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  1. Well it's getting bad here also and my province (Quebec) is the worse one https://ici.radio-canada.ca/info/2020/coronavirus-covid-19-pandemie-cas-carte-maladie-symptomes-propagation/ Everything is closed here except for the obvious basic need, border are also closed. Now the worse is all those Snowbird (people that go in Florida for the winter) are coming back up. We are the second biggest country in the world size but with the less people in it (about 36 millions), by that I mean that in general we don't live close to another. Just south of me is the NY state. Scary time.
  2. This is pretty good marketing, this is my first A2A and won't be the last. Ben
  3. I also have it, great so far, if I can find the way to get those wheel up
  4. I had a thought about you, good that you are doing fine for now, take care Maurizio
  5. Well it look like Florida folks don't get it, it just came out https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8119647/Shocking-images-crowds-sand-Clearwater-Beach-Florida-ignoring-coronavirus-warnings.html Ben
  6. Since this pilot is French Canadian the movie done on him and this flight was done in French... Canadian it is But Robert Piché commented positively on the movie and helped in the making of this one. This is an interesting 10 minute before the landing taken from the movie (mostly in English)
  7. Canada it is. First the Gimli flight And Paul Piché over the Açores All that because of bad fuel calculation
  8. Thanks Larry, I had a similar problem in Gold Coast airport, this morning I say to myself let's go elsewhere to see and a similar problem did occur. So finally it's unrelated to the Ferry location. I have just change my GPU (1060 6g) for a 1070 8G TI, I friend made me a killer deal because he doesn't use it no more. But I don't think it's the GPU. Look like it's my CPU that is lagging once in a wile (monitoring both + memory usage), but don't worry it's only once in a wile and also wile Bandicam is in use (filming). And most slider to the right Even if your product are free... I am still having a blast doing a video on those great addon. Cheers, Ben
  9. It's a blast and I am having so much fun... The only little thing is that I am having some stutter sometime, could it be the wave system?
  10. Yep, like most people. It' getting here to, Canadian a big traveler so that must be the reason. In my case I have my shop and work alone, I rarely see people. I agree, good time for flight simming
  11. This is so cool end funny, I ended up with one boat as a siting duck... flat on a duck.. stock there
  12. Well I am amazed by all that, all free stuff crazy nice, WOW... I have decided to do a video about all that nice stuff..... WOW WOW WOW Back into PNW for a wile Ben
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