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  1. What did you do to fix this?
  2. So if I disable the "enable advanced features" in chaseplane then I can zoom again in the p3d "outside" view, but it stutters so much. I then disabled the zoom buttons in chaseplane and set them in p3d. I can zoom fine outside then, but in the "onboard chaseplane view" it's like chaseplane is fighting it, and you can't really zoom in or out.
  3. I just installed v5, and I'm having a zooming issue. I deleted the default zoom keys in the p3d like usual. I set plus and minus as the zoom in and out in chaseplane. In the vc the zoom works fine, but in the "outside" view of p3d I cannot zoom at all. I have also disabled advance mouse features in v5.
  4. This screenshot was taken over France with orbx globa, openlc eu, and vector. I get this issue in various places around the world. Why do the lights appear to be missing in spots?
  5. Feel free to mark this "solved." I definitely just updated the client. I think the issue had something to do with sceneries that followed the new "addon" format. I've just rearranged them all using Lorby Addon Organizer. Good as new now. Thanks for the help.
  6. That fixed the orbx entries, but interestingly enough other sceneries that have two components like "dubai" and "dubaiLC" are out of order.
  7. I did. I suppose I could just manually reorder the library to put them all together.
  8. I just updated the client from 4.1 to 4.2. I am using the latest version of ftx central, and have "fastlane." After the install my orbx scenery entries are all over the place. Any idea why?
  9. Ok. I set orbx below my lowest addon scenery and this what I get.
  10. I have FTX global, open lc usa, vector. I'm using p3d v4. there is no option for kedc in the vector config tool for elevation corrections. I'm also using ftx freeware airports NA. The following screenshot is what it looks like.
  11. I have FTX global, openLC NA, and FTX northern california. I keep northern california not selected in the scenery library except for VFR. So when I fly into KMRY without northern california checked in the scenery library I have some elevation issues. Obviously if I enable NCA then the issue is solved, however the VAS/FPS is an issue.
  12. I'm getting these over the US/Canada line near CYYZ. I've forced migration already. I'm using openLC NA.
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