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  1. Thanks Stewart, This worked for me too Regards
  2. Hi I also encountered a problem with the latest KSAN 2.10 patch. It does not finish installation and shows a installation problem. See the attached file. What to do now? Regards
  3. Forgot to say that I use P3D V3.3 Peter
  4. Hello, I installed the FTX Vector 1.40 update. Then I was missing all roads (except traffic and railroads) in the area defined by N 50 37.50 ; E 3 45.00 N 53 26.30 ; E 7 30.00 It concerns almost all of the Netherlands, most of Belgium en and a part of Germany. Beyond this area everything looks normal. I did a complete reinstal of FTX Vector. The problem occurs only after the 1.40 update. I have FTX global Base, global LC Europe, global Vector and various regions which are not active in this area. I disabled the freeware NL2000, which is active in a part of this area. I use FTX Central v2 with the last update. In the Vector configuration tool all the roads are turned on. I updated the library en installed it after the update of Vector. So, now I don't know what to do more. I did't find this problem with other members of this forum. Can anyone confirm this in their configuration? Thank you, Peter
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