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  1. Interesting where we all come from... we can't forget, this video is well done Ben
  2. Ok that was fun but it's nothing very clear and precise... at all. Just a little film that can have been made by a very big producer. Enve Microsoft can't make the whole world like we have seen is this video, not now For now we have what we have and most of us are very happy with that. The rest is just speculation.
  3. I like what Jack did and did the same, 1 struck me and the other was just ok. The detail on the first one especially the car in the parking lot on the right On this one if I am right the river on the right is soso.
  4. Take care of yourself...
  5. Very nice pictures. I was told here that all AU airport would need to be upgraded for V2? Look fine to me Ben
  6. If it's real, it's the end of a lot of addon companies... This sim as everything we always dreamed of. I can't wait for ORBX comments on this one
  7. Ok guys and friends we are ALLLLLL ok, i just told that to my girlfriend and she said.... I am calling Microsoft and it's a BIG NONO
  8. What is happening???????????? That is to much for my heart, I will faint.
  9. Hi, Nick told me that all AU Airport where compatible (and YES, to uninstall AU V1) but from the release announcement it says: We are currently updating all our AU airports to be compatible with Australia v2's higher definition mesh. Please keep an eye out on the release announcement post or our Facebook page for further information on these updates.
  10. I do a lot of video on ORBX for fun... and I just did watch it for a second time. It's REALLY well done, nice creativity, again bravo. Ben
  11. Hang on, yes I come here every morning instead of reading bad news, it is a good medicine
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