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  1. I can you fly with only a mouse and keyboard, I have tried but crash all the time
  2. I own most Milviz product and a few Old Prop including Chase Plane, when you like to do movie like I do Chase Plane is a must. That said I am not ready to migrate Chase Plane because I don't want to loose all my setting By the way Milviz is based here where I live , Montreal Canada
  3. No mistake Ben, i was just reporting.... Cool thing, I have no problem with that... I was just wondering
  4. This was NOT my question... I am just wondering why ORBX are joining other companies, not that I am not happy about it at all.. I just wonder why? This is something we have never seen since the beginning. I didn't talk about downloading stuff, why you 2 are talking about that???? And again the link is wrong on my side. Cheers, Ben
  5. Just wondering why ORBX is now joining other companies? Just curious. A;also, in the e-mail I have just received ( see image), if I clik on buy now, it bring me to EGJA Alderney Airport product page???? Ben
  6. Is that your rig... wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Nick, your ORBX product is NOT UP TO DATE
  8. Speed.. speed.. speed, no, over-speed, no, stall stall stall? Nah nothing like that
  9. That I don't get ? All I see is we can remove windmill and other stuff Ben
  10. HA ha, thanks, ORBX need to Pay me now 7$
  11. I have looked a this one again tonight, best video I have seen in years. But look at the comments you have... Not much, Video don't talk as much as screenshot, sadly. The one that did this video is a genius. Again very well done. Until I do mine
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