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  1. I want to tell you the real thing, I am afraid, my girlfriend as Covid 19, one of my dog is sick???? We did separate the house in 2 parts, not easy. I am not sure if animal can have it? In Canada the province of Quebec is the worse like big time. We have more case in my province then the rest of Canada, something is wrong here. I also have my 80 yo mom here, since I have a camper she live in it. She is strong but shy cry a lot.... it is a small camper. So yesterday my Orbx friend I had to many beers, sorry for all that. Love you all Stay safe.
  2. I join here about 10 years ago... my fun is to make video about Orbx product, just for fun. About 1/4 of Orbx product page have one of my video on it. I so love it even if the video section is nothing compare to the screenshot one. I was so feeling good when my Vid ended up on their page... but lately nothing? When I buy an Orbx product I like to see a video, picture are not enough Video maker are all out lately.... very sad Anyway I am sick with the Covid but not to bad.... Ben from Canada
  3. Thanks all, when Orbx put out good stuff I jump on it...
  4. Free and easy to use, basic and not pro but it does a lot of basic job. And it as been free for ever. http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php
  5. Hey my friend, I spent the day in the field, like each year but this year is different. My province of Canada is the worse one with Covid 19 case. My region is the second one apart from the city of Montreal. So was was really cautious lately because we need to be in the field. It was a nice day so I thought I should share it. It's not my job, just helping my best friend and neighbor since the past 9 years or so. For free of course. Ben
  6. No Ken, YOU must have spent months doing that scenery? It's AMAZING for so many reasons. My only goal was to reach you with that video, just to say a big thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I did I am so happy that you like it..... WOW A lot of love from Canada Cheers, Ben
  7. Thanks, just having a blast in this lovely area of the world
  8. I have no words how to describe this one, it's perfect in a perfect location Enjoy, Ben
  9. A little tribute to Larry Robinson free stuff Ben
  10. Those videos show RAM at over 16 sometime, CPU at 5200.
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