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  1. Any surprise considering the answers Jay Leno used to get to questions he asked on the streets? I forget the title of that segment he used to do, I think it was "Jay Walking". People didn't even know who the Vice President was, at that time, etc.. So much for a well informed citizenry.
  2. Where should the HD buildings be placed in the scenery lib.? It looks like the P3D add-on tool put it in the wrong location, in the middle of the P3D base scenery.
  3. What is the proper location in the scenery lib., for HD buildings? It looks like the P3D add-on tool put it in the wrong location,in the middle of the P3d base scenery. Sorry, just realized I put this question in the wrong location . I'll re-post in correct forum.
  4. Would love to see something for the North East or Eastern US.
  5. Been curious about HD Building status, great to read this latest update, looking forward to it. Thanks for the update.
  6. I remember a post that briefly discussed the idea, it talked about the possibility in some future months. Haven't heard anything else since. Would be a great idea for those of us in the east. I'd definetly go for it. Hope it happens.
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