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  1. ...t ...that is very disappointing indeed :-(
  2. Any chance to fix the lack of traffic on main bridges in future parches?...otherwise great stuff!
  3. ….F5...F5...F5... ;-) ….but do we really need darker shade roads?... it`s certainly the feature I am less interested in and to hold the whole package back for that it`s a bit of a shame ! Surprised at the fact that is not here yet as when John is saying something usually it does happen.
  4. Yes, I know the drill David. I wish I can have that luxury in my line of business at least now and again :-)
  5. ...looks like the landing gear is got a problem coming down on this one LOL !... I was hoping for a today release!
  6. It depends how much you have this hobby at heart. I fly around when I have the time in my neck of the woods...bridges missing, various other items etc. This is a big fix, so yes I am looking forward. Would love to join for beers but working tonight ! One other thing, I only fly in VR and things show a bit more in terms of imperfections etc.
  7. Yes, nice only waiting for 4 moths ! Cheers as well, go grab a beer mate!
  8. So are we back to Thursday (today) or Friday for release or it is further delayed ?
  9. Yes Steve you can but takes hours of downloading and it`s a fair steep learning curve for many. I am surprised that John decided to leave this feature behind as he was talking a fair bit about it as a nice addition to SP1. Anyway I am glad they will release something as the original had many omissions and various graphics imperfections. I only fly in VR so everting is fairly blown up and various misalignments etc show a lot more than on a monitor.
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