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  1. Hi: I imagine this is more a MSFS issue than an Orbx issue. Below are pics from flying around Wycombe Airfield, and you can see the obvious artifacts. Since the last MSFS update, I have been encountering these all over England. Any suggestions about how to fix these, or where I can find some information about dealing with these artifacts? Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  2. Hi: Is there a safe way to move my Orbx Library from my C: drive to a different drive? Right now, between P3D V5 and MSFS 2020, my Orbx directory takes up 1tb, and I only have 365gb left empty on my C: drive. I want to move by Orbx library to my E: drive. Both are SSD's so the copying will not take much time. I imagine that the tricky part will be changing all the references in the P3D V5 "cfg" files, and the shortcuts in the MSFS community folder. I would prefer not to delete everything and then start from scratch if possible. Any ideas? Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  3. "Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people on average are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other." -- Wikipedia This idea applies to a certain Corgi and Orbx. The next 10 pictures are of Orbx's beautiful Burbank Airport scenery, which in real life is about 3 miles from the home of a Corgi named Astro. The tenth picture, near the left wing of the Piper Seminole, shows a shopping center next to the Burbank Airport runway 8 threshold. In this shopping center is a "Fatburger" where, last Saturday, Astro's owner had to buy an "Impossible Burger" t
  4. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  5. These shots were taken in MSFS 2020. Mike
  6. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  7. I think its both: MSFS 2020 and Orbx = mind blowing scenery. Mike
  8. These were taken in MSFS 2020. Mike
  9. Hi All: I think I fixed my problem with posting images. I was copying the link addresses to notepad, and then copying all of them at once to the forum. This time, I copied the link address directly to the forum, one by one, and it looks like it worked! YAHOO! Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  10. Nuts! I followed the directions: hovered my mouse over the picture; right clicked on "copy image location"; and copied it. Still, no picture on the forum post. Aaaargh!
  11. Hi all: I think I finally got the picture posting procedure down. Fingers crossed! Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  12. Pete and Nick: Thanks for your help. I should be able to get his done correctly next time. Mike
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