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  1. Next North American Region

    Welcome!!!! I personally think that NA had enough attention... Ben
  2. Project A

    Well said... Like you said, the AF2 engine is a miracle. It's modern and powerful.
  3. LDPL My Final Shots.

    Thanks Ben
  4. LDPL My Final Shots.

    What about LEBB Bilbao Nick??? It says V4 ready Ben
  5. LDPL My Final Shots.

    Hi and thanks Lain, but this is confusing, you said taken in V4 but the product page says V3 and not V4???? Ben
  6. Rocks .....

    Wow, where? thanks
  7. GES/GEN: looking for variety

    You have a good rig Micheal... I want to spend money today, the new Aerosoft CRJ + either GES or Bilbao... But again I'm afraid to see 10 FPS... Ben
  8. Just an Idea

    Hey hey, I like this one Ben
  9. Military Discount

    What about a discount for me only, no reason, a ""Ben"" discount
  10. Too much ORBX?

    My son just got married to a lady from the north of England (Yorkshire)... she was reading this with me and said.. Ben, they are better off inside when it's rain, and it's always raining
  11. GES/GEN: looking for variety

    Alaska & Norway also I didn't buy GEN and I'm wondering about GES... I have heard that it'S not so easy on FPS. Ben
  12. Too much ORBX?

    Well too much computer is not good for anyone My rig as been sleeping lately and will wake up soon, hey, when your Canadian you try to be outside as much as you can when it's nice. Ben
  13. Next region

    That, Ben
  14. Survived Hurricane Maria

    Terrible..... good luck!!!!!!!!!!! Ben
  15. CRJ at Vancouver

    Thanks Paul Ben