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  1. Seriously though, it looks like a bug. The pink areas correspond to water bodies, the larger one being Llyn Gwernan (Gwernan Lake). Wikipedia says of it "... notable for an unusual thickness of Devensian Late-glacialorganic deposits." There are pink lakes, usually caused by Algae in the water, but this isn't one of them. Photos and google maps satellite view show it to have a lot of lily pads, but the water itself has a resolutely blue hue. As goes for the smaller pond nearby, Probably something like a water mask / water texturing issue (what ever it is that xPlane uses). You sho
  2. Unfortunately this is the way the scenery has been made. Have a look at the Irish sea (if you have all if the British Isles regions). Lots of obviously unnatural straight edges around the various scenery areas, some of them unforgivably close to the coast line in places. It's a bit of a shame that the edges can't be blended out more effectively with better, more expansive blend masks, or in the case of the Irish sea just extend the ORBX water areas so there are no gaps left between the various British Isles regions (which wouldn't be difficult with access to the right tools and resources).
  3. For the record the exact same problem exists with a mechanic at KSNC Chester. So probably a common library object issue.
  4. "I think I know the problem and it's a pretty easy fix" Hi Bill, is a fix still planned for this crash issue? If so is there an ETA? If not I assume I can reinstall my original iblueyonder versions of Nantucket and Plum Island and just disable the Orbx ones?
  5. Thank you for your time Bill. Lovely detailed work on these airports by the way.
  6. I placed a copy of this message in the thread under P3D support, just repeating it here for visibility in FTX support proper: The IBlueyonder versions of these airports worked fine with crash detection turned on (FSX). Since I've switched over to the ORBX versions I get instant crashes when starting up at these airports. I'm NOT turning crash detection off. There's nothing wrong with crash detection. It only becomes and issue when scenery has a fault. This is a bug with the ORBX versions of the 2 products (minute Man/Plum Island and Nantucket). Again, these airports worked fi
  7. The IBlueyonder versions of these airports worked fine with crash detection turned on (FSX). Since I've switched over to the ORBX versions I get instant crashes when starting up at these airports. I'm NOT turning crash detection off. There's nothing wrong with crash detection. It only becomes and issue when scenery has a fault. This is a bug with the ORBX versions of the 2 products (minute Man/Plum Island and Nantucket). Again, these airports worked fine before I switched over to ORBX. Could you please get development to look into this and fix it as soon as possible. Thank you
  8. This problem is down to a slight lack of attention to detail on FTX Vector's part. It exists more or less everywhere where bridges (often nicely depicted bridges) included with the default FSX program are doubled up by Vector adding its own bridges. Often the original FSX bridges might not be in quite the right location or be the correct length to span the river they are over IN THE REAL WORLD, but would have worked with the basic (but often inaccurate) vector road system and coast lines depicted by default FSX. Note however that the FSX bridges, where they are provided are often superio
  9. I reinstalled before seeing Nick's advice and it fixed the farmland. I'm very lucky my broadband connection just shrugs off that kind of load, but I appreciate that it ties up resources at the other end, so best to keep the downloading at a minimum when possible. You're right it is just a hobby, but it does seem like a lot of us (maybe it's just me) get pretty angsty about making sure everything is just so (or as close to just so as we can get it) and I know there is great care about attention to detail on the ORBX side. If something's out of whack it's often an opportunity to learn someth
  10. I'm not in a positon to be able to read every post that comes up here. I am sorry to hear of Vlad's passing, The scenery is quite lovely. This was a big loss to the community. My comment wan't meant as a spcific criticism of this scenery and I'll try not to feel too guilty about maklng even in these unfortunate circumstances. Rather I was pointing out a general rule of thumb that I feel would be useful to bear in mind. Are we to understand then that scenery goes out of support if developers are no longer available?
  11. It would be easy to let this issue slip away down the running order, but I'm not sure that people realise how serious something like this actually is. I'm glad that the reinstall trick fixes things, but I'm going to have to point out the elephant in the room. An ORBX patch (and possibly others too) is corrupting scenery for reasons yet unknown and there is an urgent need to understand exactly what has happened here. There is a very real danger that many people have paid for scenery and are not seeing it in its intended state, which would be a bit of a shame. Not every customer frequent
  12. This Horovice mesh problem is still a problem. You must appreciate that people are going to want to run better mesh than standard and make sure that any scenery you make is going to be compatible with that idea, preferably by having it's own mesh that is at a high LOD so that it gets used in favour of anything else. This mesh doesn't have to be an actually high LOD mind, just one compatible with how the scenery area has been designed. It just needs to cover the local scenery area and be compiled to appear to be high LOD. This is a basic courtesy and essential for a happy customer base.
