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  1. Nice one, another FSE FBO I operating covered by ORBX scenery in X-Plane.
  2. RA Turbine Duke v2 is P3Dv3 compatible, there was even version for P3D as separated license, but you cant buy it anymore, but that Duke is pure XML Gauge plane, except sound gauge, everyting is compatible even with P3Dv4, you have just replace sound gauge dll with 64bit version, same was able with FSX version of RA planes transfered from FSX to P3D before P3D compatible version was released (Piston duke never get P3D native support but it still works great with my P3Dv4).
  3. I do not help you that much, I did just one 20 minute flight with default Baron at 3000ft, ORBX weather theme 7, but Netherlands perfromance seems same/similar as other scenery made by ORBX, maybe even better, but it is maybe placeboo from fresh upgraded CPU - I do not fly a lot over ORBX with new setup yet. Anyway, with mostly all graphics sliders set to right, 4096 textures, TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9, I was suffering from stuttering and frames between 20-40 - it jums up and fall down very often., I find that GPU bus interface was heavily loaded which means that there is lot of data transfers to GPU. I reduce max texture size to 1024 and it helps, load of buss interface goes down. Stutters are gone and FPS goes up to average 40 and my GPU (4k resolution, 2xMSAA) was bottleneck to my CPU, but CPU cores running workers loading scenery was mostly 100% utilized for whole flight. Your CPU at 4.4 performs about 15% lower than my. I do not monitor VRAM usage with initial settings nor with reduced settings for texture size, but big bus interface load is often connected with not sufficient VRAM, it make sense for me. There is no huge difference between TrueEarth HD and landclass regions in terms of amount of objects and special effects, so for CPU it is about same workload, but with those ortho images there is no repeat of landclass textures, every texture is unique, so it needs much more RAM and VRAM, same as many object textures are really with high detail, so another need for more VRAM. It is not just P3D problem, I have similar problem with VRAM in X-Plane too, but advantage of X-Plane is that it will show you current amount of loaded textures, so you can confirm that problem with easy way from sim UI. But keep in mind that this paragraph is my personal salty opinion.
  4. It will be a lot... For example 1 arc tile of ZL17 (1.2m/px) orthophoto for X-Plane is about 8GB, but textures are not compressed and have no seassons. So for TrueEarth I expect something like 4-5GB. With X-Plane I have ortho for half of North America (mostly ZL16 2.4m/px - only 2GB/tile), Alps and few tiles in Europe (ZL17), and few across planet. Overall 3TB disk space is used, but I know that some pilots enjoying Ortho images have instalations about 10-20 TB. Some users have those data stored at NAS with 10GBit LAN connection. For X-Plane it is mostly impossible to buy enough SSD capacity asi it will cost a lot. But for P3D TrueEarth, I do not see it is huge deal, there is not that huge area and textures are compressed, so I guess that about 1.2-1.5TB for current EU regions will be enough. And something like 2 TB for whole US... So one 4TB SSD drive... but it will take some time before everything gets released and SSD costs goes down right now as manufacturers have a lot of chips for SSD at stores.
  5. Nice shots! I try first flight too. I had to reduce max texture size as FPS was fluctuating from 20s to 40s quickly and I find that bus interface is heavily loaded. Going from 4096 to 1024 helps for frames. Average was about 40. I really wish to see how it will perfroms with 11+GB VRAM cards. Even it was first time I flown with P3D after upgrade to 8700k and I find that P3D load is really high and put my cpu to knees, even custom liquid cooling cores achiever high 90s°C, so need go down from 5GHz (4.9 need much less voltage) or prepare CPU for delid.
  6. Hello just bought that new XPL scenery to try it out what I can expect from ORBX in X-Plane. From what I seen in upcoming TrueEarth I have high expectations. I found those, Im not sure if it is intended, missed or so. It was pure XPL11 instalation with only those ORBX scenery pack added scenery pack ini looks like: Bridge over river is still present in ortho same as marina at left side I was expecting that those will be removed from ortho images. That road is even above ground level for long distance, but it comes from default XPL scenery so even it is wierd I do not complain that, just that bridge and marina in ortho image. There is easily visible that lot of trees are placed widely over ortho even it have no sense. I found that comes from default scenery, when I disable those, there will be forest with trees corretly matching ortho image border of forest. So probably some extra exclusion regions are missing, again I was expecting that will be removed in ORBX sceneries. Anyway I really like usuall ORBX attention to detailed stuff like buildings, cars, fences and so on, it even performs really well, so reallz good work
  7. I loking forward to those ORBX regions comes to X-Plane, sure, you can use free tools and so, but those tools do not provide color matching ortho images, same as they do not remove clouds, shadows, do not remove cars, boats and so on, those free tools even do not support seassons and of course there are hand made custom objects which exactly fits orthoscenery and real world, manually placed trees where trees have to be and so on. It leaves free tools and sources far behind.And for 55AUD? Really cheap.
  8. Look twice. LOWI is on sale. I bought it yesterday for discount price 20.77 AUD.
  9. Germany South is product which I'm excited for as there is possibility to small coverage for my country - Czech Republic which Neighbors with South Germany. John, can you reveal how much if any Germany South region coverage will cover CZE?
  10. And what your P3D is doing? Do you try monitor its activity. I remembere that onece my FSX loading times goes crazy. I find that my antivirus software was checking each files and it takes "forewer". Exception in antivirus solves my problem, but I do not know if it is your problem.
  11. What is your hard drive? It can take while at 6% Welcome screen is what? You means splash screen? If yes, again, it can take while when new scenery installed, depends on speed and quality of your drive
  12. Triplane you propably trust urban story than DTG. As author you can do addons for FSW and you are not forced to Steam. Distribution via DTG channels just give you "official FSW addon" stamp and DTG will provide support for it. Anyway for OP. There is statement that ORBX will see after FSW release, what they can do and what not. If compatibility stays as it is now, I bet, that there will be some ORBX support for FSW in future.
  13. Nice vid, but fix that waves effect. In v4, waves texture is horizontally swapped. Just download free tool DXTBmp, open and flip image and alpha in fx_swoosh2.bmp and fx_swoosh.bmp. Coastal waves effect will be in correct way.
  14. Azing set Odesláno z mého ALE-L21 pomocí Tapatalk
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