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  1. Unfortunately, separating out the C17's right now is a bit of a problem because the software we use clusters all library objects into one BGL file for each section (i.e *CharlestonKCHSLibrary.bgl). So, this will require a partial software rewrite to separate out some library objects into different BGL files. But, I will look into seeing how much of a rewrite that would require. As far as the Boeing facility goes, TBH I did not even know it was a Boeing facility. So, we were just placing some large static aircraft at that location. We will have to see if we can locate so
  2. When we mention POI's in CityScene products, we are talking about custom buildings that have to be modeled outside of our software using some type of high end 3D modeling software (like 3DSMax). Some of these POI's can take a few days to model each. Others take as little as an hour each. POI's also have textures unique to that object. All of the other buildings in our CityScene products are also custom buildings. But, the they are modeled quickly with our in-house software and use shared texture sheets. Sometimes, we can get them to look very POI-like though by selecti
  3. FWIW, Charleston is a large and scenic area that has not already been done by any other developer at all. And, there are 5 airports in the scenery area. So, it was done as an experiment more than anything to gauge the interest in very large, but slightly less popular areas. Unfortunately, I didn't expect it to take 11 months. It ended up being a very long project.
  4. There is one other thing that I want to mention. This information came directly from the LM devs when testing V4.5. Make sure that your Orbx Libraries are above any Orbx products that use them. This will cut down on search times during loading with V4.5 (I don't know about other sim versions that are pre-V4.5). It is probably good practice to make sure that the Orbx library layer is at the very top of your scenery library.
  5. The P3D V4.5 load time fix strictly applies to products that have a lot of custom models. Because CityScene products are made up of nothing but custom object models, those products were most affected by the load time "bug". All CityScene products should see a big benefit in both load times at startup within an area and also in flight when approaching a CityScene area. I can't speak for non-CityScene products with V4.5 because I am not familiar with the internals. The Netherlands uses some CityScene logic. So, it should benefit from V4.5 in theory. All I know is that mor
  6. I just stumbled across this post. We are currently working on a CityScene Charleston project.
  7. That is awesome. Yes, with P3D V4.5, you should see huge improvements in CityScene products in two ways: Load times when starting within the scenery are greatly reduced. Load times when entering the scenery area from outside the region are greatly reduced. Perhaps #2 above is even more important as it affects in-flight visuals. Enjoy V4.5. I really feel like it is a game changer for complex scenery products.
  8. As most of you here already know, P3D V4.5 was released today. This new version addresses the load time "bug" that we located several months ago. For those that do not know, this "bug" has been present ever since the original FSX release back in 2006. It is became more noticeable as terrain scenery products, like CityScene, provided tens or hundreds of thousands of custom scenery objects (non-autogen). Facts that we learned about the load time "Bug": The more complex the scenery product, the longer the load time. The more 3rd Party scenery prod
  9. FWIW, here is what the Disney and Epcot area should look like.
  10. Hello, I just checked the scenery and both Spaceship Earth and Cinderella's castle are indeed present (P3D V4 as tested) A couple of people have mentioned this though. You might look at your scenery layering and make sure that the FTX_AA_ORLANDO layer is above all other layers, except for FTXAA_ORBXLIBS. Also, just a thought. Make sure that your default "Orlando" layer (not the FTX_AA_ORLANDO) is disabled if you are running P3D V4.
  11. Bill, I just checked the scenery and both Spaceship Earth and Cinderella's castle are indeed present. A couple of people have mentioned this though. You might look at your scenery layering and make sure that the FTX_AA_ORLANDO layer is above all other layers, except for FTXAA_ORBXLIBS.
  12. Guys, Unfortunately, it was pointed out to us that switching back to custom residential buildings will cause duplicate buildings in many locations. Something must have went wrong in the last production build. The problem is being addressed and a new patch should be out within 24 hours. This problem will only appear if you have V1.1 and switch back to custom residential buildings (instead of autogen houses). We now have to maintain 2 sets of AGN files to support the new options, which adds another layer of complexity to FTX Central. So, for those tha
  13. Carlos, I really don't know the answer to this as I don't have that product. One of our beta testers had the product and tested it. I was not even aware that people were making modifications to support this product.
  14. There are no autogen buildings used near either the KMCO or KORL airport. I just checked the terminal building at KMCO are present for me. Also, the autogen building option only replaces custom houses with autogen buildings. Commercial buildings and High Rises will always be custom buildings.
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