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  1. EXTREME FLIGHT - B737-200 Combi Gravel Strip Operation I hope you like it... with a feel of our French accent
  2. Like last time ORBX post some great stuff on FB before they do here... this is a great video, they at least should post here also Ben
  3. You may like this one also, at the beginning you can see how I remember how this plane was looking when I did my PPL
  4. Hey guys, this airport is where I took my PPL and commercial, this DC3 as been there since I can't remember, it was white. We also worked a bit when I tool my mechanic license MANY years ago. The Buffalo Airways guys finally save the bird. WOW There is many videos but that is the first flight, you will sees a few french Canadian accent in there Hope you like it Ben
  5. Very nice shot, I just realize that I oly use winter for the only time I have used this scenery Ben
  6. 5 small crash in Quebec province lately, something is going bad.... https://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec/breaking-sq-believes-it-has-located-savoura-ceos-helicopter
  7. ORBX is a company, company are there to make money! They make money with Xplane users with stuff that already for the most part exist for P3D-FSX. Simple as that and good for Xplane fan. They would do the same for Aerofly FS2 if AF2 as more fan. But sadly it's not the case. ORBX have a lot of nice product, to the OP, maybe you can buy or use some of them? For me it's our short summer.. I like to play outside so I don't use my sim pit much
  8. One video that I did already 5 years ago change my life, It was about Palm Spring KPSP, I made Jarrad happy wile he was waiting in a airport. I said I must be not to bad
  9. Sorry guys, but as strange as it sound, and even if it was just a movie, when it came out, the original one, I was finishing my PPL. So it's a lot of good memories for me. I will go see it anyway
  10. Ha Ha ha, Mostly earned with my OBBX video, I just looked at Youtube and found my first ever... hi hi. 2013 Ben
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