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  1. Thanks Karl, what is that quote from, it seems familiar.
  2. Thank you sir. I'm sure someone will make a preset or I'll try to figure it out...if I ever get the time.
  3. Oh, thanks. I can be dumb sometimes
  4. You can rotate a monitor? Won't everything be sideways?
  5. Larry's Angelfish, I love puttering around in this little boat. I still, after all this time can't believe this is freeware.
  6. Amazing shots! This is why I'll be having on to P3D, I love the TE look but definitely like seasons when desired.
  7. That's amazing, highly polished livery.
  8. I like them, I have xVision and I'm with TTM, I have no idea what half this stuff does
  9. These are excellent! I wish P3D and XP could magically combine.
  10. These are outstanding Martin, did you create a preset? I have the latest 2.5 installed today and also use ASXP and xVision.
  11. Well, I upgraded UWXP to 2.5 today, might roll it back. It caused two problems, first the one already seen, bluish clouds, and the veathervaning effect of planes on the ground despite the friction LUA script. But I have some good screenshots nonetheless. Flew the next leg of this southerly flight from Aberdeen to Dundee. With ASXP on I had some nice foggy haze. Nice details here but it gave me hot brakes I love the fog. Now this is different, look at the line in the sky. The skies got somewhat better in flight. I would love to live in that house on that hill! See the blue?
  12. Nice ones OND! I just upgraded UWXP today and now no longer haver a preset to use. Does Adam have one for version 2.5? If so where can I get it? Also, this version had brought back the "weathervaning" effect of plane son the ground, it's like they're on ice.
  13. Dang, I’ve been holding off upgrading this for your preset FILOU
  14. Many thanks and much appreciated Wayne!
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