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  1. Nice - love the atmosphere.
  2. Thanks Bruce. I'll take a look.
  3. She's running well. I get 45-50 fps most places except built up city airports, then it can drop down to mid/high 20s. My GPU is OC to run at 1905MHz using the ASUS Tweak tool but doesn't run much hotter than 75C with 90% fan. I do get a weird stutter where the fps bogs down for a min or so but I think that's a reported bug in MSFS. Flying with HDR is so nice (when using a HDR capable display of course). No, I don't have any other FS titles loaded.
  4. Thanks Graeme - yes its been a while but this real word eye candy is definitely making it easier coming back. I get to try VR next!
  5. Thanks Timmo - its's a beauty. Had to save up my pennies but so far its performing exceedingly well. I just received my Samsung Odyysey G9 ultrawide HDR screen and HDR is sweet!
  6. Taking delivery of the CRJ Taxiing to gate . . At the gate - Ready for first pax run
  7. Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. For many years I collected and enjoyed virtually every scenery product Orbx released for FSX. Sadly for work reasons I had to put my flight simming aside and have only recently been able to pick it up again. This time I have moved to the the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and built a custom PC to run it in all its glory. I now wonder what plans does Orbx have to add airports to MSFS - will those airports in FSX be migrated over?
  8. My first MSFS screenshot (and first post in Orbx for some time)! Departing YPPF in the Cirrus SR22 Happy to report that I am getting over 45FPS in Ultra at 5120x1440 with my new rig. Currently running on 2 ASSUS 27" monitors joined under nvidia control panel. Hopefully my Samsung Odyssey G9 will arrive tomorrow.
  9. My first screenshot in MSFS! (and my 1,000th post on Orbx forums to boot!) Departing YPPF in the Cirrus SR22 - Happy to report that I am getting over 45FPS in Ultra at 5120x1440. Currently rnning on 2 ASSUS 27" monitors joined under nvidia control panel. Hopefully my Samsung Odyssey G9 will arrive tomorrow.
  10. Yes I do remember MSFS came with great fanfare and high hopes touting great advancements. I could see early on it was going to be a massive hill to climb to achieve this. I well remember the uphill journey that was FSX so this time round I waited for a bit and didn't dive into beta or first releases. Its obvious this is no small undertaking. From what little I've seen in the past few days of running MSFS so far, I have to admit its a great improvement over FSX. Yes it will take time to grow but that's a journey I'm willing to join in on if it - especially if the FS 3rd party community is all
  11. I received this new rig yesterday from Aftershock PC (Aust) - it's a beauty. I installed MSFS overnight. I took a quick spin around SYD in the Cirrus SR22. Smooth as butter running on the recommended Ultra defaults out of the box. Man what an improvement over my old FSX setup! I was able to do the obligatory VFR over my home with ease. I also splashed out and bought a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo throttle quadrant as well as the HP Reverb G2 VR headset (#FullyInvested). Time to install them next. As for the MSFS install, I mistakenly bought the DVD boxed v
  12. Well I settled with the AMD Ryzen 9 5950x 64GB RAM 2 x 2TB Samsung Evo 980 M.2 nvME SSDs ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3090 OC HP Reverb G2 VR headset Now I just need to decide wheter to use Steam or Windows Store for the FS purchase I think Ill use Orbx Direct for Orbx addons.
  13. The idea with the ThreadRipper is based on more cores is better. I’ve seen videos of some great performance with such a config (RTX 3090 & AMD 3970X). I must admit that I don’t know how MSFS 2020 utilises multiple cores/threads. - Is it single core limited, limited to x number of cores or does it utilise as many cores/threads as are available. The secondary question is will this change with the advent of DX12?
  14. Alas despite all best efforts I have recently become yet another international aviation industry COVD casualty - So after 15 years worth redundancy cheque burning a hole in my pocket. Time for some retail therapy. My old PC systems is well passed it and cant run MSFS20 in a pink fit so time for a new build. With.a little extra cash in the pocket I’m thinking of going all out to get the best performance I can. My thinking at this stage is one of two configurations 1) AMD 5950X 2) AMD ThreadRipper 3970X both would have 64GB 4000MHZ RAM and a RTX 3090 GPU
  15. I think you'll find it cheaper to park them in AKL that it is in SYD, BNE or MEL.
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