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  1. Thank you for the reply Triplane. Kinda thought so but wanted to be sure.
  2. A couple questions if I may...I was wondering if I have to deactivate any Orbx software before I shut down my old computer for the last time. I am building a new one to handle P3D v4. Do I just reinstall FTX central 3 and it will reinstall all my terrains and airports into v4? Thank you for your time.
  3. Ok, so this isn't in settings. It must be when I do the download, correct? How do I re-download scenery Ive not got a copy of?
  4. Too bad paypal is being a pain. I've done a lot of business thru them. But a few days ago I used a prepaid card to make a couple purchases with orbx and all went well. And honestly, most Credit cards and debit cards are pretty safe. Check with your bank what the policy they have is if someone hacks you. I use Bank of America and they are pretty good about not holding you responsible for fraud purchases. Even our local bank here in Montana keeps a close eye on all our transactions. Paypal not being used anymore if it comes to that isn't going to stop my purchases with Orbx.
  5. Where do the downloads go when downloading a new terrain, etc. thru FTX Central 3? I don't see them in my downloads folder. I'd still like to keep a copy of what I buy on my harddrive like I did previously with the old method. Also seems weird that I have to download a terrain twice for both my simulators, P3D and FSX. Seems it should download once and install for both, albeit install separately.
  6. Went to purchase a couple addons this morning and no paypal. I was wondering what was going on. I am sorry paypal has chosen to go this route. Hopefully it can be resolved soon as this is my preffered method of payment also. Thank you for keeping us informed.
  7. Yes, I thought, oh great, another hassle. but it wasn't all that bad, actually going rather quickly. Even added Tasmania last night. I think it is all a pretty nice improvement.
  8. I'll be dipped! A couple more years and I'm in, lol.
  9. My pc specs are close to yours and I generally get 25-35 fps. I run several orbx products, Rex, A2A Cessna, etc. so no major issues. You can always tune down the slides if you need to but I am set to high most things. Good luck with it. Orbx has sure been a nice addon for me.
  10. Niiiiice! You have some mad skillz as they say. ("They" as in those 40 years younger than me) Could you tell me where you picked up that beautiful B-25?
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