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  1. Hi, most ORBX stuff will run fine, the powerful and trusted I 2600-2700K where beast and still good today. The 2600K may struggle with a few demanding scenery , as an example, city scene Gold Coast was hard on my 2600K even at 4,4ghz. If you ever want to upgrade on a budget check my today's spec. Very happy so far. Not everyone can afford an I9 and a 2080. Ben
  2. Good point... a lot of third party addon could be affected by this. I feel like no one can't really compete with a giant like Microsoft. I have been looking at all those video and I have never seen something like that. The closest as to be ORBX TE. Also some magic scenery that AF2 as like NY city and Switzerland that are awesome, but it look like Microsoft found a ways to create the whole world in a supreme quality. New Technology for sure and it will shake the flight simulator world.
  3. Well, me it's a small 7mbs and 1 upload and I am lucky to have that where I live (rural)
  4. Read that carefully my friends, it's the way I think about dogs and even cats sometime.
  5. Yes Sultan is 120 pounds but he is a gentle giant that love snow. Thanks for your kind words for Maya... it's really hard on me Ben
  6. Well, interesting thread, since a month, and now it's getting worse, my best friend, my female Golden as been sick, they are not sure of what because I don't have the money to past more expensive exam. Maya was not a good flight sim dog she was always putting toys on my keyboard... messing everything up, play play play And I have 3 dogs.. and they all bug me when I go on my sim rig = boring time for them. To be honest I don't feel like doing any hobby since a wile including simming because she doesn't follow me anymore downstairs. I still hop thing will get better. Ben
  7. My god I had forgot those!!!!!!! with a little COX engine Great story Ken Yes, since I do something in between, FPV (First Person View) with my RC airplane or drone it's almost like the real thing, our Glasses have motion detection so we van orient the camera in the RC plane the way we want This is not me but a good feel of the fun we are having flying FPV
  8. Thanks. Well done. I was 10yo when a neighbor help me built my first RC plane, a 50in trainer.. At that time I had no money for the engine and the Radio Control unit. That plane was in my room ceiling for almost 5 years when I was finally able to buy the rest, I had no way to reach an RC club... There was an big empty field not far from my home.. I have learned to fly alone, It took me the whole summer to learn with a few crash and repair. The first landing was inspiring., at 18 I had a small car and joined an RC club and became an instructor the same years. At 22 I took my PPL. I don't fly much today the real one but still fly RC plane Bellow is an old picture that I found lately, I was probably around 25yo. I helped a university team fly their plane in a Canadian contest, the purpose was to be able to carry the most weight, they came second I am the one with the light green hat
  9. Well I am gonna wait, sadly, unless someone at ORBX promise me that ORBX Central problem are ALL fixed
  10. WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes the R22 is quite something
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