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  1. Hmm... big AI processing webcam pictures on all airports and generating BGLs just in time ? So not only the airport would be up to date, but you got real crew members and passengers How does it fit in general with FTX Scotland ? As it's ORBX, I assume they work together ? Edit: overlooked "Designed to blend in with EU Scotland "
  2. As I heard, the Intel 9x00K processor runs just some seconds with full turbo clock, after that time, it reduces clock frequency to keep it's power budget. The full turbo seems to be usable in a permanent way only if the mainboard manufacturer sets a very high power limit meaning "overclock by manufacturer", results in the processor's getting very hot. Will this getting even worse with some 10xxxK ? 5.2 GHz on all cores and forever (meaning: for the whole flight) only with the help of dry ice or liquid nitrogen cooling ? (OK, it means you just don't see HD clouds on your monitor but have them in your flat, real immersion !
  3. Strange... I found charts from sept 2004 that show a LOC/DME, so the data dates must be older. OK, I bought P3D in version 4.2 and didn't update the scenery part since then. But why could I activate the DME in the ORBX BGL ? I didn't change the P3D original BGL. Or does it mean, the ORBX BGL is derived from the stock data and therefore from < 2006 ? Nevertheless, as I have some other complaints (taxiways), I used a christmas sale to get EGPO from sim720 . Now I have even an ILS - and actual taxiways - although LOC/DME would have been sufficient for my purposes.
  4. Hi, surprise at the first approach to EU Scotland EGPO: no DME (downloaded charts stated ILS/DME approach, the localizer is working). I analyzed the airport BGL ADE_FTX_SCO_EGPO_ORBX.BGL with ADE, for the navaids it showed "ILS is stock" and the the DME button was deactivated (see attached pictures). I switched on the DME button and copied them to the Scotland folder of P3D V4 (see EGPO_ADEP4_AH files appended), then renamed the mentioned original airport BGL. If the problem results from my specific installation or a corrupted ORBX BGL, please forget this threat. If the problem is more general, in my opinion, ORBX should correct the DME setting in EGPO BGL generally. regards, Achmed ADE_FTX_SCO_EGPO_ORBX_original.BGL EGPO_ADEP4_AH.bgl EGPO_ADEP4_AH_OBJ.bgl
  5. Found some difference: The charts in the ORBX ENHF user guide state correctly: LOC Z RWY 05 -> LOC 111.35 HA LOC Z RWY 23 -> LOC 110,70 HF as defined in the original BGL APX54060.bgl But P3D V4 and Plan-G get the swapped information from ENHF_ADEP2_FKH_P3D.bgl (although showing the right degrees for the RW orientaton):
  6. Hi, maybe I'm doing something wrong approaching ORBX ENHF Hammerfest in P3D V4.3... Approaching RW 23 with A2A C172: set NAV1 to 111,35 pressing NAV or APPR on autopilot aircraft circles Approaching RW05: set NAV1 to 110,70 pressing NAV or APPR aircraft circles Swapping both frequencies (RW05: 111,35 ; RW23: 110,70) shortly before RW: aircraft navigates to RW direction. To further drill down my problem, I opened the BGL with ADE: - ORBX Navaid states LOC/DME 23 = 111,35 and LOC/DME 05 = 110,70 - Original airport states (APX54060.bgl) states LOC/DME 23 = 110,70 and LOC/DME 05 = 111,35 - ADE states "ILS is stock" in red letters looking deeper at ENHF_ADEP2_FKH_P3D.bgl navaids ENHF was installed by FTX Central 3 May it be that ORBX ENHF has swapped the LOC frequencies leading to an overlay with P3D V4 stock airport while approaching ? regards, Achmed Sorry, I forgot: Transaction ID was 5b2cae1fab062
  7. Thanks for this information...everything works fine. While my purse whines (ok, discount ;-), I did a descent from east supported by OEV glideslope information. Not only the airport is of high quality, but the "new" landscape around too - that makes approaching really exciting...
  8. Hi, according to the mentioned wiki link (and other internet sources): it's NOT an ILS and you can't land with it! Also, the primary means for descent is the profile as shown in the charts. Additional descent guidance is given by a glideslope. It is intended to bring you close to the airport, but then you have to disconnect AP and land visually. I'm thinking about replacing Justsim LOWI by ORBX LOWI. Justsim doesn't have implemented the glideslope of OEV, I had to complement it in their BGL manually with ADE. So could you tell me if ORBX LOWI OEV (pointing to the east) have the 3.8° eastern glideslope of OEV ?
  9. Oops, I forgot: In my previous post, I took pic 4 with all "upper sceneries" (Airports, German Landmarks) down to FTX disabled to ensure the streets don't result from other stuff. In FTX Vector Config Tool, every road type is activated:
  10. Hi Richard, I uploaded the screenshots. The town "Korb" (where I grew up ) ends way too far from the mountain. In Pic 4, the streets form a triangle: that's the center of the town. The other pictures show the streets that meet each other in the town, not outside. In Pic 3, the arrow of plugin "XPOI" points to Kleinheppach with 1500 inhabitants, not just three buildings Btw, the whole lower "Rems Valley" is a well-known german wine area, so the mountains on the picture are covered with wineyards from the forrest to the town. OK, I heard it through the grapevine that ORBX is not photorealistic and I do not expect to see every single grape regards, Achim
  11. Hi, as I fly VFR where I live (EDDS), after updating Global Vector 1.4 some weeks ago, I found some roads more precise than before but now running outside of the towns. Did I miss some OpenLC Europe update ? FTX Central didn't find further updates.
  12. For some airports, you have to complement the airport elevation correction manually. I had the same issue after installing NA-full on one airport (ID67 worked ;-)) Try to disable AEC for your airport in the FTX Global Vector Configuration Tool: Put your airport code in the box "AEC is enabled for" on the left side of the AEC, select the entry in the list and push "Disable".
  13. Would it be possible to give BOB a simple body, say three or more yellow bubbles, one of it as its head - the same jolly grinning look he shows in the fsx airplane selection ? Maybe something like the Michelin Bibendum Not only children like this kind of creature
  14. Bought Trees HD today. I see a noticeable improvement to CPU and graphics card load but in my opinion, this may be related to an update of FTX Central to FTX Central 2 and the ORBX libs while installing Trees HD. The trees and wood areas are remarkable nicer and more detailed, not only from airplaine but also from tower view. I think, this addon is worth its prize... By the way, I run DX10 with Steve's DX10 fixer - at the moment, everything works as before.
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