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  1. Hi Don. Thanks, this has been ongoing for a while now. Severe pain, debilitating pain. I try to deal with it. I can’t find port anywhere in this state sadly.
  2. Thanks guys. Some merlot might help tonight
  3. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. It's been absolutely hands-down the worst ever. Martyn knows all the details. I don't want to share it. But I do consider your friendship and kindness to be considerate and touching. Thank you.
  4. These look too good to be true. I'll be there someday, I just hope my hardware can make it look this good.
  5. All valid points. However, I wonder if they’re making a mistake going to a gaming platform. It makes good business sense to do this for profit but I just can’t see the younger generation who live and breathe multiplayer shooting games enjoying something like a flight simulator. They may get bored, and if they do they may leave a bad review on Steam. I’ve seen great games on Steam go to the electronic graveyard because of bad reviews. Just my two cents, no offense intended to anyone reading. I plan on buying MSFS and Orbx’s stuff as soon as my planes are ready for it.
  6. No. Words. No...stinking...words! Except maybe amazing.
  7. These are freaking terrific! I especially love the inside the hangar shot, it makes me miss being in hangars working planes
  8. Good point OF. I do like the fact that my Orbx stuff is self contained and if I lost internet because of frequent thunderstorms I can still "fly" in my P3D 5.2 sim. Also, I just thought of this and is a little off topic. I've been saying for years that all the other companies should be like Orbx Direct which I love and look at what we have now. All or most of A2A's offerings, ChasePlane, and a bunch of others including non-Orbx scenery. Orbx Direct is a real piece of work and I'm glad I got to beta test it years ago. I can honestly say that after the terrible alpha test I was in MSFS has dramatically improved and seeing just now filou's latest posts I'm simply amazed. How I wish I had my favorite planes in it. That day will come and then I'll be all in with MSFS and all Orbx has to offer because, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, Orbx in my opinion has the best scenery and airports. I have maybe a dozen non-Orbx airports like KATL (being from here and working there), it looks ok but everything if flat. If Orbx did a MSFS KATL I'd buy it today regardless of my fave planes not being in it!
  9. Quite nice Iain! Southern California?
  10. Very red John, they're nice, reminds me of Mars
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