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  1. That was quick reply thanks for that. Gary
  2. Hi can tell me how to download again ftx global and ftx england as i have a new computer,as i cant find anything on your site. Order no is fss0364309. Thanks G.Dean
  3. Thanks for your help all seems to be running ok now. The frame rates are up and down but i believe thats normal. Thanks again. Gary
  4. Thanks for your reply,are all the updates 1,2,3 already in the download ftx England which I got last week,if so do I only need download N0. 4 patch. I have been playing around with ftx England and I don't think the night switch is working as when it loads with the switch off it looks the same if on or off. Does the lighting auto come on if I start fsx in night mode.
  5. Hi could you tell me why the lighting is not very bright and there are no lamp posts showing which is nothing like the screen shots I have seen. I wondered if it might of been when I installed ftx England I noticed that the night and day buttons did not appear on my desktop so I went into the program and found the buttons and copy them on my desktop. The cars are moving and scenery are ok any ideas? Gary
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