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  1. I have to go with Captain Blue Sky, nice scenery and photo, Cheers. Shorty
  2. Orbx Melbourne, in my new CS 767. No QANTAS livery available (yes WHY?) but I like this Condor paint scheme. Flinders Street Station below the aircraft, that's pretty well the center of the city. Merry Xmas everyone. Shorty
  3. Ahhhhh it works, ok I will be back in this months comp. Cheers Shorty
  4. Hi Smudger Thanks for that, i deleted the program and downloaded / installed again last night. Same problem. I tried your suggestion, and still no change. Weird thing is the slider operates the throttle, stearing is strange, put some throttle on and plane turns left with no input from me, impossible to try and go straight. It did this before. I am giving up, thanks for the help and advice. Regards Shorty
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the answers but still no luck, throttle does not work, steering is out of control, i have tried calibration but still no luck. I shall keep playin around and see what happens. Regards Shorty
  6. Hi team, this may well be a stupid question ....... i have down loaded V5 and installed ok, however when in my excitement to have a fly I found I could not use my Saitex X-52 Flight Control System. I still have my V4 on my computer thankfully so I can keep on flying. I read somewhere that i was ok to have V4 and V5 on your computer so I am wondering if it could be a conflict and I need to uninstall V4 and the controller will work. Any ideas from the brains trust. Shorty
  7. no wonder my package was broken. Happy Birthday.
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