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  1. GNS 430 showed in the picture
  2. It still says in development ????
  3. Thanks... appreciated , your are all nice gentlemen, it make me feel good
  4. Thank you very much, this is my personal best, I feel
  5. It's my way of saying a big thanks
  6. yep no video here yet, but It will come tomorrow, I love that one and worked very hard on it, 5 hours. But I can't upload it from home. So this is a teaser about the new Bilbao Stay tune Ben
  7. Benny


    I am so in love, I have spent 5 hours tonight making a video... wow I am amazed about this scenery, i cant upload from home. Video section in the morning Ben
  8. Benny


    Bilbao, or the new Bilbao is out of this world, best thing to come out from ORBX lately, love it
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