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  1. Orbx you should really do that part of the world... hi hi hi. Yes others did it but we need your attention of detail on this one I hope I am not boring you with my videos? Benny
  2. In those difficult time we live in, this video made me smile. Just a great story. I hope you like it Ben
  3. some love from Canada..... hi hi hi
  4. Love you Carlos my virtual friend from Costa Rica, hey, want to exchange you winter for mine, ha ha ha ha
  5. I'm really NOT enjoying MSFS so far, because I DON'T have Give me all your internet speed for a day, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ben
  6. I have never use those easily, so I guess I can post those 2 pictures, 2 easy step
  7. I don't get the Imgur problem, for me it's like before???? Voila
  8. Test by me if you don't mind Jack
  9. I my world, I just can have and afford MSFS 2020... So I hope that a few thing will be available foe P#D 4.5
  10. Thanks ED, I liked you since a long time, I hope you are doing well.. I kind of miss the exchange that we all had 5 years ago...
  11. I wonder who own Orbx now, maybe I have missed something, I for sure miss JV telling us to less cry baby It feel just a bit different with Orbx new partners.. don't get me wrong it's great but just feel different. It's nice to know who is the captain of the ship Not so long ago JV and the team had posted a group picture of them all, I was like WOW those a faces on name... This I what I meant. I miss the pilot lounge. Thanks gentlemen Ben
  12. The guys, the friends... JV the owner, all the great guys behind that great family? Are the Orbx team getting dislocated? Just wondering? I have been here for so many years like so many others. I Love so many great poster here, Snipper... and all the others? You can delete my post if you want.. I'm i the only one that think that it will never be the same here. I did so many Video hopping that they would end up on Orbx page, sometime they did and I felt GREAT, felling that in a way I was part of the team. Did Orbx grow up that much that the family side of it is gone. Best regard
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