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  1. No my I5 8600K is the best bang for the buck
  2. Benny

    TE-UK P3D over Bristol

    Nice and smooth Ben
  3. Benny

    Heathrow ops vol 1

    second shot is a winner!!!! Ben
  4. You just bought the most beautiful product that ORBX as I never get tired of it for so many reason, both in AF2 and P3D Ben
  5. PNW would be sublime. The real advantage of AF2 is you DON'T need the latest rig to use it. My old 2600K was doing FINE everywhere. Ben
  6. It's because of YOU that I got interested in FS2 Project A
  7. Like the rest of ORBX stuff, flawless.
  8. 11 hours of discovering GBS, wow I saw some superb thing. 82 take... 1 hour of recording in 4 min Enjoy, Ben
  9. https://oldprop.com/sim/precipitfx/ Ben
  10. I have 16 of RAM and I never saw anything over 8??? CPU is the one working hard in my case Ben
  11. ???? I'm so curious about other countries, I often use Google map and go visit places that I may never be able to go. I have been to England only once and it was 15 years ago and only in London, now that I have family in Halifax (Yorkshire) I can't wait to go visit. And wait till I finish my... ratter complex movie about TE GB S... you may change your mind So far I can remember, TE GB S is the product I have passed the most hours. Blame it on our pretty boring and crazy winter. Ben
  12. Benny

    TE GB S 4

    Didn't see that at all, I had an engine failure so we where badly busy