because I was trying to reproduce what happened to me the other day on a flight.
  10. Thanks Adam, very much appreciate your sentiment.
  11. Thanks Steve, I’ll have a look. If it’s a lot of work sometimes it’s off-putting for me.
  12. Nope, they offered me money to do it again but this time inverted.
  13. That must have been cool to see OND.
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