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  1. OK so it looks like my Scenery Order is VERY VERY wrong. I am reordering it all manually now and each airport is starting to look correct from Orbx. I have no idea why it did that but ah well. I will let you know if it is still doing it after. Daniel.
  2. Ok so i removed YBTH, Redownloaded and installed and found the same issue. However i noticed something odd when i went to take some screen shots to share. Up close it is a horrible texture but when i zoom out fair enough it changes to the correct texture. Does Orbx use different texture files for different distances? Daniel.
  3. Tried the the verify no change, I do have 77 files in the folder it seems. I have removed and currently reinstalling, i also reinstalled the Orbx Lib files just incase. I will let you guys know how i go. Daniel.
  4. I will retry the veryfiles but no luck so far. I did installed the update file from the post "Orbx Airport Updates for AUv2" Still have the same issue. Might need to remove and reload it i guess *Shrugs* Daniel.
  5. Hey Guys, Any help with this would be great. I just uninstalled Australia V1 and updated to Australia V2. When i went to my home airport of YBTH (Bathurst) (also from Orbx) the runways are now just regular scenery (like a satellite image) not a real runway. Just not sure what to do form here. Daniel.
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