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  1. Wow, that’s brilliant
  2. Beautiful shots Jack, flying into and out of one of my favourite airports. Cheers, Nathan
  3. Nice, I really enjoyed that series of pics Cheers Nathan
  4. The Jetways look like like a problem you can get with GSX 2 and using SODE. If you look in the GSX manual, it tells you how to fix it, but it has to be done on an airport by airport situation. It is caused by Vector correcting the scenery elevations, whereas GSX uses the default ones. I ended up removing GSX sode gates as there where just too many airports to be fixed. That should also fix your Traffic Global. Cheers, Nathan
  5. Wow, beautiful Nathan
  6. Hey John, congratulations on the new beast, great pics Nathan
  7. Fabulous set of pics Cheers, Nathan
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