  13. I've always suspected that this problem is to do with missing or conflicting objects and textures. When you run into missing things when flying then the sim seems to hide it pretty much, but I wonder if when the same thing happens during initial scenery loading it causes the sim to struggle more as it tries to locate the missing resources. Try switching on 'ShowMissingTextureAlert/MissingLibraryAlert' in config (if this is FSX). You'll probably get some errors showing up as the scenery loads and you'll be able to see at what point (loading percentage) the errors occur. Some ORBX scen
  14. Plymouth Airport 1P1 looks nice. It fits into global / land class very nicely. It seems to be unavailable now though. A payware version as part of a NH 4 pack has recently appeared. Has it gone into there I wonder?
  15. Can one of the devs explain this please: "Night Lighting (check this to disable night lighting in the CRM area for openLC NA) " Since regions trump landclass in both quality and in scenery display priority what is this talking about? The wording here is not clear at all. A little exposition would be nice to explain what it means. I obviously want to use the option that will provide the best looking scenery. Is that option to tick the box or not? And what is the actual difference in appearance (and performance maybe?) between the two anyway?
  16. One particular thing that would be good to review is the base land class texture for coniferous forests (seen extensively in the PNW). It looks terrible, especially when an airport butts up agaist it (particularly with it on a slope) and you can see it in all its blotchy glory from the runway. Even when flying over it, it sometimes clashes with the upright trees on slopes and the result is a spikey straw like mess from some angles. If we can have longer range autogen and better autogen coverage in 64 bit world, then is there still a need for this texture to try so hard to simulate
  17. The North American AI pack provides AI mainly for the Pacific North West area, although I believe that the aircraft models it uses are also used as a basis for the AI that comes with some other ORBX airports (so you'd need it to make the AI for those work). The North American AI pack provides GA and business jet type AI only. Within FTX Central there are options to turn on and off the North American AI. An option also exists to turn off the standard AI so that when flying in the Pacific North West the standard AI does not dominate and reduce the number of area specific (registry-wise) a
  18. That terrain anomaly you have in your picture there Gérard (runway is on a bank) is quite intriguing. I've never see that happen, but when you're running down the runway it does feel like you are bouncing over a rough mesh at times. A mesh conflict of somekind? Or a faulty flatten?
  19. Yes, It's broken. It's a bug that would appear to be low/no priority at the moment, which is a bit of a shame really as the scenery is quite nice otherwise. I diligently tested as you have, came to the same conclusions you did. I get the feeling it's intentional and is trying to simulate a rough landing strip...it doesn't work. See here: And here...
  20. There is seldom ever a need to uninstall and reinstall (although its usually the advice that people will give for some reason). Run Vector's AEC (airport elevation correction) tool to fix KSEA. Follow link: Don't worry. Things aren't anymore broken than they are supposed to be. There will be easy fixes for most things without needing to nuke your installation. Some things though are just anomilies that sneak through when trying to model the entire planet. You can usually use the various FSX scenery design tools available to fix these yourself, or find some 3rd party scenery wher
  21. The traffic is due to vector. Vector's road's are accurate, but the placement of the airport is not. In reality the road probably runs close to the airport boundry or is an access road inside the airport perimeter. The Flight Sim airport isn't accurately laid out creating thios conflict. I'd suggest looking for another more accurate version of the airport (freeware or payware). That ought to sort out any conflicts with landlass and vector.
  22. My FSX installation perfoms satisfactorily at the moment and I have it looking pretty nice. I also have a few FSX only licensed planes. I'd love to not have to worry about VAS though. As of right now a 64 bit version of P3D doesn't exist yet and I certainly won't be an early adopter (I'll let others beta test it), but once it proves stable and snag free, I'm sure I'll be moving up. The fact that ORBX sceneries will continue to work on P3D is an important part of being able to make that decsion, as it means my investment is protected. I'm grateful for that, but on the other hand
  23. Thanks Alex, And I obviously meant 500MB, and not 500K, 500MB is 1/8 of the total memory resources available, so that's why so much consumption for a 'minor' detail alarmed me. I noticed that there was some discussion about KFOT VAS consumption way back, with some saying it was fine and others having issues. It makes me think that perhaps it was the grass that was/is the problem for those people. So if nothing else, perhaps this thread might be useful to anyone experiencing VAS problems in this geographical area. The KFOT - KEKA combination is perfectly viable if you kick the long gr
  24. KFOT Rohnerville - Unreasonably high VAS consumption when high density volumetric grass is enabled. An observation (using FSX acceleration): With the KFOT volumetric grass options turned completely off, I get memory usage of ~2500 MB (1500 MB remaining - this will obviously vary with aircraft used, etc). This is good. I also have KEKA installed and flying between the two airfields still leaves a decent amount of memory (there are points in the flight when memory usage actually drops). However, when I turn the KFOT volumetric grass option to high density it appears to eat an extra 500K o
  25. Hi Joned, get an internet download manager...makes downloading stuff quick and painless. Files are downloaded in mutiple parts to maximise use of available connections and interruptions (if any) will often automatically recover. I can usually download anything from ORBX in the order of minutes. A broadband internet connection probably helps just a tad as well, but I never get failures downloading from ORBX.
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