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  1. Today I got the link for the triple-installer from FSS. Everything works fine. Thank you! Mathew
  2. Hello Jarrad, I understand that there's no P3D v2 version of YBBN, yet. I bought YBBN as a box of a reseller and not in FSS. My problem is I've bought YBCS as a box in the shop of an reseller, too and not in flightsimstore. I sent the bill of the reseller and a picture of the box and so on to FSS (I bought the cross-grade license yesterday) and I hope I'll get access to the triple installer. Next time I'll buy my Orbx add-ons in flightsimstore. Thanks!
  3. I haven't read the cross grade license is only for P3D v1. Maybe it's my mistake. Sometimes it is difficult to understand everything if English isn't your native language. Next time I'll buy all in FSS and not by any other shop. I hope there will be no P3D v3 soon because i think it's difficault to change the simulator (version) and keep your add-ons. In a lot of cases you have to pay a second time for the same thing. If the cross grade license doesn't work maybe FSS will send me a link to the update (maybe the triple installer) anyway because I sent them the prove that I own the YBCS DVD. I don't really want to pay another time for the same add-on. The Beta Central works fine. Thanks a lot! Mathew
  4. No, I haven't tested this, yet. I'll test it. Thank you! Mathew
  5. Ok, thank you! I purchased a cross-grade license at FSS. Mathew
  6. Hello, 1. since a few days I own P3D. Now I wanted to download the update for Orbx YBCS Cairns but it says "YBCS Cairns Version 1.20 - No files could be found for this update". 2. What's about Brisbane? The system requirements says it is for FSX and P3D v1. Does it also work with P3D v2? Could you help me, please? Thanks a lot! Mathew
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