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  1. Yes it will be up against aerial shooters like Ace Combat. There will be a group of gamers who will find it fun and I see it being used a lot as a virtual world tourism simulator. Once its realized that MSFS gives a satellite mapped photoreal 1:1 Earth then people will be touring Icelandic volcanoes, Nazca lines in Peru, Galapagos Islands, Amazon rainforests, Himalayas etc on huge 4K TVs and such. The landing challenges is something that will keep people hooked and even better if we could make our own and share online (like what GTA5 does where you can design your own races and upload them).
  2. I can understand where you are coming from but at the same time I'm not concerned. MS is a multi billion dollar global juggernaut and they have pulled out all the stops for MSFS. Only they can deploy the triple whammy of Asobo Studio, Azure & Black Shark AI to deliver a believable 1:1 Earth. By necessity it will be impossible to store the global satellite info locally and it has to be streamed offsite. The scenery is amazing for low and slow back country flying. There are plenty of online games that have been running for years without problems and MSFS will be the same.
  3. I voted South Korea, Thailand & Japan. I know they are not winning against Italy but hopefully one day those countries will get the Orbx touch!
  4. I dont yet have MSFS but after watching many YT vids I'd never have know this. Really interesting! Totally agree with the mushroom thing. In some vids I saw they looked like a cauliflower plantation.
  5. Hi friends Please see this: https://orbxdirect.com/product/global-base Will Orbx be making such a Global Pack for X-Plane 11? I really enjoyed how it transformed my FSX. XP11 is now my primary sim and while I'm enjoying it a lot I cant shake the look of the default land textures which I find boring after what I saw in my Orbx Global in FSX. I realize the new MSFS is out now and its what devs will focus on but I hope you'll maybe release a Global texture pack for XP11?
  6. Hi how do you do this? When I installed Orbx Central I selected Libraries and set one up. After that I downloaded my scenery areas but they got installed into the sim , the libary has nothing in it. I must have messed up somewhere. Thanks for any advice..
  7. Hello, very nice shots. I like that plane also, could you post a link to it? Freeware or payware? Thanks!!
  8. Wow , excellent shot. I wish my XP11 sim looked like that!
  9. Hello friends, I just fitted a new SSD to my PC and busy installing my Orbx goodies. As I've stated some time ago the new Orbx Central is exemplary in design and takes a lot of the headache away of managing multiple products and keeping them updated. So well done on that front team However - I am just curious as to why download speeds are so slow from Orbx Central but downloading the same file manually (as I did with Google Chrome) makes it scream down the pipe. NA Pacific Northwest as an example: With Orbx Central I'm getting 28.44kb/s (yes..kilo bit
  10. Very interesting! Thanks for mentioning that, its exactly what Im after. I know Xplane11 already has a similar function built in but this little addon looks much better. Checking it out now
  11. One of the best features is the Steam-style file verification. Its fixed a lot of things for me that were giving me issues in the past. One little blip Ive noticed is that Global Base does not install right away. You have to select the Verify Files option and only then does it download the remaining files and install Global Base. Just a small blip that Im sure they will patch
  12. For GA hops I just fire up Google Earth and pan around the world looking for places to fly. You can download a .KML which will display all the airports in FSX on the globe. Other sources are articles and documentaries. For example in Plane & Pilot magazine the other day I read an article about Bush Flying and the author mentioned a challenging back country strips. I made note of it and visited it in the sim. Nice advice in the article also. https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/backcountry-flying-what-where-how/ I know this sounds dark but I also fly
  13. This is correct, I noticed this too. All my other Orbx addons downloaded and installed normally but to install the Global Base Pack you need to Verify Files and only then it will download and install properly. It all works well after that. I think this is just small blip in Central which will be patched
  14. Orbx should be put in charge of the scenery settings menu screen in FS2020!
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